Goodsprings, Nevada

Wildwest Goodsprings

Goodsprings is a small unincorporated community in Southern Nevada between Las Vegas and the Nevada and California State Line. It rests in Clark County near the California State Line and Primm. This wonderful desert jewel, conveniently located just off of I-15, was established in 1913.

Named for Joseph Good, whose cattle frequented a spring nestled in the Spring Mountains’ southeastern foothills, Goodsprings was once the heart of one of the most productive mining districts in Clark County. Over the years, lead, silver, copper, zinc, and gold have all been mined from this area.

Close to Las Vegas 

Many people consider Goodsprings to be a ghost town that has recently come back to life. Most residents of Goodsprings will tell you that they like living “off the beaten path” Goodsprings saloon and storewhere they can still love the comfort of a luxury ranch-style home with acres of land while enjoying Nevada’s ideal tax benefits.  Downtown Las Vegas is 37 miles up the freeway, and Henderson and Las Vegas are about 20 miles. 

The population of Goodsprings continues to grow. Our 2010 census listed Goodsprings with a population of 229, but that will rise this year. Goodsprings has continued to grow since 2010 and now has 2 places to eat besides the saloon. Pioneer Saloon is the town’s only tourist attraction because it is over 100 years old with some fun history.

History of Goodsprings

Pioneer Saloon has a bullet hole commemorated with a letter from the coroner’s office describing the event when it happened. There may be a ghost still hanging around from that shooting. I wonder if it’s a drunk ghost…

In 1942 Carole Lombard’s small plane crashed nearby on Mt. Potosi where she died. The local hotel and saloon were the search center’s operation post. They made a memorial for both Clark Gable and Carole Lombard.

Horses are not required. I was told there are no rules in Goodsprings either….. If you think you’d like to live in a modern yet rustic, old western type town close to a large city and still in the middle of nowhere, Goodsprings might be right for you.  Click the current property listings below to see what they offer. You may find the home of your dreams in this new-old west town.

Housing in Goodsprings

Eclectic is a great description of the residences. There’s an abandoned tiny house on one side of the road that might even be falling down, and the other side has a mobile home. Next door to that is the cutest normal house, and next door to that is a lot with multiple buildings. Then there a new looking place and a falling down shed, interspersed are mining relics and rocks and trees and bushes. 

The school in Goodsprings is shared with Sandy Valley. This has led to families moving to the area from Sandy Valley. Land can be a big draw, and living as you want is another. As part of the Clark County Library System, the library media and books are top-notch. 

See nearby city information pages and search for homes in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. Information provided by Kurt Grosse. Kurt is a 24 year Southern Nevada Realtor, an Ex-Engineer, and a Protector. If you see and homes that you’d like to see, give Kurt a call at 702-750-7599.

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