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Las Vegas has 21 Regulation Courses, and most have homes on every piece of land, not on the course. There are 9 golf courses in Henderson, 2 in North Las Vegas, 3 Municipals, and 5 courses in the valley’s private communities.

Some of these will also have multiple courses. The grand total, including Pahrump, Mesquite, Boulder City, Primm, the Piute Reservation Course, and Laughlin, there are over 50 golf courses within 50 miles of Las Vegas. (I counted s,o I may not be 100% accurate- but I’m close.)golf homes

Homes on golf courses are varied. We’ve sold 2 bedroom homes an,d we’ve sold a 12 bedroom home with golf course frontage and everything in between.

The best golf course community will depend on similar factors as a normal property, however, there’s a country club and golf course involved. Discounts and access to tee times may be a consideration for you but not others.

Do you have a favorite course? Do you want golf frontage or is being in the neighborhood adequate? What does the country club offer? Do they have a restaurant and a gym? Are there neighborhood functions?

What area of town do you want to live in? And, what do you want to pay? There are a few golf courses that throw fabulous fireworks shows on the 4th of July. Do they? Once we know those answers, we can narrow down the choices.

Affordability of Golf Properties

The most affordable communities with golf course frontage will be in  Active Seniors or 55+ Communities or on the east side of Las Vegas. There are a couple of golf communities in the Northwest part of the valley that are priced moderately too. Link to our 55+ Communities page to search in those 9 communities.

Sometimes Realtors are not accurate with their listing. They may miss inputting in a golf category or maybe leave out that the view over the top of houses or from the bathroom window. When you’re ready to look at homes we verify the accuracy of your picks.

With us knowing the streets and communities, it should save you considerable time. Searching now will give you an idea of what’s out there and what you can get for your money.

Living on a fairway will be less expensive than living on a green or at a tee box.  Besides Full-Custom Homes, there’s also Semi-Custom Homes, Tract Homes, and Golf Villas that you may also want to consider. Once you know which area you want to live in, let’s go open some doors.

Golf Course Homes with a View!

Be aware that just bgolf course with viewecause a listing says “golf view,” most golf communities will have golf and mountain views or golf and city views, so remember that a view may not only be referring to a golf course. You might also get lucky and even have two or three types of views.

Since these are golf communities, many homeowners have a golf cart to get around in, room to park one in the garage, and a charging station. A golf cart can be nice for a drive on and off the course around the neighborhood.

There are many “slow times” on a Las Vegas Golf Course, so walking and being able to explore can be quite enjoyable. Our kids and their friends liked gathering golf balls the best at grandpa’s house.

If you don’t like to play golf, living in a golf community is still enjoyable. If you are a golfer, you might want to see the reviews on They have a review page with listings for most of the Las Vegas Valley Golf Courses.

Because a golf community has a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere, many people like to live in them for reasons other than golf. There’s a sense of community when belonging to a golf country club. Seeing neighbors at dinner is enjoyable and relatives and friends visiting are additional reasons to live within a community.

Golf Course Home Choices:

Ranging from mansions to Condominiums and everything in between. There are many housing choices and options! Besides what type of home is available in your price range, there’s a variety of location types to consider in a golf community.

Naturally, differences in price and value of a property can be small or extremely large depending on the lot size and location. The general factors to consider- Do you want your home to be near a Tee Box, Fairway, or Green.

There may be a lake or water feature, but those are becoming fewer and fewer. Every golf course location will be beautiful, but some may have more golf balls hitting your house. Views on a golf course in the Las Vegas Valley have a lot of variety. You’ll find views of city lights, grass, desert landscaping, mountains, and even pine trees. 

Most golf communities in Las Vegas and Henderson have a guard gated entrance.  Besides patrolling the golf course, the streets are usually patrolled. Some communities offer more guard-gate services than others; however, expect all of them to require ID to enter, and they’ll have video cameras for security purposes. 

golf mountains

Amenities of Golf Course Properties:

Golf communities will have a pro shop, golf carts rentals, and often a restaurant and bar. Many golf course communities will also have a community center where there are pools and fitness facilities as well as common areas for entertainment functions.  Several private golf courses have elaborate firework shows throughout the year and some have periodic live music and events. Golf course living is nice even if you don’t play golf. 

Doing Home Searches for Golf Course Homes

You can search our MLS program for Golf Course Homes In Las Vegas below. We are full-service Realtors who have golfed and sold golf course homes in Las Vegas for 25 years. Let us help you find the right home in the right location for you today.

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