Who Can Have Their Own Zip Code?

You may wonder, can I have my own zip code? Who currently has one? The answer is: Only 2 People in the United States have their own Zip Code. Can you guess who? If having your own Zip Code is important to you, consider running for President. That means that you probably will not have your own zip code unless you become president of the US.

The President of the United States has his own Zip Code – 20500-0001. The First Lady of the United States also has her own – 20500-0002. The official Zip Code for the White House is 20500 – look it up on the USPS Zip Code Search Page. Enter 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the address box.

Who HAS Their Own Zip Code?

The only other individual with his own Zip Code is Smokey The Bear, the US Forest Service Las Vegas Zip Codes In Las Vegas Map can I have my own zip code?mascot. The real Smokey The Bear was a bear cub rescued from a forest fire in 1950 and taken to the National Zoo in Washington DC to be treated and to heal. The baby bear was named Smokey by the Forest Service.

Due to the popularity of cartoons at the time, Smokey The Bear was chosen to promote Zip Code use. Smokey was sent so many letters that the United States Postal Service gave him his own Zip Code. The Zip Code for Smokey The Bear is 20252.

In 1993, due to a lack of Smokey The Bear letter writing, the USPS Zip Code Department decommissioned Smokey’s Zip Code. After the announcement, public outcry was extreme. The USPS soon gave Smokey back his Zip Code. Smokey The Bear still gets letters from children and adults from across the country.

Does Santa Claus Have His Own Zip Code?

Does Santa Claus have his own zip code? He doesn’t in the U.S. Does Santa Claus have his own zip code in other countries? Yes, Santa receives letters from around the world and from every country each year. Can I have my own zip code? Does Santa have a zip code? Who has their own zip code?In the U.S., letters addressed to Santa go to the small town of North Pole, Alaska, IF a letter is addressed to the North Pole and has a North Pole zip code.

What is the zip code for the North Pole? The zip code for North Pole, AK is 99705. The Canadians have granted Santa Claus his own zip code, and since they use letters and numbers in their ZIP Codes, Santa was given HOH OHO.

If Santa can have his own zip code, can I have my own zip code in Canada? Sorry, that’s another article.

Where Do Letters To Santa Claus Go?

Good question, where do letters to Santa Claus go? Santa Claus gets hundreds of thousands of letters each year. Besides letters addressed to Santa Claus in the North Pole, Alaska, there are many letters with partial addresses. USPS automated sorting machines separate letters addressed with an incomplete address and letters addressed just to various Santa Claus names.

These partially addressed letters go to the Default Letter Department for hand sorting. Letters addressed to “Santa,” “Santa Claus,” “Santa at the North Pole,” etc., are forwarded to Operation Santa. Operation Santa started over 100 years ago.


The History of Operation Santa

So many letters were sent to Santa Claus each year that in 1912, the Postmaster General allowed individual post offices and their employees to respond to Santa Claus mail. Most letters ask for toys and games, some ask for basic necessities, and others ask for help either for themselves or people they care about. This was the start of what is now known as Operation Santa.

By the late 1940s, the postal service realized that they couldn’t keep up with Santa responses and invited charities and individual companies to participate in Operation Santa. These organizations and companies reply to letters and send gifts from Santa. Each has its own guidelines.

With wonderful web-based programs came the opportunity for anyone to adopt a child’s letter and respond with a gift. Letters are posted with identifying numbers to protect the children’s privacy. People can apply by filling out the USPS official form and showing a valid ID. When mailing the package to a child, the postal clerk matches the numbers and addresses the package.

Over the years, countless numbers of children have had their holiday wishes fulfilled by many Secret Santas. What a great program!

Can I have my own zip code? Are you POTUS or FLOTUS?

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