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Las Vegas high rises – condos for sale are located in 20+ premiere condominium towers on the Las Vegas Strip. There are other locations, but none are more in demand than the Las Vegas Strip Area developments.

High rise condos are in demand! Snow-Birds, Conventioneers, businesses, and people in the tourist industry visit Las Vegas regularly. Investing in Las Vegas High Rise Condos allows many businesses financial investment benefits, as well as a home away from home.

Many of our clients looking at condominium high rises for sale on the Strip want the location. Add on the convenience factor and nearby dining and entertainment and a Strip high rise tower is a great choice.

Las Vegas High Rises on the Strip or condominiums near the Strip range in price from the mid $200,000’s for a studio, up to $10 million plus, for a penthouse. Luxury condos on the Las Vegas Strip are all elegant and beautiful with world-class amenities.

Own a high-rise condominium in the center of the excitement of the World Famous Las Vegas Strip! Downtown Las Vegas features 6 mid-rise condominium developments with both lofts and condos.

Las Vegas High Rise Strip Views For Sale!

There is a very high demand for high-rises. Condominiums on the Las Vegas Strip are prestigious and your family and friends will all visit. A tower’s reputation is everything. Security is probably the most important amenity that all of these developments offer.

Compared to many high rise towers around the world, Las Vegas High Rises offer tremendous value. Not many views in the world can compete with the feeling you have when you’re a part of “The Entertainment Capital of the World.”

Towers and units are priced by taking into account the square footage, quality of the amenities and decor, and high risesyour garage space. From there, value or real estate listings is determined according to which floor your condominium is on, and the view.

Choose Your High Rise Condominium View

Besides a Las Vegas Strip view, there are mountains, golf courses, and city lights that are all quite beautiful. With many stunning views to choose from, you’ll probably want to choose a view where you can see fireworks on holidays.

Las Vegas is blessed with so much more! Depending on which of the high rises you like, the unit you choose can have a city, strip, resort, and/or retail view of never-ending glitz and glamour. Restaurants, clubs, and retail can also be huge factors as to which of the high rises will appeal to you.

Fireworks for holidays are launched from 10 different rooftop locations and the Stratosphere, so there is no bad place to see those. Las Vegas also features a dazzling Downtown, lush golf course views, and lovely red-rocked mountains surrounded by the valley of homes. The city’s excitement and energy and the lights on the strip are commodities only offered in one place on earth.

Hotel Condominiums Rentals As Investments

CCR’s in most high rise condominium towers on the Strip are very strict and strongly enforced. To protect every residents’ safety and be unbiased towards anyone, equal enforcement of the CCRs and rules are strictly adhered to.

Most of the CCR’s and Homeowner Associations for High Rise Condos in Las Vegas do not allow short term rentals. However, there are currently 6 that do. They are called Hotel Condominiums or Condo-Tell.

Since many buildings were built during the financial recession when financing was difficult to obtain, Hotel Chains bought blocks of condominiums to rent out as timeshares or hotel rooms. As a result of these units not being owned by homeowners, there is “in-house management.” Management will also rent out your condominium if you’d like.

There is a monthly fee and a percentage of your rent is retained but they handle everything. During peak rental dates, your condo-tel is rented out for top-dollar. You can also rent your unit yourself and avoid fees but coordinating services takes effort.

Las Vegas Hotel Condominiums Are:

  1. MGM Signature
  2. Palms Place
  3. Trump                  high rises palms
  4. Vdara
  5. Waldorf Astoria
  6. Platinum

In these buildings, they provide renters, charging premium rents for special occasions. Pac 10 Basketball has rooms starting at $600 a night. That’s tempting… Management will handle everything from admittance to check-out, accounting, and housekeeping. Of course, on-site management retains a percentage of the fees charged from every rental facilitated.

The first thing to decide is if you want to own part of the Las Vegas Strip. The second thing is to determine if you want to live in the building, stay sometimes, or do you want to rent the unit out when you are not in residence. This makes a difference as to which buildings to consider.

Other Las Vegas Condo Options

Condominium High Rises on the Las Vegas Strip and in Summerlin that cost between $250K and $10M. However, Condominiums off of the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas, Las Blvd. South, Summerlin, Henderson, and Lake Las Vegas all have stylish mid-rise complexes for less money. Luxury Lofts, Villas, or Townhouses may be another option for you to consider for your housing choices.

Individual Condominium Developments

Within the 25 high-rise towers on our list, at least 5 are considered “Mid-Rise.” We have 26 building information pages with home searches for available units on our website. Search by development below or on the sidebar. You can also tell us what you’re looking for and we can make suggestions.

We tell the units’ price range and the association fees on each of the High Rises information pages, so you don’t have to dig for those answers. We’ve also thrown in things that we thought were interesting or relevant. If you find a condominium that you might like, fill out a form or call us and let us investigate it further with you. Newport Lofts Pool downtown LV

If you’d like more information about investing in Las Vegas homes or high rises, see our blog about Investment Properties. We’d be happy to show you some of these elegant homes in the heart of “The Entertainment Capital of the World!

All Las Vegas High Rise Condominiums are “Shown By Appointment Only.” Call or text us with any questions or for an appointment to see some of these great homes- 702-750-7599.

Call or Text Us Today To Find a Great Place To Live In Las Vegas!

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Kurt now uses his building experience to help protect their buyers and sellers. In the ever-changing world of Las Vegas Real Estate, Kurt’s skills and knowledge are invaluable.

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Condominiums and Townhouses– Besides high rises on the strip, there are mid-rise and regular condominiums and townhouses all over town. Patio homes and condos, and golf villas are mainly in the 55+ communities and master-planned developments.

With all the new sporting events, concerts, and conventions, hotels sell out. We continue to see an influx of investment properties and second homes on or near the strip.

Airbnb is legal with severe restrictions in the City of Las Vegas, and with fewer restrictions is Henderson. Airbnb is illegal in North Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County. These laws are always being reviewed. Currently, Airbnb properties and permits are utilized and only owner-occupied and resale properties are available for Airbnb businesses.

Condo-tels are available in 6 high-rises near the Strip. Check with us for the latest if you want more information about Condo-tels or Airbnb options.

Downtown Las Vegas has 6 Mid-Rise Condominiums –

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