Areas of the Las Vegas Valley

There are 3 cities within the Las Vegas Valley. Boulder City is just Southeast of Henderson, and Mt. Charleston is Northwest. Even though there are 6 cities, most people don’t know that until they move here or are thinking about moving here.

When we drive las vegas valley areas homes and housesaround Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas, we think of everywhere in the Las Vegas Valley as being within 40 minutes of anywhere. Most places in the valley are under 15 minutes away from a freeway during rush hour.

There are only three main freeways throughout the valley, even though they have multiple names. County 215 is basically the same as I-215- they both look the same… At one stretch, US 95 is a combination of US 93, US 95, I-515, and the new I-11 (Interstate to Phoenix).

Compass Direction Locations

For compass points, picture Downtown Las Vegas being in the middle, North Las Vegas is north, and Henderson in the southeast. The road to California- I-15 is straight south, and Summerlin (the largest Master Planned Community in the United States) is the entire west
side of the valley.

Beyond Summerlin is Red Rock Recreation Area and the road to Pahrump. Sunrise Mountain is to the east. Above the Northwest part of the valley is Mount Charleston, which has hiking, snow, and pine trees. Beyond the valley to the Southeast are Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Boulder City. Las Vegas Valley Map

Housing Tour

We know that many people don’t know where they want to live when they meet with us. Maybe a friend suggested that you move to Henderson or Summerlin. You get a lot more square footage and land for the same price in North Las Vegas. It helps to look with us.

Areas and housing are directly tied to which era the age of the property. Scotch 80’s is an area with beautiful older homes; however, as you drive through the neighborhood, there are large satellite dishes on roofs and yards. Do you want that?

Do you want an area with no rules where you can install a 40-foot tall antenna or park on the lawn? We have those too; however, homes with no CCR’s are typically built before 1990 or in a more rural environment. Modern homes are easier to maintain and are more energy-efficient. Those homes are around the outskirts of the valley, meaning they are in all areas. Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas all have different pros and cons.

Zoning For Horses

Henderson North rural desert landscaping

Some neighborhoods in Las Vegas are Pre-WW2 with smaller bedrooms, fewer baths, and beautiful mature trees. Near Downtown Las Vegas, you’ll find homes built by the gaming and entertainment elite. These homes have great built-in features, shelving, and furniture. Many are on 1/2 acre or larger lots and are zoned for horses. Most people downtown don’t have horses, but they are a legal option. See our Downtown Las Vegas Page.

Las Vegas Horse Property

Again, there are many 1/2 acre homes with custom homes on them. Over the years, people who don’t ride horses have built homes with huge entertainment backyards, gardens, multiple garages, and casitas. Other areas with horse zoning are called Rural Preservation Neighborhoods. Horse zoning is strictly enforced. If you have 1/2 an acre (gross) and can have up to two horses.

Rural Preservation Neighborhoods are a special rural zoning designation designed to enhance the urban experience. There are fewer lights and sidewalks, larger setbacks, and no CCR’s or HOA’s. Trails and dirt pathways often lead to mountain trails. You don’t have to ride to enjoy living on a large lot and enjoy the peace and tranquility of your private paradise.

Wildlife Preservation Areas

There are two wildlife preservation areas in the valley. Are you a bird watcher? Living near one of these areas might appeal to you.  Another type of neighborhood is a master-planned community. In case you don’t know what one is,  link to our page on  Master-Planned Communities. Master-planned communities are beautiful. That is due to the enforcement of CCR’s that residents need to abide by or be fined.

Areas of Las Vegas Valley and Home Prices

two-story home with 3 arches at porch and red shutters in NLV NVGolf courses are rare in North Las Vegas and on the east side of the city. Sunrise Mountain has the Morman Temple, many affordable custom homes with views on 1/2 acre plus lots, and great subdivisions of homes near Nellis Air Force Base. Being in the proximity of a higher crime area, malls and stores are sparse.

Home prices vary according to which area of the valley that you live in. Henderson is the most expensive city- it has the least amount of land. North Las Vegas is the most affordable because 1/2 of the city’s land is still undeveloped. Las Vegas has older, less expensive housing and brand new homes priced somewhere between Henderson and North Las Vegas home prices.

Las Vegas home prices are all over the board because Las Vegas covers the valley’s width and also the northwest and southwest parts of the valley. Las Vegas has pockets of undeveloped land all over the valley that is currently being filled in. Henderson is almost completed except in Henderson West and the Lake Las Vegas area.

When relocating to Las Vegas, if you are unsure about where to live, we offer our clients a “Three Hour Tour.” During this time, we share our knowledge with you so that you can make an informed decision about which area you want. Then we look for houses.

On our website, we have a Blog about Future Growth Directions in the future. It’s good to know these things too.

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