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Which Areas of Town in Las Vegas will grow next? Do you want to be close or far away from the next boom? There are many websites with opinions about the Las Vegas Valley and the best and worst cities and areas of town.

There are many lists where they rank Las Vegas as 1 city, not 3. Stats for Crime, Costs of Goods, and Accidents are skewed, so be sure to take those articles with a grain of salt.

Since the Las Vegas Valley averages 250,000 +/- visitors each night, statistics include tourist and tourist corridor crime, cost of goods numbers, and accidents. The problem is that those impactful numbers are only credited to the full-time population count without accounting for any tourists. Plus, I do not buy my gas or food on the Las Vegas Strip- I pay considerably less.

Statistics use averages. A few years back, I had a birthday dinner in the Eiffel Tower at Paris. They charged $45 for an al la carte dinner of Dover Sole. I did not pay half that at the local casino gourmet restaurant.

Keep this in mind when you see any articles quoting stats. The most impactful skewed statistics are in crime and car accidents vs. population. Subsequently, car insurance premiums are higher, but tourists pay our State Income Tax, so I think insurance is a small price to pay.

Deciding Where To Live In Las Vegas

Where do you want to live? Do you know? If you are unsure of which area of town is right for your family to live in, we can spend the first few hours on an Areas of Town Tour when we meet. On our tour, we will show you community features and amenities.

Does the age of your house matter to you?

Areas of Town Growth Directions

If you put a dot in the center of Most Downtowns, USA, that is where the first homes in that city were built. Growth happens in a circular motion moving out from Downtown, which means the oldest housing is in Downtown. Subsequently, the newest homes are the furthest away from downtown- currently.

Las Vegas grew in a circular motion in the Las Vegas Valley until it hit the mountains surrounding the valley. Except in North Las Vegas, the newest areas are near the mountains, and some areas are on and in the mountains. Currently, the mountains are BLM or Conservation Areas or National Recreation Areas, so where will they expand? 

Areas Of Town By Compass Direction

There are 3 main cities that we sell homes in; however, there are 16 cities we sell in Southern Nevada. Link to info pages and searches below. Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson are where most people live in the Las Vegas Valley and Southern Nevada.

Also, see our blog about Areas of Town in the Las Vegas Valley for home styles and area value comparisons

For compass points, picture Downtown Las Vegas is in the middle, North Las Vegas in the north, and Henderson in the south. Howard Hughes bought a large parcel of land in the west, which is now called Summerlin and is the largest Master Planned Community in the United States.

Beyond Summerlin is Red Rock Recreation Area and the road to Pahrump. Nellis Air Force Base and Sunrise Mountain are to the East. Above the North West, part of the valley is Mount Charleston, which has snow and pine trees. The South East is home to Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Boulder City.

The 10-20 Year Las Vegas Growth Plan

As we are hitting the valley’s natural boundaries, therefore, sections of land that were passed over are being filled in. Let’s look at each direction:

Between Henderson and Boulder City

  • The land that isn’t Henderson is Boulder City’s, and they have a building moratorium of 150 homes a year. As a result, growth there will be slow. 2020 saw ground break for their first sub-division in years! Search in New Construction for those homes.

I-15 Between Las Vegas and California State Line 

  • For 25 years I’ve thought that it would be developed. It is
    the next housing boomfinally in the 10-year plan! On the west side of the freeway, Sloan is zoned for and being used as industrial- mostly cement- rock mining. There are also a few homes. I’m guessing that a mile or 2 closer to California will be the first boom central outside of the valley. I say 5 years, but we will see…

Hwy 160- the Road to Pahrump

  • Red Rock Conservation Area is 10-20 miles wide, so I’m guessing that people might rather live closer to Pahrump than in the middle of Vegas and Pahrump.  Because it would be so remote, I think Pahrump will grow first.

Hwy 95 North to Indian Springs

  • Growth is coming quickly- it’s already starting. Between Las Vegas and Kyle Canyon Road (the road to Mt. Charleston), there’s a lot of vacant land. Building is moving further and further north. After that, it’s the Piute Indian Reservation for about 10 miles and then Indian Springs. Indian Springs is home to Creech Air Force Base and a prison. 2020 saw a new Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant open and a new-construction home builder arrived! 

I-15 North Towards Mesquite 

  • Construction used to have a break between Las Vegas and The Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Not anymore. This is now Manufacturing Warehouse Central. In 2019 Amazon opened 1 million square feet of warehouse, and Sephora opened 750,000 square feet. Connected to this business section is the Speedway. North Las Vegas has 50% of its buildable land still undeveloped. Expect this area to boom for many years. 

Home Searches By Area  realtor Kurt Grosse Sells Summerlin South North

Many of the newer areas of town are developed with Master Planned Communities. There are also areas of town without as many CCR’s or rules. These areas were usually built before the mid- 1990s. We have lived here far longer than that so if you want a home with no CCR’s, call and we can point you in the right direction. 

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