5 Reasons to buy new construction homes that our clients have sited are listed below. Weigh the benefits when buying a brand new home compared to a resale home, and you decide. In Las Vegas, when buying new construction homes, the builder pays for you to have buyer representation. Always use a Realtor!

With about 250 brand-new home subdivisions in the Las Vegas Valley, there are over 1000 floor plans to choose from. Below are the 5 most frequent reasons that I see as to why many of my clients chose to buy new construction homes.

I’m often asked:

“Why Should I Look At or Buy New Construction Homes For More Money Compared To A Resale Home That Costs Less?”

When you calculate energy savings each month, and lack of repairs and remodeling time, the cost balances. Of course, resale homes are often a logical choice for a thousand reasons. Everyone’s situation is different, as well as which lifestyle they want.


The amount of technology and connectivity that goes into a home these days is simply amazing. Much of the technology in a brand new home would be difficult and expensive to put into an existing home. Sometimes it might even be impossible. Consequently, that is a huge reason to purchase a brand new home. Many builders install standard packages, and others have Smart Home Options.

millennials tech new construction homes

You have the ability to incorporate and customize the latest in smart home technology, from security to theater sound. As you drive home on a hot summer day, you can turn on the A/C or spa from your phone. In addition, new homes typically have the highest internet speeds available. This is because the cabling is the latest in fiber optics. As more and more devices connect to the internet in your home, internet speed and bandwidth become important items to consider.

#2-Customize Anything

The choices offered to you to customize your home’s interior are incredible. Moving walls are a newer option that older homes don’t have. Do you want a full bath downstairs or a double door office entrance? Maybe a door to the backyard from the master bedroom? French doors or sliding doors? High ceilings or lower ones? A double shower or a bathtub? And kitchens have a hundred choices, from cabinets to countertops to appliances. And when you buy new construction, you can have everything exactly as you want.

elegant living room moving wall fireplace loft open floorpan

The pride of owning a brand new home that you customized is huge. Hours are spent discussing and choosing new construction options and upgrades. It’s amazing how many design choices are offered- and how nice they are. If you ever thought, “I wish I had a TV outlet on my patio” or “I wish there was a plug for Christmas Lights with a light switch at the door,” you can have it. You get to have everything just the way you want.

#3-Energy Efficient Home Features

New homes in 2020 are built with fabulous energy-saving features. Being kind to the planet equates to saving money on utility bills as you add to your comfort. Homes have special ratings by environmental agencies “Energy Star” and “LEEDS..” At a minimum, homes are built with new technology energy-efficient features. These include features like AC/Heat balanced systems, LowE Windows, and Radiant Barriers.

low E window with hot and cold arrows and sun energy efficient

With LowE Windows, a special glaze is put on one side of the window. This not only blocks the heat energy of the sun from coming in during summer but also heat going out in the winter. A “radiant barrier” is nearly impossible to retrofit an existing home. This barrier blocks the sun’s heat from entering the attic. In Nevada, with 300+ sunny days a year, this is huge.

These are just some of the energy features available in new homes. The many energy features are also a big reason you want to have your new home professionally inspected. We gift all our clients a new home inspection because it is so important. See our article on New Construction Home Inspection.

#4-Extended Structural Warranty

Just like with a used car, an existing home most often does not come with any warranty unless you buy one, and even then, they are limited. With a new construction home, you’ll get a “bumper to bumper” or door to door warranty for a year, and some systems are covered for two years. Most builders offer a 7-10 year structural warranty offering you further assurances. Warranties give brand new construction home buyers peace of mind.

#5-Recreation Nearby

Another nice thing about buying in a brand new home community is the many recreational opportunities offered close to home. Most Brand New Construction Homes are built in a Master-Planned Community. Master-planned communities are all built with walking and bike trails, sports parks, recreational facilities, and state-of-the-art community centers.

Additionally, the Las Vegas Valley is surrounded by fabulous natural conservation and recreation areas. In any city, the oldest homes are towards the center, with development going out from there. Consequently, most new home communities are on the edges of the valley.

Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool when Buying new construction homes bringing the outside in and inside out with pools and patios


Buying New Construction vs. Buying Resale Homes

Any brand new home is near or in the mountains. Being on the outside of the valley, your new home will be near one of our 4 great recreational wonders around the valley. Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, Sloan Canyon, and Lake Mead are North, east, south, and west. These preserved nature sites provide many recreational opportunities. For those who like to enjoy outdoor adventures, a new home is ideal.

Nevada Property Tax- Nevada new home property tax is about 1% of the sales price. About 10 years ago, the state legislature revamped the property tax rates. From that point on, taxes could go up 3% a year for owner-occupied property and 6% for an investment property. When a property sells, the rate does not change for the new owner. Thus, taxes will be less for a resale home, sometimes thousands of dollars less. 

Remember, buying a brand new home is an investment, and it’s great fun! You get to have everything your way! You’ll move in loving your home and not settling for someone else’s taste. Enjoy the experience because it’ll be your home for many years to come.

Realtor brand new houses for sale builder tips new construction homes

Always Buy New Construction Homes with a Realtor

New Construction Builders in most cities today pay for you to have Buyer Representation. In Las Vegas, over 95% of new home builders want you to have your own representation. The price doesn’t change for you whether you buy with or without a Realtor – so get one! Hopefully the Realtor you choose will have construction expertise and can be more than a tour guide.

Look at new homes first and then compare them to resale homes. In Las Vegas, homes cost a lot less in the resale market. We want you to see the difference to compare for yourself. Plan to spend at least an hour comparing new construction vs. resale homes when we first look at homes together. 

When looking to buy new construction homes, you’ll want to look at prices about 10% less that your loan approval amount or the dollar amount you’re looking at with resale homes. Most builders have fabulous upgrades and only simple basic features. You’ll want to upgrade. The average amount of money spent upgrading new construction homes is 10%. Remember, after getting your new construction home, you’ll need to landscape your backyard and install window coverings. 

I’ve seen many new and resale homes as a Top-Producing 25-Year Las Vegas Realtor and a Former Nevada Building Engineer. As a result of my experience seeing new homes, I monitor their construction every week for my clients. My building knowledge and real estate expertise make me a unique Realtor – and my services are free to you! If you are in another city, try to find a Realtor who can protect you! Search for an engineer or a former contractor who is also a Realtor to help you buy new construction homes and also resale. You’ll be glad you did! 

This Blog Was Written By:

Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group in Las Vegas wrote this blog. Kurt uses his knowledge and building skills to protect others and their investments. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, his services can be invaluable. If you or someone you know is thinking about a new home in Las Vegas, schedule a housing consultation with him today at 702-750-7599.

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