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The condo townhouses for sale in Las Vegas, NV, are found throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Living in a condo townhouse development may be exactly the place to call home. Many condos and townhouses for sale in Las Vegas are located in a master-planned community. Others are in individual communities.

High-rise condos are another option. They are mainly on the Las Vegas Strip. High-rise condominiums range in price from around $200K to over $10 million. They offer luxury amenities, in secure luxury condominium developments. There are 4 high-rise condo towers located off The Strip corridor.

Townhouses for sale in Las Vegas, NV, are usually in larger complexes and will have garages. There is also the option of high-rise condominiums on the Las Vegas Strip and luxury lofts in Downtown Las Vegas. A single-family home is not right for everyone.

Mid-rise lofts and condos for sale in Las Vegas, NV, are located all over the city. Downtown has 6. Summerlin has about the same. Near UNLV and on the South Strip, there are more. These condominium complexes will typically have under 10 stories and have many luxury features and services.

What Types of Condo Townhouses Are In Las Vegas?

A great housing alternative for people with a ‘Lock and Leave Lifestyle’ to consider are condo townhouses for sale in Las Vegas. They are also great for people who want minimal maintenance while still having luxury amenities and shared spaces.

You have numerous towers, duplexes, triplexes, and condo townhomes for sale to choose from. Las Vegas has the lowest possible airfares encouraging residents to travel more often.

Living in the Entertainment Capital of the World means everything is based on enjoying your lifestyle. Fun and having anything you want available 24/7 is also nice for businesses, singles, and couples.

Choose from condominiums or townhomes for sale, luxury golf villas, and even luxury waterfront condominiums at Lake Las Vegas. There are numerous condo townhouses and patio homes for sale in Boulder City. Many condos in Boulder City overlook Lake Mead.

Condominiums for Rent Investment Options

Townhouses and condominiums for rent investments can bring in positive cash flow. In Las Vegas, the age of a development affects the association fees, and those can make or break investment possibilities. Large corporations pay top dollar for apartment buildings because tenants stay longer-term than in single-family houses. Let me help you find a positive cash flow situation.

If you are thinking about an Airbnb type of investment, Las Vegas has 6 Condo-tels. Condotels are great if you’d like to visit occasionally. In-house management sets prices and puts your unit into their rental pool. See our high-rise condominium page for more information about condotels for sale. Condotel buildings are not the best place to owner-occupy year-round due to stranger danger.

Condo Townhouses For Sale In Las Vegas

There used to be many differences between a condominium for sale and a townhouse for sale in Las Vegas. We NOW combine available condo townhouses in searches because the differences are no longer consistent. The biggest difference used to be that in a condominium, you would own the air space but not the exterior of the building.

condominiums and townhouses for sale in Las VegasThese days, all of the condos, townhouses, villas, or patio homes can be owned and maintained by the association depending on the development. Property titles will specify the property type and ownership rights and responsibilities The development in the above picture could be any multi-family housing type.

There is a new attached home, multi-family condo townhouse trend among homes for sale in Las Vegas. We just sold a brand new construction condominium with a backyard. It came with a patio cover, cement patio slab, and patio area landscaping. Before that, I was not aware of any condominium for sale with a yard in Las Vegas.

Some patio homes and townhomes for sale in Las Vegas will have associations that provide front yard landscaping maintenance. Other developments will include the roofs, paint, and exterior maintenance for all of the structures. We suggest that you search all of the units in this category and eliminate choices by features and square footage, not property type.

HOA Fees

One of the biggest concerns of both condominium owners and townhouse owners is the homeowners’ association (HOA ) fee. This is frequently higher than for single-family detached houses. One of the biggest reasons is that the HOA normally includes a hazard insurance policy for the structure. Be sure to compare apples to apples.

An owner of a detached single-family home bears this cost. In addition, often the HOA covers some utility costs, even trash removal. It is important to have your insurance agent check your HOA insurance policy to know what your risks are. It’s also important to check your rules and regulations regarding what your HOA fee covers.

Financing Condos and Townhouses

condo townhouses manhattan condo poolFinancing a condominium (not townhouses or patio homes) may be tricky. Sometimes, depending on the condominium complex, financing is completely messed up. It can especially be challenging to get a loan with less than a 10% down payment.

Conventional loans are easier to qualify for especially with a larger down payment. Some condos and townhouses can qualify for FHA or VA financing. Each condo townhouse for sale on the MLS will have what type of financing is acceptable listed on listings.

Fannie Mae, a government entity that buys loans from mortgage companies and banks after they process them, has guidelines. After the financial crisis in 2007-2012, building requirements became strict. The problem lies in the fact that most institutions adopt Fannie Mae guidelines when lending money.

Strategize and Be Prepared When Buying A Home

Condominiums and townhomes need to be in neighborhoods that meet financing requirements. These include things like: 90% of residents must be current on their association fees or financing will not be available.

Another requirement is that X percentage of units in the development are owner-occupied. This can limit which communities someone getting a loan can purchase.

It is best to get pre-approved and have us search for condominiums and townhomes for sale that offer the type of financing you need. These requirements are not applicable at every development.

Condominiums/Townhouses For Sale In Las Vegas

Less than $200,000                 

Between $200,000-$300,000   

Between $300,000-$400,000     

Condo/Townhouse Over $400,000

Townhomes For Sale In Las Vegas Valley

Typically townhomes for sale in Las Vegas will have a garage. Townhouses can be one or multi-story buildings. As opposed to condominiums, with townhouses for sale, listings will usually specify the specific association features. To me, every townhouse community seems unique.

A townhouse can also have a yard in the front and the back or not have one. But to make a townhouse a townhouse, there’ll be at least one wall connected to another building. If you’re not confused yet, there are more options!

The Las Vegas Valley is a part of the Clark County School District. All of Clark County is a part of the Las Vegas Clark County Library District. Schools and libraries in the Las Vegas Valley are newer than 30 years old. The library system in Clark County is one of the best in the entire country.

Patio Homes and Townhouses For Sale In Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, we also have Patio Homes. A Las Vegas patio home is a type of townhouse. It is usually a  single story building with 3 or fewer units connected in a building or row that share at least one wall with another townhouse.

A homeowner is usually responsible for the maintenance of their units. Sometimes, as with townhomes, as part of the HOA dues, the association will maintain the building’s exterior. Patio Homes will have a patio or a patio and yard.

Luxury Golf Villas or a Condo

A golf villa is a fancy name for condo townhouses that are on or near a golf course. I think the term “Villa” means they can charge more money. Golf Villas are typically luxurious with top-of-the-line amenities in the development. Of course, some units will have golf course locations with sprawling golf course views.

High Rise and Mid Rise Condominiums For Sale

There are over 20 high-rise condominium towers on or near the Las Vegas Strip. Summerlin has 2 towers at One view from high rise las Vegas Strip condominiumQueensridge. They’re also one of the finest towers in the valley. If you are interested in luxury off the Strip, visit One Queensridge and Park Towers in the Financial District near UNLV.

There is a very trendy mid-rise condominium building in Downtown Summerlin and 6 in Downtown Las Vegas. The south part of the Las Vegas Strip has a few very nice mid-rise condominium and loft complexes. The District in Henderson features mid-rise condos above retail all along their outdoor shopping areas.

55+ Retirement Senior Living Condo Townhouses

A senior, 55+, active-adult Condo Townhouses may be just what you want when looking for retirement living. These developments are age-restrictive and very active. Anyone can own a home in an age-restricted 55+ community, but one person must be 55+ who lives in the home.

With clubhouses and often activity directors, these complexes are meant to be fun. Their community centers and clubhouses are all about staying busy, learning, making friends and entertainment.

Socializing any day of the week is on the calendar as well as daytime and evening activities and clubs. There are Las Vegas condo townhouses for sale in all Del Webb Sun City Communities as well as stand-alone developments.

Search our 55+ page to see condos or townhouses for sale in these retirement communities. There are well over 20 resale communities for 55+ active adults.

Currently under construction are 9 additional 55+ developments of brand new homes. Within most of these master-planned communities, you’ll find condos, townhouses, and golf villas.

Search Las Vegas Condo Townhomes For Sale

We’ve tried to make it easy for you to search Las Vegas condos and townhouses for sale in Las Vegas on your own. Below we’ve made 12 condo and townhome searches, so it’s easy for you.

They will include high-rise condos and mid-rise condominium buildings. However, know that you can search by individual buildings for these 26 complexes on our sidebar. Modify all searches on our site in the top right corner of the results.

For the purpose of our searches, you can explore all types of attached housing. Our search program clumps both condos and townhouses for sale together. If you want something specific, text or send us an email, and we can do a more specific search for you.

We are full-service Realtors and would be happy to send you floor plans and MLS listings. Note: All information on an MLS listing is deemed reliable but not guarenteed. Most condominiums and townhomes for sale in Las Vegas are shown by appointment only.

Due to the number of investors looking to find condos and townhouses to rent, we need to strategize to have you in the best position possible to buy a home. Call us, and let’s talk. 702-750-7599

Condos and Townhouses For Rent

When looking for condos and townhouses for rent, you may want to condos for rent at Lake Las Vegasconsider buying a condo or townhouse. There are first-time homebuyer down-payment assistance programs and sometimes even programs that match down-payment funds.

With interest rates between 3-4%, payments for a home will be less than renting a condo or townhouse. Building equity for yourself is way better than building equity for some investor person you’ll probably never meet.

Contact us today, and we can get you headed in the right direction to make homeownership your reality.

Buying Townhouses or Condos For Sale In LV

Townhouses and condos for sale in Las Vegas, NV, in 2023, are priced all over the board. Some prices are where they should be, and other sellers think it’s 2021 with bidding wars and low interest rates. If you see something you like, we can make an offer. Everything is negotiable, and there are plenty of units for sale to choose from.

We find that if most things in an offer are similar (i.e., price), people often like to sell to a person vs. an investor. Let’s talk and strategize and see some properties. Please call or text us with any questions. Use the mortgage calculator in the menu bar under “Buyers.”

When you know what you want, let us know, and let’s go see some homes. You can save your search, and whenever real estate listings with your criteria become available, you’ll be emailed automatically.

Save a FAVE to a private box on our site and revisit it anytime. Feel free to contact us with questions or for assistance in getting financing together.

Revise any search on our site to your specific criteria in the top right corner of the results pages.

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Condominiums/Townhouses For Sale In Las Vegas

Less than $150,000                 

Between $150,000-$200,000   

Between $200,000-$250,000     

Over $250,000

Homeowner Associations 

All Las Vegas condo townhouses for sale have an association fee. Each development is different, but the fees usually cover water and trash, gates (guards if applicable), and common areas.

Of course, these fees vary according to amenities offered by a community. We’ve seen association fees as low as $100/mo up to $2400 a month for a luxury high rise penthouse.

In Nevada, there is a state governing office – The Ombudsman Office if there is ever a problem. The Ombudsman Office is run through the Nevada Real Estate Division. We have heard good things about them, so if you need them, there are there.

The 1999 Legislature voted to have a department to assist homeowners. They also guide board members in communities with an association board of directors. 

They assist with complaints by investigating and helping with legal paperwork if necessary. Homeowners in any association actually pay “less than $4.25 a year” to have this department work for them. Fees are often overlooked as they are paid through everyone’s annual property tax bills.

The Ombudsman’s Office regulates how associations are to be run- mainly, they try to keep an association complying with state law and being consistent with homeowners. An association must treat all residents equally. 

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