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Some Boulder Dam Facts

Boulder City LogoBoulder City, Nevada, started as a planned community, built as a town for the management and workers of the new Boulder Dam. It sits along the west side of Lake Mead, just south of Henderson.

Boulder City is named after the original canyon where the dam was planned. However, when the location changed to Black Canyon, the name of the city was not changed.

As a political move made in 1930 by President Hoover, the dam’s name changed to Hoover Dam, but 3 years later, President Roosevelt changed it back. People still confuse the name.

Hoover Dam stands 726 feet high and is 1,244 feet long. Contractors excavated 3.7 million cubic yards of rock and poured. It took years to fill the dam, and it extends 110 miles behind the dam structure. It is the largest man-made lake and reservoir in the U.S.

The analogy line that the dam tour loves to talk about is the amount of cement used. A total of 4.36 million cubic yards of concrete was used to build the dam, its power plant, and auxiliary features. That is enough concrete to pave a 16-foot-wide, 8-inch-thick road from San Francisco to New York City,

How long did it take to build Hoover Dam?

Hoover Dam constriction Boulder CityIt took 5 years to build Lake Mead and Boulder Dam – 1931-1936. 12 Catapillar Tractors were used to dig the tunnels, haul pipes, level ground, move rocks and make roads.

21,000 men worked on the dam making $.50-$1.25 an hour. The workforce averaged 3500 men a day with 5200 a day in June 1934. They say 96 people died during construction, but the unofficial count is much higher. 

A friend of ours had a grandfather who ran crews at the dam. He said that many workers died of dehydration because they didn’t know better at the time. He said his grandfather felt guilty for the rest of his life. Dehydration was not a death factor that was tracked. 

The Town At Boulder Dam

Boulder City consisted of planned housing for both management and laborers. Your status determined where you live. Management, of course, got the top of the hill, the largest homes, and they also had a park and the community pool. Workers lived in tents, small homes, or commuted from Henderson.

The road from Las Vegas was dirt and was mostly 1 lane in 1931 when the Catapillar tractors arrived. The Bureau of Reclamation granted Six Companies, Inc. the contract to build the dam with a bid of $48.6 million.

Six Companies brought in their team. Run like an old mine camp. Six Companies ran the housing, the store, restaurants, hiring, and payroll. They happily supplied everything the workers needed, but they charged high prices for it.

Living In Boulder Dam City

homes for sale in Boulder City homes for saleTent cities were everywhere so housing was built. 658 “Dingbat Houses” were built in 9 months. As a building engineer, I find it amazing and scary that two carpenters would build a house in 12 hours.

Dingbat Houses had a living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom on the screen porch with a shower and toilet. With no insulation and many gaps in the walls, the screened porch offered coolness at night and was often made into a bedroom or two.

Six Companies charged $19 a month to rent one of their Dingbat Housing. Six Companies didn’t allow planting in the yards of their “temporary housing.” The waiting list was sometimes a year-long to get a house because these homes were “better than a tent.”

Homes didn’t come with a refrigerator or stove, but you could buy one from Six Companies for $150. Monthly payments were allowed.

More Affordable Housing In Boulder City

After the Los Angeles 1932 Olympics, athlete temporary housing was sold to a company that brought them to Nevada. The Olympic houses were reassembled once they arrived.

Made of “celoboard,” the homes were quite flimsy. As proof, historians acquired letters saying that bathroom windows were cut with kitchen knives.

After the Olympic houses area was filled with workers and their families, workers were allowed to buy a plot and build their own homes. Living in the middle of the desert and most workers were poor, meant that homes were built from items found at the dump.

Seeing the quality of construction, the Bureau of Reclamation sent out housing guidelines. These were the first Building Codes in Southern Nevada.

Even though Boulder City was “planned,” the closest hospital and school were 25 miles away. Liquor and gambling were against the law and any business that wanted to open needed town council approval.

The City Manager made most decisions including sentences for crimes and locations for new businesses. The population of Boulder City soared to over 5000 people in 1932. When the dam was finished, many workers chose to stay or move to Henderson.Affordable Boulder City home from 1942

Henderson, The Neighboring City

Upon completion, Boulder City had a beautiful hotel, store, diner, post office, and private businesses. The temporary villages Six Companies built in the 1930s slowly went away. A construction boom started to build modern 1940s style homes.

A typical home in the 1940s had 2 bedrooms, 800-1000 square feet, and was built on the same lots as the Dingbat homes and the Olympic houses had been. Many of these homes still exist today and sell for over $300,000.

1943 saw the founding of the City of Henderson, just 10 miles away from Boulder City. It had also grown due to the dam because it had amenities that Boulder City didn’t have. Henderson allowed gambling, sold liquor, had plenty of schools and a hospital.

Henderson grew quickly because of a munitions plant and a large magnesium plant. That plethora of jobs attracted dam workers to move to Henderson rather than leaving the state when the dam was finished. Many dam families were already living in Henderson.

Historic Boulder City Homes For Sale New Homes Boulder City NV homes for sale

Within walking distance of downtown Boulder City, Nevada, homes for sale are mainly older. Most homes for sale in Boulder City were built in an era where a 1200 square foot home was normal- the 1940s-1960s.

Room sizes were small, beds were doubles and singles and there was one bathroom. With 1800 square feet homes, there may be 2 bathrooms. I love these neighborhoods and the homes are charming. Most people have lovingly taken care of their older homes.

When we see these historic homes for sale in Boulder City, most of them look loved, modernized, and updated. With their mature landscaping and green trees, homes start in the $350,000 price range.

Modern Day Boulder City, Nevada

The Mob ran Las Vegas when Boulder City became an incorporated city in 1969. After years of being illegal, alcohol was legal once again. Wanting to remain a peaceful town, a NO GAMBLING law was created.

To remain small, the City Council decided to enact a strictly enforced 120 per year authorization of housing permit moratorium. Since 1969, the building permit wait-list slowed the growth, keeping the population low and home prices steady. People who finally get to build have been on the list for years.

Lake Mead Homes in Boulder City, NV

show Boulder City nevada homes for sale viewBoulder City is the closest you’ll get to finding a Lake Mead home for sale. Because the Lake National Mead Recreation Area is protected, having a view of Lake Mead is rare. Developers and City Planning have tried to maximize views with tiered lots.

Downtown, Historic Boulder City, NV has an old-west look, and a southwest feel. This blends nicely with the charming 1940’s homes and also with the more modern buildings. Lake Mead is a strong business resource attracting visitors to its launch ramp and marina in Boulder City.

A new highway opened in 2019 by-passing the city. This allowed downtown Boulder City businesses to re-create themselves. They’ve succeeded. Boulder City, Nevada is a great day jaunt for Las Vegas residents and tourists.

Even though traffic and business have changed, the jury is still out as to whether it’s better or worse for the city. However, more events scheduled by the City Council create an opportunity for both tourists and locals to enjoy the lovely ambiance this city offers.

Police Department in Boulder City


The Boulder City Police Department is the City’s Hub, with its website being the town bulletin board. Due to this, the police department also assists with:

  • Veteran’s Affairs
  • DMV
  • City Planning
  • Voter Registration
  • Vacation Checks
  • Offender Watch List
  • Crimes

Boulder City Homes For Sale 

When looking for Boulder City, Nevada, homes for sale, every type of home is available. Housing types range from condominiums with a view of Lake Mead to very expensive luxury custom estates with a view of Lake Mead. You’ll now find older homes and also new homes in Boulder City, NV.

Often Big Horn Sheep graze in the park above the lake. With a low crime rate, historical-looking small shops, and family-orientated holiday community activities, Boulder City is a great small community.

Lovely estate homes take advantage of the view of Lake Mead and the surrounding recreation area. There are many properties zoned for horses nearby. Adding to the appeal, Boulder City is only 15 minutes over the hill from Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital Of The World!

Boulder City New Construction Homes

In 2018, a miraculous event occurred. StoryBook Homes broke ground on the first new home subdivision in Boulder City for over 30 years. Offering 4 floorplans with variations, homes have sold quickly.

The building moratorium put upon the area is Brand new homes Boulder City Nevada homes for saleallowing only 30 homes to be built a year. With 30 acres to build homes on, Boulder City New Construction Homes have arrived.

Storybook Homes continue to build 30 fabulous homes each year. With about 75% of them with only one story and a 3-car garage.

Located near Highway 93, their location is convenient, close to downtown Boulder City and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

See our StoryBook Homes Las Vegas page for floor plans, additional information, and a link to each of their subdivisions with home searches.

Finally! New Homes!

New Construction Homes For Sale In Boulder City!

Wow! There are new construction homes for sale in Boulder City – wow! a subdivision in Boulder City! This is the first time in my 30+ years of living in the Las Vegas valley that this has occurred. I’m still amazed a couple years later!

These Boulder City new construction homes are in an affordable price range. In the past, Boulder City homes for sale mainly consisted of condominiums and older homes.

For sale in the median price range were older custom homes that needed remodeling. Then there was a large gap where housing jumped to high-end luxury mansions and luxury custom homes for sale.

Now, having new homes in Boulder City attracts a younger demographic who wants to take advantage of Lake Mead’s water sports. New life has arrived with the new homes – Boulder City, NV, is a great place to live – check it out!

Storybook Homes Purchased in August 2021

In August of 2021 Toll Brothers, Las Vegas purchased Storybook Homes, Las Vegas. This acquisition came with 550 lots in great locations as well as Story Books fabulous floorplans. Purchasing Storybook Homes Las Vegas has given Toll Brothers access to building 30 homes a year in Boulder City.

My guess is that Storybook Homes AKA Toll Brothers Las Vegas will build a more expensive home on their Boulder City lots. There is a large price gap between the price of custom homes and the cost of purchasing condominiums or an older home in the city. Time will tell. Toll Brothers will retain the Storybook Homes Las Vegas staff.

If you’ve been thinking about looking at Boulder City, NV homes for sale, let’s go open some doors!

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