Buying A House With A Pool Expectations vs. Reality

Are you looking to buy a house with a pool in Nevada? A recent study said, “Three cities in Nevada are among the sunniest cities in the country.” Las Vegas has sunshine 84.80% of the year’s days, Reno has 81.50%, and Ely has 73.30% annual sunshine days.

Of course, Nevada is a good place to relocate for those who crave their daily melatonin. Take that to the next level by finding a home for sale with a pool in Nevada. A house with a pool in Nevada is a great way to take advantage of the almost year-round sunshine.

When living in Nevada, buying a house with a pool makes sense. We obviously live in a desert; it’s hot and sunny. Buying a house with a pool in Nevada that’s already installed will save you money. Having a pool is a nice luxury, and some would call it a necessity during the summer.

Without backyard entertainment to cool off with, residents tend to spend most of their summer indoors. We mostly keep outdoor activities scheduled in the morning hours and enjoy our air conditioning in the late afternoon- unless you have a pool.

If you are a new Nevada home buyer, expect the heat during the summer. Having a cool oasis means playing and enjoying family time or cooling off no matter what time of day or night it is. When you are looking and buying a house with a pool in Nevada, you’ll have questions.

Should You Buy A House With A Pool In Nevada?

These are a few of the expectations vs. reality questions that you may wonder about:

Why Buy A House With A Pool In Nevada?

Swimming pool backyards are certainly a delightful place to spend time alone, with family, and with friends. Moreover, swimming is one of the best low-impact exercises that you can do. Swimming can help you achieve your fitness goals while incorporating your social life. Besides, everyone looks good with a tan.

Tip: Buying a resale home with a pool in Nevada is less expensive than buying a house without a pool in Nevada and having your own pool installed. But there are advantages to designing your own pool.

Recent trends are to have a house with a pool in Nevada that brings the outside in. Sliding door walls open up your house to the yard. Swimming pools that come under a covered patio are popular. A glass panel built into the side of a raised pool can make the pool water visible from the inside of the house.

Colored lighting in the pool changes the mood of both the inside and the outside of your house. Waterfalls and fountains add elements with sound. Buying a house with a pool in Nevada is also a fun lifestyle choice! Water slides for the kids also add “sound.”

Toll Brothers Las Vegas luxury homes buy a house with a pool pools

Are “Private Pools Safer Than Public Pools?

If you don’t buy a house with a pool in Nevada, there are alternatives. Community pools and a pool at a local park are great to cool down in. There are water parks and splash pads at many parks. With dozens of hotel pools in the Las Vegas Valley, their pools are fun to explore and offer day-use passes.

Resorts and public swimming pools across Nevada are open at least 8 months a year. Fortunately, they are not nearly as crowded at off-strip hotel swimming pools. A Nevada Health Report recently recommended chlorine levels be strictly maintained and checked frequently. Of course that was after a news crew filmed the water during a huge pool party on the Strip.

Public pools themselves should pose minimal risk of spreading the germs and viruses to swimmers, says a Purdue University engineer who studies pool water decontamination. Occasionally we go to the Rampart’s Pool at JW Marriott, which can be empty during the week or full of people on weekends.

house with a pool in nevada vs public pool

On the other hand, having a pool at your home is a great way to relax as well as being a fun entertainment feature. Many people just enjoy looking at water. A pool at your home gives you enjoyment and peace of mind- and they’re a lot of fun.

How Can I Prevent Swimming Pool Injuries At Home?

Slippery decks and children running are a couple of concerns some people have about pool safety. Unsupervised swimming and unsupervised children add to the other concerns that home buyers may have. There are decking textures and paint products in Nevada that reduce heat and eliminate slick surfaces around the pool. Pool fencing, covers, and nets dramatically improve the safety of having a pool in your yard. We suggest hiring a lifeguard for a few hours for any pool party with children.

There is a paint that we call “cool decking paint.” It is painted onto textured cement and prevents feet from burning during the warmest summer heat. When it gets stained, it’s re-paintable. We love cool-deck cement! (See picture below)

house with a pool in Nevada safety

Does a House In Nevada with a Pool Raise Homeowners Insurance?

When you buy a house in Nevada with a pool, common sense says that your homeowner’s insurance will be higher with a pool than without. Every insurance company has its own “spin” on how rates are calculated for your home’s policies. The existence of a swimming pool may have zero impact on your home’s insurance rates.

The best way to learn the answer to this question is to seek quotes from your insurance agency before looking at houses. If rates seem too high, call other companies and ask. Insurance across the country is not stable anywhere. Definitely ask if you have any concerns.

Should I Buy An Electric, Gas, or Solar Pool Heater?

Being able to swim in your pool year-round is a good return on investment. Heating your pool can be quite expensive. Solar Heaters extend the pool’s swimmable life by a month or two on each side of summer, which means swimming for half to two-thirds of the year. The cost of pool solar has gone down considerably. You might want to investigate it.

Gas to heat a pool can be expensive because most people don’t just heat it only for a day. After 3 days of heating all that water, the therms add up. If you have a spa, a gas heater will usually heat the spa by running it for 30-6 before using it. Electric heaters are typically used for stand-alone spas. A spa will take hours to heat up initially, and then most people keep it hot.

house with a pool in nevada solar heater

If you are thinking about buying a house with a pool in Nevada, I’m the Realtor you want. We’ve built a pool from a pool company and done an “owner-builder” large custom pool. We’ve also purchased three Las Vegas houses with pools as investments and refurbished the swimming pools. After 40 years of building, re-plastering, acid-washing, and replacing equipment and tiles at our pool properties, we are pros.

Las Vegas Homes For Sale With Pool

Las Vegas homes for sale with pools are extremely popular. The City of Henderson homes for sale with pools are the most prevalent in the Las Vegas Valley. Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool have the second-most listings in the valley, and North Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool have the fewest listings.

North Las Vegas is known as the most affordable city in the valley for housing. Since pool houses cost more, there are fewer. North Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool will often have large lots and entertainment backyards.

Las Vegas has older homes for sale with a pool that may need refurbishing but are quite affordable. Homes for sale with a pool in Las Vegas are more prevalent in the last 30 years. When looking at resale homes for sale with a pool, we look for rust on the side of the pool. We recommend avoiding fiberglass pools. Let’s shop for homes with a pool, and we will point out any red flags that we see.

Homes for sale with a pool in Henderson are common. The summers are hotter in Henderson, and many families live there. Pool homes for sale often have solar panels. Take a look at all homes for sale with a pool in the Las Vegas areas below. Then, let’s go out and find your home with a pool!

Houses For Sale With A Pool Sell Faster

If you can afford to look at homes for sale with a pool in Las Vegas, they are wonderful to have. Pool homes for sale with a spa are desirable but usually not a deal breaker. If you buy the pool, we will buy the margaritas!

This blog was written by Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group. Kurt is a 28-year Las Vegas Realtor and a former Nevada building engineer. Often called the Protector by his clients, he points out any possible issues and red flags that he sees. Protect your family and your investment by contacting Kurt’s office for a housing consultation today. 702-750-7599

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