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Wynn Las Vegas Corona Lockdown Window Art
The Winner of The Las Vegas Strip Hotel Room Window Art Is Wynn, Las Vegas!

After 30 days of experiencing Las Vegas Corona – COVID-19, I can truly say that I am so proud to be a Las Vegan! Every day, I am grateful for the first responders keeping us safe despite the risk—the workers in our medical community living here rock. Not only are they doing their normal jobs, but they also go above and beyond, and some are not young. What kindness and generosity of spirit!

Volunteers have put together programs and apps that have brought the community together to distribute food to people and workers. We have over 180 food pantries working their butts off to feed those in need. Restaurants are making meals for cost. All of the delivery people that rush to get people the things they need are awesome. And the retail workers have our hearts for all that they continue to do despite the risk.

Closing Las Vegas

The same day as our Governor said to close gaming at midnight, gaming was closed. A 34 Billion dollar business without locks on the doors to the street closed their doors for the world. The message that I think they sent was invaluable- “This Is SERIOUS!” I cannot fathom the number of lives that were saved due to the closings. And the generosity extended to the employees. Our gaming industry exemplified “their spirit of community” by paying full wages plus the tips that would have been earned.

The next day, March 18, 2020, at noon, all non-essential businesses also closed. Things became very quiet, very quickly, with fewer airplanes coming into and leaving from the world’s 10th busiest airport. Some construction jobs closed, but with over 100,000 construction jobs, many stayed open. Soon hotel rooms were vacated and closed, and food inventory went to food banks.

Now, these corporations are going above and beyond by flying PPE’s into the U.S. disaster zones and Las Vegas on company planes, saving lives. Our local Chinese Community flew in and donated PPE’s to area hospitals. The Golden Knights paid the arena employees and have been donating food to medical workers. Local restaurants are delivering food to our front-line workers. See’s candy gave 1500 pounds of candy to local hospitals. Those are just a few examples.

Day 23 saw a flyover by the Thunderbirds from Nellis AFB. They did a loop over all 16 hospitals in the valley, paying tribute to those fighting the invisible enemy in our city. I believe it also honored those staying home, and it definitely was a WOW moment for the people of this city. I was told that the streets were empty because everyone was looking up.

Las Vegas Strip Heart

Thursday at 8 PM on April 9, we went to see the Venetian’s heart in the hotel windows that they showed on the news. Wow! Surprise! There were so many more! There was so much more! It was eerie, spooky, odd, quiet, and memorable. ALL of these monstrous hotel windows were black or decorated as part of the coolest thing in town. We saw about 10 people on 8 miles of sidewalks that would normally be full. Police are EVERYWHERE!

We wanted to share and thank Las Vegas for being a great place to live! Be well, people! Link to the HOME PAGE of our website at HomesForSale.Vegas if you want to be a part of our wonderful community.

Las Vegas Corona – COVID-19 Dating

The Las Vegas Corona – COVID-19 closure is surreal everywhere in town. However, our social distancing dates have only been cruising trips on the Las Vegas Strip. The first one was at 10 AM on Sunday, March 29. There was NOBODY on the strip walking.

We sat at the traffic signal for about a minute at Las Vegas Blvd. and Tropicana and TWO cars went across the intersection during that time- at 10 AM! The other amazing but cool thing that we saw was the Amazon Prime vans going to the freeway. I took a picture of 14 vans in a line, did a u-turn, and 14 more had replaced them. We will post videos soon.

Las Vegas Corona COVID-19 is serious. As always, research for yourself on the CDC’s Website. Check back with us! Stay Well!

Sorry- some photos are blurry because stopping to take a picture was not possible. Thank you for staying home America! We hope you enjoyed our Lockdown pictures from Las Vegas. Corona – Covid-19 is serious, and we appreciate you doing your part across America t slow the spread. 

This blog is courtesy of Kurt and Terri Grosse of Realty One Group. They are 25+ year Top-Producing Las Vegas Realtors who protect you and your family. Combining their knowledge and Kurt’s construction engineering experience, their services can be invaluable. Call their office today with questions or a housing consultation. 702-750-7599.

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