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homes for sale with pool

Las Vegas Pool Homes

Consider looking at Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool. Las Vegas is the perfect place to have a pool in your backyard. We have 310 sunny days a year. During the summer months, it’s a great place to exercise and have fun. A swimming pool in your backyard is nice to come home to and have friends over.

Pools are used for exercise, entertainment, relaxing, and they’re a lot of fun! Las Vegas houses for sale with pools are searched for more than any other home feature. A favorite activity to photograph for social media is watching the VGK or Raiders’ games while in your pool and sharing it. It’s the good life.

Swimming Pool Homes In Las Vegas

Buying a home with a pool in Las Vegas, NV means many hours of fun and entertaining. Whether throwing a pool party or an open house in the evening, a swimming pool adds fun and ambiance. Design features include water color-changing lights, urns with fire, and 20+ different kinds of fountains and waterfalls.

A tanning ledge with an umbrella sleeve in the shallow end of the pool makes reading a book in the pool a cool and relaxing option. What a great place to watch the kids while they swim! When looking for homes for sale with a pool in Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas, anticipate many days and evenings of fun with your family and friends!

Do People Want To Buy A Home With A Pool In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool in SummerlinData relating to real estate and homes for sale with a pool in Las Vegas says pools are in demand. Homes for sale with a pool in Henderson sell quickly. Houses for sale in North Las Vegas with a pool take longer to sell. Many people who live in North Las Vegas are looking for a more affordable lifestyle.

Houses for sale with a pool in a master-planned community sell quicker than homes without a pool. Homes for sale with only a spa sell quickly too. During the summer, when new real estate listings come up for sale in Las Vegas with a pool, they’re gone. This is especially true in school district zones with top-rated schools.

When looking for a home to buy in Las Vegas, the option of water is important. Multi-family housing has community pools. Single-family home buyers are usually looking for the possibility of cooling off in water. If a pool or spa is not in your budget, make sure to have a flat area in your yard for an above-ground pool, an inflatable pool, or misting system on the patio.

Retirement communities typically have multiple community pools and spas. Most residents enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle and use the community facilities. Some residents choose to build a pool and some choose to buy a spa. So, if you are looking for a pool home in a Las Vegas retirement community, let’s set you up with automatic notifications when one becomes available.

Homes For Sale With A Pool In Las Vegas NLV, & Henderson

On average, homes for sale in Las Vegas with a pool account for about 30% of the houses for sale. But, Las Vegas houses for sale with a pool over $600,000 account for about 66%. Hotels, parks, YMCA, and community centers are great alternatives

Homes For Sale With A Pool In Las Vegas NLV, & Henderson

Henderson homes for sale with a pool or spa are common. An average of about 36% of homes listed have a pool. In Henderson, houses for sale with a pool for sale over $600,000, percentages increase to 67% have pools. In Henderson, Lake Mead, parks and hotels are popular.

Homes For Sale With A Pool In Las Vegas NLV, & Henderson

North Las Vegas homes for sale are known for being the most affordable in the valley. There are fewer North Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool than in Las Vegas or Henderson. Since lots are bigger in NLV, that means houses for sale with a pool usually have more room for backyard fun.

Buying A Home With A Pool Needs An Inspection

North Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool In Las Vegas and HendersonHomes for sale with a pool in Las Vegas can be a tricky investment. We are a Top-Producing Real Estate Team that protects you and your investment in every way we know.

While you look at how fun a pool can be, we are looking for cracks in the pool deck, rust on the sidewalls, and bubbles in the plaster. Even if a pool hasn’t been cared for, repairing the stucco and/or replacing the equipment tends to be reasonable compared to the cost of building a new pool.

A solar systems’ value will depend a lot on the age of the equipment. When the solar system is older, it may only add a small amount of money to the house’s value. However, if the system works, awesome! Always have a pool and solar inspected by a pool expert before buying a pool home.

The Cost of Operating A Pool

Utilities in Las Vegas are based on tiers- the more you use, the higher the price per gallon, kilowatt, or therm. Pools need to be filtered- more in the summer. Water evaporates- more in the summer- have an auto-filler, so you don’t overfill the pool. Water testing and chemicals are needed weekly. Pools need cleaning, and so do their filters.

Pool services charge according to how much landscaping debris will fall into the pool and the equipment’s age and quality. Reliable pool service will cost over $100 a month and make owning a pool better. Ask your neighbors if they like their service and try to get a referral from them.

Coming to clean multiple pools in a neighborhood makes a service more likely to be reliable. If that doesn’t work, try using a referral company because contractors who pay for a lead are less likely to drop the ball.

Can I Clean A Pool Myself?

Cleaning and maintaining a pool is simple. Issues occur when the weather is too hot or cold and no one wants to go outside to clean it regularly. Most homes for sale with a pool will come with the necessary equipment to clean the pool yourself.

The largest pool supply store in the Las Vegas Valley is Leslie’s Pool Supply. They offer free water testing and will give valuable advice. If you go onto their website, they have a $10 gift certificate to use on your first visit.

For Sale With Pool

Are Swimming Pools Dangerous?

Yes, a swimming pool can be dangerous. If you have children, put an alarm on your backyard door and/or fence your pool. When buying any home for sale with a pool, you’ll also want to look for pool design safety features.

Our neighbors had a big jagged rock in the middle of the shallow end of the pool. It homes for sale with poollooked great! But, the kids would dive off of it into the shallow end of the pool. They’d also kick it and scrape their legs. Thankfully they rarely bonked their heads.

Some pools look great but aren’t very safe or practical. When I see a pool with a table in it, I think of it as a diving platform for kids. If I were an empty-nester, a table in the pool would be awesome! When looking for homes for sale with a pool, keep both safety and condition in mind.

What Makes A Pool Design Safer?

There simply are designs that are not made for children. Pools with pointed corners and rocks are dangerous for pool play. Water slides can sometimes be rough, so check out the slide’s texture before buying a home with a pool slide.

If there are stools and tables in the water, and you plan on children or teens using the pool, you may want to look at more homes for sale with pools. Always look for design elements that might harm children if you are interested in a house.

Most homes with pools are designed by professional pool designers. Having hired a few for our own personal pool builds, I recommend safety first. Rounded deck edges and pool shapes look very nice and are much safer. A large tanning ledge or beach entry is nice for toddlers.

Diving boards are considered unsafe. In Las Vegas, homes for sale with pool listings, you may find diving boards in older homes. Much of the Las Vegas Valley have caliche and expansive soils making digging deeper holes more expensive.

Shop Price If Building A Pool

There are alternatives if you cannot afford to buy your dream home with a pool that’ll work for you and your family. The home price for the house down the street may be lower without a pool, and putting one in may be worth it. Shopping pool prices can save you tens of thousands of dollars in some cases.

We have built many pools in our houses over the years. What we’ve discovered is that quotes from swimming pool builders can range GREATLY in price and delivery time. If you are looking into building your own pool, we suggest that you hire your own professional pool designer to draw and engineer your custom design. THEN meet with pool contractors.

Since the price can vary by 10’s of thousands of dollars, you may want to shop apples to apples. This is still a small town with only a couple of pool hole diggers, pool electricians, pool plumbers, and even plaster companies. Building a pool is another example of doing things in the correct order to save money. In this case, Design – Shop, do not, Shop – Design.

Choosing The Best Realtor In Las Vegas

If you are considering buying a new construction home in Las Vegas, all Las Vegas builders pay for you to have buyer representation. Interview Realtors before choosing one. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada and the modern features used, my services are invaluable. See our blog 7 Reasons To Use A New Construction Realtor.

With new homes, I use my construction expertise to monitor the construction of your home for you every week as part of my service. At closing, I gift you with a new construction home inspection by the best new home inspector in Las Vegas.

When we view resale homes with clients, I don’t say “Oh! Look how pretty this house is.” I say “See that crack? That wall has a bow, the door jam is not square, there’s rust in the pool, etc.” I want you to make educated decisions without wasting your time.

For tons of great advice on new homes, be sure to see our Buying New Construction Homes and our New Construction Homes Blog. View homes on our New Construction Search.

Pools For New Construction Homes

Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool in Las Vegas“Las Vegas homes for sale with pool search” is very popular. Las Vegas homes for sale with pools sell quickly. If you are looking for a resale home with a pool in Las Vegas, select the “Save Search” option and you will be notified when a new home with a pool listing goes into our system. Let us know if you want us to set one for you. do this for you.

Another thing to consider is to build a brand new construction home with a swimming pool in Las Vegas. To build a brand new construction home with a pool, it’s best if you plan ahead. The biggest consideration for having a pool built in a new home is the size of your backyard. Once you find select a home. you’ll probably want to select a larger lot than standard.

The best thing about building a pool is that you can have it exactly like you want it. There are many different styles and features to choose from. Things like salt water or chlorine. Do you want a waterfall, a slide or a spa attached. And a big decision is the pool’s texture and surface. My advice – Hire a designer, then shop builders.

Can I Install A Pool As My New Home Is Built?

Very few new construction home builders will allow you to build a pool before you own the house. It’s always worth asking what a builder allows before finalizing a purchase. Let us know that you’re looking for a pool in a new construction home and we should be able to guide you to a possible builder.

There are three types of larger lot choices when buying a brand new construction home. One is the “deeper than standard” lot. Another lot choice is the pie-shaped end of the cul-de-sac lot and others have a large side yard. Once you’ve chosen a house and floorplan, the builder’s options list comes out. For a large side lot, consider installing a side door at the side of the house.

Las Vegas is known for people building their own custom home. When building a custom home, there are no restrictions about building pools. Being involved in hundreds of Las Vegas custom homes including our own, I have tips and know good builders.

How To Buy A New Construction Home For A Pool

An option that all new construction home buyers want who are planning to build a pool is adding utilities. Most new home builders in Las Vegas offer an option for gas, water, and electricity stubbing to the backyard. Adding this during construction will save you time and money in the future.

Running gas for the pool heater aftermarket can be much costlier than paying for this option. The electrical service for a pool requires designated breakers as well as 220 power in the backyard. Water is needed for cleaning and an auto-fill system to maintain adequate water levels.

North Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool In Las Vegas and HendersonWhile you’re looking at that LONG list of builder options, look at solar. If they have a solar option you may want to compare costs with an aftermarket vendor. Having solar for your pool extends the swimming season by a couple of months. Solar can also make the water temperature more comfortable on low-humidity days.

Next, you have to think about access to dig a hole in the backyard. If you chose a pool-sized lot siding to a street, access will require the removal of blocks in the wall. This pays for itself in the time saved by using larger machinery for digging. The return wall and gate may need to be removed for baby-bobcats to have access. Nevada building codes for a pool require a self-closing gate.

If you need to remove the wall and gate, try to coordinate your backyard landscaping and patio choices while the opening is open. Las Vegas Building department needs that self-closing gate installed to issue final permits.

Where To Locate Your Pool In The Yard

Most people want to be able to see their swimming pool from the house. People also want to see the pool from the patio. With today’s design options, pools can be raised a couple of feet and plexiglass enables you to see the water. This is incredible with changing colored lights.

North Las Vegas Homes for sale with a pool in Las Vegas Henderson homes for sale with a pool in hendersonRemember, when you choose the location of your pool that it’s important to have a shaded area for an adult to watch children while they swim. Depending on the direction of the afternoon sun, this may or may not be a factor. If you have a lot with a large side yard and want to put the pool there, think about fencing the pool for your family or a future family.

When designing a pool with a spa, consider a raised spa with seating around it. Placement near the house is the most convenient. Putting a spa on the opposite side of the pool opens up the possibilities of waterfalls.

Our best suggestion for designing a pool is to check out for ideas. Our best suggestion for after your swimming pool is finished is to buy a great blender for those wonderful tropical drinks!

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