Homes For Sale With A Pool
Las Vegas Valley

Homes For Sale With A Pool In Las Vegas NLV, & Henderson

Consider looking at homes for sale with a pool in the Las Vegas Valley. Having a swimming pool in your home’s backyard is nice. Pools are used for exercise, entertainment, relaxing and they’re a lot of fun! About 30% of Las Vegas homes for sale have a pool and 66% of homes over $500,000 have one.

Homes For Sale With A Pool In Las Vegas NLV, & Henderson

The Henderson homes listed for sale with a pool average at about 36%.  In homes for sale with a pool listed over $500,000, it’s 67%.  There are many public locations to swim, including Lake Mead, in Henderson. Henderson also has many view homes with a spa.

Homes For Sale With A Pool In Las Vegas NLV, & Henderson

North Las Vegas is known for being the most affordable city in the valley. There are fewer homes with pools for sale in NLV than in either Las Vegas or Henderson. Since lots are bigger in NLV, that means pool homes for sale usually have more room for backyard fun.

When Buying A Home With A Pool, Always Get An Inspection

Homes for sale with a pool in Las Vegas can be a tricky investment. We are a Top-Producing Real Estate Team that protects you and your investment in every way we know. While you look at how fun a pool can be, we are looking for cracks in the pool deck, rust on the sidewalls, and bubbles in the plaster. Even if a pool hasn’t been cared for, repairing the stucco and/or replacing the equipment tends to be reasonable compared to building a new pool.

A solar systems’ value will depend a lot on the age of the equipment. When the solar system is older, it may only add a small amount of money to the house’s value. However, if the system works, awesome! Always have a pool inspected by a pool expert before buying a pool home.

The largest pool supply store in the Las Vegas Valley is Leslie’s Pool Supply. They offer free water testing and will give valuable advice. If you go onto their website, they have a $10 gift certificate to use on your first visit.

The Cost of Operating A Pool

Utilities in Las Vegas are based on tiers- the more you use, the higher the price per gallon, kilowatt, or therm. Pools need to be filtered- more in the summer. Water evaporates- more in the summer- have an auto-filler, so you don’t overfill the pool. Water testing and chemicals are needed weekly. Pools need cleaning, and so do their filters. 

Pool services charge according to how much landscaping debris will fall into the pool and the equipment’s age and quality. Reliable pool service will cost over $100 a month and make owning a pool better. Ask your neighbors if they like their service and try to get a referral from them. Coming to clean multiple pools in a neighborhood makes a service more likely to be reliable. If that doesn’t work, try using a referral company because contractors who pay for a lead are less likely to drop the ball.   For Sale With Pool

The Safety Features of a Pool

When buying any home for sale with a pool, look for safety features, especially if you have kids. Our neighbors had a big rock in the middle of the shallow end of the pool. homes for sale with poolThe kids would dive off it into the shallow end and kick it and scrape their legs. Thankfully they rarely bonked their heads.

Some pools look great but aren’t very safe or practical. I see a pool with a table in it, and I think of it as a diving platform for the kids, even though I’d love a table in my pool as an empty-nester. When looking for homes for sale with a pool, keep both safety and condition in mind. 

There simply are designs that are not made for children. Pools with pointed corners are dangerous for pool play. Water slides can sometimes be rough, so check out the slide’s texture before buying a home that’s for sale with a pool slide. If there are stools and tables in the water, look for other design elements that might harm children if you are interested in a house.

Knowing how dangerous we thought the neighbors’ rock in the shallow end was, we are also aware that for empty-nesters, it looked good. When looking for homes with a pool, it’s about what you want.

Most homes with pools were designed by professional pool designers. Having hired a few for our own personal yards, I recommend safety first. The second thing I recommend is for you to have your pool designed and then shop your own design. Prices will vary by many, many thousands of dollars so if you shop your design you’ll compare apples to apples.

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