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What This App Does:

Enjoy our exciting new SIMPLE app designed for a great user experience. Once you try it, you’ll find yourself opening it often even when you aren’t looking for houses!

You can search homes from your home or when in front of a house that’s for sale.

Search based on zip codes or using your current location. You can search properties a certain distance from X.

See what homes are for sale within a radius, or just check out your neighborhood.


When you find something you’d like to investigate further, send us a message and put us to work! We usually have someone who can be there quickly. 

We are offensive and defensive coordinators in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market.  As a 25+ year Realtor and a former Nevada Building Engineer, we protect you and your investment.

Call or Text Us Today To Find a Great Place To Live In Las Vegas!

Kurt Grosse- Your Housing Protector


Have you ever been driving around in a neighbborhood and there was a house for sale you wanted more information about? On this app, you’ll get the information about that house instantly as well as all houses in a radius around it – you choose the distance. It will save you a ton of time!

Buying A House In Las Vegas In 2021-2022

Buying a house in Las Vegas can be a challenge in 2021-2022. Houses sell quickly. There are still over 5000 people a month moving to the valley and 2500 houses a month are not being built. This creates a supply issue. We’ve been dealing with this for about a year now and have had great success despite a tough market. We need to have a housing consultation to make sure you are in the best position to have an offer accepted. 

Looking at houses does no good if you can’t BUY one. Lets get you pre-qualified for a loan (if applicable). We want to talk about our other proven methods to have your offer chosen by a seller. You need every advantage in this ever-changing Las Vegas real estate market. 

Besides being a 25+ year Las Vegas Valley REaltor, I am a former Nevada Building Engineer. What this means to you is that I am unique- I protect you and your investment. As we look at resale homes together, I point out flaws and potential red flage. I look for mineral buildup on rocks in the yard to see if drainage is adequate. Inside I look for structural cracks, bowed walls, and possible previous water damage. 

If you are thinging about a new construction home, Nevada New Construction Builders pay me to represent you. This is great for you because I monitor the construction every week as your home is being built. We send you pictures and video of progress. If there’s a problem, we talk to the building superintendent for you. I do the framing walk through for you and/or with you. I use my knowledge and skills to protect you.


Put Me On Your Team and Make Me Your Offensive And Defensive Coordinator

Explore Further:  City Information Pages

Our Realty One Group’s Home Search App is GREAT! What it doesnt have is information about the Las Vegas Valley. Choose a topic on our home page and go from there –  www.HomesForSale.Vegas We have over 200 pages of city, home and lending information with specific home searches. We are here to help you. Call or text us anytime at 702-750-7599.