Pahrump, Nevada

In Pahrump, Nevada, homes for sale are affordable with much larger lots than the Las Vegas Valley. Unincorporated Pahrump, NV is a small city in Nye County, just outside of Clark County. The population from the 2020 census is 44,738.

Located east of Death Valley and west of Las Vegas on the backside of Mt. Charleston, it’s about 60 minutes from Las Vegas.

Living in Pahrump, NV is a great way to enjoy a smaller town living style. Being an hour from the Entertainment Capital of the World gives you a “big city” when desired.

Many Pahrump residents commute to Las Vegas for work. Continuous growth adds to the small business opportunities and provides more conveniences for residents.

Pahrump nevada homes for sale spring mountain motorsports ranchSchools in Pahrump, NV are part of the Nye County School District. Only 14.2% of houses had children under 18 in the 2000 census. The opening of Desert View Hospital in 2018 was a welcome addition to medical services in Pahrump.

Businesses In Pahrump, Nevada

There are grocery stores, restaurants, 2 hotel/casinos, and 2 brothels in the downtown area. Visiting Pahrump’s wineries is a great day adventure for Las Vegas Valley residents and tourists alike.

Unbelievably, there are three small craft airports in Pahrump. Two are public airports, and the third is in Calvada Meadows, which is a private community.

Pahrump. Nevada often has events at Spring Mountain Motor Sports Ranch. The Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch is a membership private race track with driving schools and exotic car rentals.

Residents can land their planes and taxi to a hanger on their own property. With an association fee starting at $300, this may be a great choice if you commute.

Animals and Youth Sports In Pahrump, NV

Youth Sports teams in Pahrump often compete with Las Vegas teams. When our daughter played AYSO Soccer, the leagues from Pahrump, Laughlin, Mountain’s Edge, and Las Vegas competed. I am ashamed to say but Pahrump beat us all the time. The dedication and close-knit atmosphere of Pahrump united the kids. 

There are 3 pet shelters in Pahrump. During the pandemic, we wanted a cat and after weeks of trying to get one, we called Pahrump. The very next day we picked up our rescue kitty, Raider,  for 1/2 the price of the Las Vegas Animal Shelter. The area has livestock and critters all over the county. With cooler temperatures, trees, critters, and farms, Pahrump is a pretty nice place.

Great Basin College

Homes for sale in Pahrump nevada homes with land well houses ranchesPahrump High School classrooms are doing double duty by having Great Basin College classes held in them every afternoon. The demand for a college has finally been fulfilled. The whole town got involved to make Great Basin College a reality

Some evening classes are also held as a brand new 14,000 sq.ft. campus is built. Their busiest classes currently are in technology, and they have a 72 desk computer lab for students to use.

Interactive Video is commonly used in their 6 locations throughout the state. Live tutoring is offered in Math and English, and there’s always Skype Tutoring or E-mail.

Great Basin College offers AA and BA Degree levels of instruction. Classes provided are mostly Career and Technology education, as well as many academic area basics.

Interesting Facts About Pahrump, NV

In 1960, the only telephone in Pahrump was the one at the general store. In 1976, Highway 160 opened. It was the first road fully-paved road to go directly from Las Vegas to Pahrump. A 1979 Nye County law made it illegal to advertise in any language except English and has never been repealed.

Fireworks are legal in Nye County, and so is prostitution. Technically, with no zoning in Nye County, a brothel can open across the street from your home. Seeing this as a potential problem, business licensing regulates that loophole.

Nye County is one of 7 counties in Nevada with an active brothel. The brothels and their employees must register with the county sheriff and receive weekly testing and monthly medical check-ups.

Nevada has had legal brothels since the old mining days of the 1800s. The 1970 Nevada Legislative Session was when licensing and taxing prostitution was made law.

Climate In The Pahrump Valley

Summer days are different than the Las Winery and homes, houses, ranches for sale in PahrumpVegas Valley, with an average July temperature of 101.6 degrees. The nighttime cooling is a nice relief and gives the area an average July low of  67.3 degrees.

The coldest month is January, with an average high of 57.4, and the average low temperature is 27 degrees. The average rainfall is 4.72 inches, with an average of 0.6 inches of snow a year.

Besides a public water system, many homes in Pahrump choose to have private wells dug on their property that provides their water. A minuscule cost for water definitely makes ranching and farming a more desirable lifestyle.

Weather in Pahrump is primarily moderate temperatures and a minimal amount of nights below freezing. A lack of freezing nights enables quite a few farms and ranches to thrive in the area. The growing season is quite long, helping to keep the weekly Farmer’s Markets in Southern Nevada filled with food.

Housing In Pahrump, Nevada

Homes for sale in Pahrump, NV cost about 20-30% less than the Vegas Valley. The best part is that lot sizes are mostly 1/2 -1 acre. Prices range from the mid $100Ks to about $1 million.

One-story ranch-style houses are typical, and custom homes for sale with private wells are abundant. Houses for sale in Pahrump vary. You’ll find farms or ranches with acreage.

homes for sale in Pahrump nevada homes for saleThere are gated communities, apartments, and custom-built homes for sale. Modular homes on a 1/2 acre lot with a well are also prevalent.

Pahrump is an up-and-coming market for new construction homes by national home builders. There are a few Las Vegas builders that are building tracts in Pahrump. The lower land prices give homebuyers an excellent value per square foot compared to the Las Vegas Valley.

In the past, brand new construction home builders in Pahrump were small general contractors and small local builders. These companies would have floorplans and possibly a model home for you to choose from.

You would get to choose all the finishing touches, and they would build your home on their lot or yours. This method of custom home building is still available.

National Home Builders In Pahrump, Nevada

Since Las Vegas’ vacant land is filling in, making the distance between the cities closer. In the last 10 years, national home builders have taken notice of Pahrump, Nevada.

Homes for sale on large lots are a great selling point, especially now that national builders build developments on smaller lots. Among new residents moving to Pahrump, houses built closer together are very desirable.

A great feature about these new developments is that they are usually gated and nicely landscaped. Living in custom homes means that your neighbors have no CCR’s to regulate how their property is used or maintained.

Builders and Realtors

Did you know that builders pay for you to have brand new builders home inspectorBuyer Representation from the Realtor of your choice in Nevada? Having a Realtor represent you does not affect the price you pay for your home.

Free buyer representation is true with both tract and custom builders. You deserve the best Realtor possible who will protect your interests- I am unique- Call Me.

I am a 25+ year Southern Nevada Realtor who sells real estate in 16 Nevada cities. As a former Nevada building engineer (PE, CE) and a Top-Producing-Realtor, I’ll help you find a new home and share my experience and knowledge.

I protect you in every way I can. For every new construction client, I’ll monitor the construction of your home’s build every week. In resale homes, I point out negatives so you can focus on if a home fits your needs.

As an additional form of protection, we provide you with the best New Construction Home Inspection available. When purchasing a resale home, we gift a basic inspection as well. See our blogs about this. With how quickly houses are built in Southern Nevada, you need protection.

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His goal with all buyers and sellers is to use his skills and knowledge to protect them and their investments. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, Kurt’s skills are invaluable.

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