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Las Vegas Homes For Sale With Land

Are you looking for horse property for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada? Horse property for sale in Southern Nevada is typically defined as anything with 1/2 acre or more. To have a horse, there cannot be CCR’s that say no horses or livestock.

A Henderson or North Las Vegas home for sale on 1/2 acre will have the same rules as Las Vegas. Ranch-style homes for sale are another common search for this category of houses. The “horse property for sale in Las Vegas” search also covers custom homes where there’s lots of space for backyard fun.

Maybe you’d like a house zoned for horses in Las Vegas to store vehicles or a motorhome. Zoning laws in Las Vegas require a setback for buildings but you can park vehicles anywhere in your backyard. Homes with land in Las Vegas are treasures.

Las Vegas Zoning Guidelines For Horses In Residential

Horse Zoning in Las Vegas Guidelines3 Goats or Sheep are allowed on a 1/2 acre gross acreage site.

Alternative For Homes On A 1/2 Acre Lot

Some communities have CCR’s that say nothing can be stored in the backyard that is taller than the fence. Most 1/2 acre lots will not have that CCR unless they are in a master-planned community.

Las Vegas horse property for sale can be a larger parcel of land with a large or small house. Real estate zoned for horses is actually used more often as property without CCR’s than as a home for horses. Many people looking for horse property for sale in Las Vegas just want privacy and space.

Perhaps you want a home for sale with horse equipment or a house near horse riding trails? There are usually a few large horse ranches for sale. Red Rock is near me. Horse ranches with arenas, corrals, barns, and stalls are common. Some horse properties have grass and some dirt.

Besides using land for horses, 1/2 acre lots for sale are fabulous to build a custom home on. Maybe you’d like 2.5 to 5 acres to build a self-sustaining compound with a well and solar. Homes with lots of garages fall into this category of homes for sale. Private wells are often on 1/2 acre lots.

Why Live In A RNP Area?

In 2005, Clark County Zoning Department changed RE (Rural Estates) zoning classification to RNP (Rural Neighborhood Preservation). It took a few months, but soon the City of Las Vegas also adopted the new zoning classification. Seeing it as a good idea, the City of North Las Vegas and the City of Henderson also adopted the zoning change.

Las Vegas Horse property for sale Las Vegas zoningAn RNP Zoning map for Las Vegas horse property started when the new zoning designation was first approved. Areas and sections of the valley could apply to join the Rural Neighborhood Preservation Zoning map – if they qualified.

After qualifying, RNP areas are exempt from an important zoning variance rule. That rule says that the zoning commission can approve zoning change requests within 2 levels of the current zoning designation.

The old zoning rules meant that RE zoned rural land could be zoned down to high-density housing zoning. Changing zoning to office professional zoned properties was another option. With RNP zoning, office buildings and subdivisions could no longer invade the rural sections of town.

Why Were RNP Areas Created?

RNP zoning was created because builders were buying up lots and farms in many Rural Areas because they found the loophole. They could apply to put 10 houses on an acre and build up to 3 stories tall.

The zoning commissions didn’t want to approve these subdivisions, but guidelines are guidelines. Bureaucracy takes time and many rural areas in Las Vegas and especially rural areas in North Las Vegas were not saved.

Building around custom homes on 1/2 acre lots wasn’t very common in the early 1990s. However, as larger parcels of land became scarce, builders became rather brutal. When a homeowner or two refused to sell to a builder doing a land assemblage, the builder built anyways.

Engineers would design and build around the existing rural parcels ruining the country feel and access to rural riding areas. This sometimes left a lone house or 2, in the middle of high-density housing, lowering the estate’s property value – a lot.

horse property for sale in Las Vegas backyardRural Neighborhood Preservation areas were created to save the rural estate neighborhoods. The only variance the Las Vegas Zoning Department now allows is to connect RNP’s with a “Buffer Zone.” A Buffer Zone is a group of homes between the rural neighborhoods and a busy street.

The density of a buffer zone community can be 4 houses per acre. Houses must be fenced with one access point to the busy street and houses have to be one-story. Buffer zones are a great compromise that are a big win for preserving rural areas throughout the valley.

Homes For Sale Zoned For Horses

We made a list of what a Rural Neighborhood Preservation Area is below. Homes for sale in Las Vegas zoned for horses will mainly be in an RNP area. Link to our Horse Zoning Page to see the current Las Vegas Valley Rural Neighborhood Preservation area maps.

There are also links in our MLS homes for sale in Las Vegas boxes on this page. The bottom of the Homes ForSale links has links to formal city zoning documents.

Las Vegas homes for sale with horse property are a wonderful lifestyle. You can have a garden, pool, goats, al pacas, or even a cow as long as your lot is big enough. Even when you have a 1/2 acre lot or any sized master-planned community lot, it may not be zoned for horses. Let us find the right property for you- call or text us at 702-750-7599.

Custom Homes On 1/2 Acre

Every 1/2 acre custom house for sale with horse property can have CCRs not allowing things. Las Vegas has many communities with CCR’s that override horse zoning laws. In Clark County, if the CCR’s say no horses or livestock, it is strictly enforced. If you do a home search and see a tract-looking house, look a little closer- the Realtor could have clicked a wrong box.

The picture below is a perfect example of a self-sustaining compound for sale in Las Vegas. It’s a custom home considered horse property for sale but currently has no horse area – but it can be easily altered. Don’t rule out a property that isn’t perfect for your needs. Let us do homework for you.

That particular house is in a Rural Neighborhood Preservation area. There is a back gate with a drive-thru RV garage access, a well, solar, a pool, and a garden. There is no sidewalk in the front cul-de-sac and notice that there is dirt along the back wall.

Please note that there is room for horses, and CCRs allow livestock. There are many houses like this where the owners choose to do something else with their land. The above picture at the top is the front of the house. Are you looking for a compound? This house is completely self contained.

Horse Property For Sale In Las Vegas - rural-RV-well-garden-solar compound

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Rural Neighborhood Preservation Zones

The requirements for a property to be zoned RNP are:

  1. Populated by residents with common interests in more open-space lifestyles than experienced in urban neighborhoods;
  2. Custom-built homes;
  3. No mandatory Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) or homeowners’ associations;
  4. Suitable for keeping and riding horses in a rural residential setting;
  5. Trail access to mountainous areas surrounding the city;
  6. Residential lots large enough to park boats, horse trailers, and other recreational vehicles behind the front setback line. Having enough rear-yard area to construct accessory buildings, stables, tack houses, and other horse-related outbuildings;
  7. Residential densities low enough to allow substantially more physical separation between neighboring dwellings than typically found in urbanized areas;
  8. Modified pavement sections and few public streetlights and sidewalks;
  9. Less light pollution from fewer residential nighttime activities and house lighting in general. 

‘Las Vegas is 1/2 County Land and 3 Cities

In case you don’t know, all of Las Vegas is in Clark County, NV. In the Las Vegas Valley, about 1/2 of the valley is unincorporated Clark County and called Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Strip is in unincorporated Clark County.

The other half of the valley is 3 Cities—the City of Las Vegas, the City of Henderson, and the City of North Las Vegas. Every place in the valley is referenced as”Las Vegas” by non-residents, so residents mostly do the same.

It’s fairly common for one entity to decide on a zoning policy change, and it is also adopted if it’s to the benefit of the other 3 entities. That happened with Horse Zoning and Rural Neighborhood Preservation Areas. Horse property for sale in Henderson is another option, as well as equestrian estates in Las Vegas. Henderson has a new estate neighborhood that allows horses.

In 2005, as property started to appreciate, builders did a land grab and knew the loophole in the zoning laws. The problem became so apparent that the Clark County Zoning Department noticed. Clark County acted before the Vegas Valley cities, but the cities all adopted the change.

horse property for sale in Las Vegas barn with horses

What Does Horse Property Mean In Real Estate?

Las Vegas horse property for sale is a broad term. In Las Vegas, horse property for sale can mean a horse farm with a barn, arena, stalls, and a house.

Zoning for horses is allowed “on 1/2 acre or more” lots, but there are exceptions. A great example is “grandfathered” properties. There may or may not be any horse facilities on any of these houses for sale in Las Vegas zoned for horses.

If you want a house with land for any reason, you’re in the right place.

I searched for real estate listed as a horse farm or a home on approx 1/2 acre and designated horse properties for sale in Las Vegas today. In all of Clark County in Southern Nevada, there were 88 homes for sale marked as “Horse Property.” Prices started at over $500,000.

Keep in mind, houses marked as “Horse Property” by a Realtor in the MLS may be a mistake. Some Realtors don’t know to ask pertinent questions about the house deemed as horse property for sale.

This category is tricky. We’re happy to look for you. Property zoned for a horse on over 1/2 acre is a housing type that we specialize in. Give my office a call today and let’s see some real estate that works for you. Text or call 702-750-7599.

Horse Property For Sale With Stalls

When we have a horse property home client, we search horse properties for sale for them. If you are looking for Horse Property for sale in Las Vegas with or without equipment, let us find it for you. For accuracy, we go through each listing and use the zoning map to find properties for you.

If you are in a Rural Neighborhood Preservation area, all properties can have horses and/or livestock. They can have trailers, junk, dead cars, or 5 dogs in their yard. Check City and County links in the boxes to verify the exact quantity of “Large Animals” per square foot. Our rule of thumb is 3 horses, sheep and/or goats per 1/2 acre gross lot.

What most Realtors don’t know is that 1/2 acres gross can include the cul-de-sac that isn’t included in the tax records but counts for zoning. We investigate all parcels that you like before showing them to you.

When RNP zoning came about, neighborhoods had to apply for acceptance. Years later, there are still applications every year. There are many custom home neighborhoods where the owners can have “horses” but choose to use the land for garages, sports courts, or even storage. Tell us what you’re looking for, we might know the perfect property for you.

Horse Property With A Runway and a Jet For Sale In Las Vegas

For over 2 years now, Wayne Newton’s former home, “Shenandoah,” is for sale. The former Wayne Newton Ranch for sale is plastered all over the web. At one point, Shenandoah was a working horse farm with over 100 horses and a horse hospital.

Compound solar horse windmill well septic apocalypseThis incredible horse farm in Las Vegas near the airport, is still intact with original features. They include the hospital and horse exercise pool.

The asking price for Shenandoah is just under $25 million. I’m sure the price is negotiable. This estate includes Wayne Newton’s gold private plane, and also a hangar and runway located in the heart of Las Vegas.

Want to see horse farms for sale in Las Vegas? There are some beautiful horse farms for sale in Henderson with city views and near the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. North Las Vegas ranches are for sale near the Sheep Mountains. There are pockets of horse ranches for sale near the Red Rock Conservation Area in Las Vegas. Can I say “Let’s hit the trail and look?”

Buying Land and Building A Custom Home

Some people choose to buy land and build a custom home with their own horse ranch or a self-sustaining compound. The options in the areas surrounding Las Vegas add additional choices. Pahrump has developments with private airfields.

In addition to single-family homes with land that happen to be zoned as horse property, and there are designated equestrian estates for sale. Several neighborhoods around the valley offer custom homes or land for sale to build your own custom home have ready-to-use equestrian options. Some neighborhoods have community horse facilities and equipment.

Mark Davis of the Raiders submitted plans for an estate on a 6-acre view lot. He chose an exclusive brand new guard-gated designated equestrian estate community. These estates are all about horses but also about wide-open secure space. Another community near the airport has smaller lots and community facilities and trails that we really like.

High-End Equestrian Estates For Sale

Las Vegas has a beautiful guard gated equestrian estates community near McCarran Airport. The community has custom homes, large yards, trails and joint horse amenities. Please let us know if you’d like to see these equestrian estates.

Because Federally protected lands surround Las Vegas and Henderson, horse property at the edge of these cities is in high demand. Where do you want to explore? Around Lake Mead, the Sloan Canyon Petroglyphs, in Red Rock, or do you want to explore hills, mines, or pine trees? las vegas horse property for sale

Furthermore, the Northwest has miles of custom homes on 1/2 acre or more without sidewalks. As an added plus, the area connects to Lone Mountain. Additionally, near Mt. Charleston, there are horse properties at Kyle Canyon and on Mt. Charleston.

North Las Vegas has quite a few RNP areas. However, new home builders did a land grab before zoning changed. There are definitely fewer RNP areas than there should be. Sunrise Mountain has many parts in Rural Neighborhood Preservation areas.

East Las Vegas has some, Henderson has 5 areas. Many people have rural land without horse facilities. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we will find it for you.

Search properties below. You may want to check out our pages of homes for sale not on horse property. Here are searches separated by city with and without horse property homes for sale. They include areas of Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Clark County. All of Clark County has similar horse zoning guidelines.

More About Buffer Zones In Las Vegas

Twenty years ago, every area of town had sections of 1/2 acre or larger lots. Homeowners and builders would develop a 2.5-acre cul-de-sac with a street and 4 houses. This is still an option! However, zoning needed to be revised to minimize high-density home take-overs.

RNP areas are near horse trails and mountains. Of course, any zoning change needs adjustments. It made no sense to put horses with only a wall separating them from a busy 4-6 lane street. The commissioners recognized this for what it was and started allowing smaller lots around the perimeter of the RNP areas.

Changes included that buffer zones were around the perimeter and not in the middle. Homes had to be on a minimum of 10,000 foot lots and could only be one-story. Community access had to be from a busy street. The commission called these neighborhoods “Buffer Zones.”

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If you have these questions or some of your own horse zoning questions, we have answers. The answer to how many horses per 1/2 acre is not a black and white answer. It depends on setbacks, the size of the house and the front and back yards, square footage of outbuildings, the number of other pets,  and the type of animals you want. Exact numbers depend on land size but usually it’s 3 horses per 1/2 acre max or 3 sheep or goats. It can also be 2 horses and 2 goats etc…

What’s your situation? Give us a call, and let’s talk. If you are selling a home zoned for horses, we’d like to talk with you too. Homes on large lots zoned for horses are becoming rare. The horse ranch homes for sale in Las Vegas offer a fun lifestyle with a lot of versatility and are in demand.

Growing Pains Of Horse Zoned Properties

Rural Neighborhood Preservation 1/2 acre lotsI like the end result of RNP areas. Along busy streets, walled neighborhoods hide the rural horse properties giving them additional seclusion. Also, 1/4 acre rural new homes are great if you don’t want livestock. We like most “buffer zone” communities that were built between large tracts of homes and the rural areas.

When googling “Horse Ranch For Sale Near Me,” know that there are many types of horse properties for sale in Las Vegas. What type of horse property are you looking for? Our searches cover everything in Clark County – but there’s more in the cities near Las Vegas.

As the city grows, commissioners have had to make hard choices, but RPN’s have turned out to be a good decision- in my opinion. Let’s see if you agree. Call us today for an appointment to see some horse property homes for sale in Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas. 702-750-7599.

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