One of the reasons that I wear a mask is illustrated in the graph below. This graph says that we are not winning the war against Covid yet. It doesn’t matter what politics I have or if I’m vaccinated. People were living life again, not getting sick, and now it’s as bad as ever – again. Why? We know so much more. I say it’s because of boredom and public gatherings.

Do you get annoyed when 1-2 people out of 10 don’t wear a mask? I do in Las Vegas. Our city’s reputation affects our economy. Michigan residents come to Las Vegas! Please cover up again! Wear a mask because you make a difference.

I Wear A Mask Because It Makes Sense

I wear a mask for a multitude of reasons. In fact, it truly is baffling to me that this continues to be a big, divisive issue. To me, it seems like such a “common sense” sort of thing. Let me be crystal clear, I neither wear a mask nor refuse to wear a mask because a governor or any other leader tells me to wear one. 

wear a mask because you care

I Wear Because I Care

Very simply, I wear a mask because I care about others. Personally, I don’t want anyone in my family, either dying or becoming very sick with COVID-19. Additionally, I don’t want anyone in my family to become an A-symptomatic spreader. Even more importantly, I care about my community, my country, and my world.

It’s my pleasure to wear a mask if there’s any chance of me helping to save a life. Being slightly uncomfortable is irrelevant compared to saving our economy and someone’s life. I need others to feel that way because they have my family’s lives in their hands. My family ranges from a 99-year-old grandmother all the way to 1-year-old twin grandchildren, and they need you to wear a mask too.

It is obvious to even the biggest of mask protesters that the world is pretty much a mess right now. Economies are in shambles and may still tank – I certainly hope not. Varients are scary, and we can have a better lifestyle if we unite, use good social distancing and wear a mask. 

The Science Is Still Clear

There is a mountain of evidence that makes the science clear and unequivocal: Wearing masks and social distancing work to slow the spread of COVID-19. Not only is the science clear, but it is also common sense. Now, over a year into the pandemic, we are once again in rough shape. We are among the worst in the world- again. When in doubt, visit the CDC’s website.

The variants of this virus are extremely contagious. Covid can still spread just by speaking or breathing, and sometimes we cough or sneeze and can’t cover it in time. It’s allergy season. Young people are dating again and going out socializing. Once again, it’s up to each one of us to do what we can do. 

Wearing A Mask Works

Another reason why I wear a mask is that there are many places in the world that recovered and are now closing down once again. These countries and their citizens recognized the need and behaved responsibly and with compassion towards others. As a result, countries like Italy and Spain, which were hit terribly hard by this disease, can now enjoy more of a sense of normalcy. I want that here!

For those who say the virus is like the flu, it’s not because you can be sick and not know it. These droplets they talk about? Do your own test- try sneezing on your window screen and see what it looks like. It is all about reducing the risk, at the very least, and every bit helps.

Give Them Time To Get Vaccinated?

The only thing that will bring life back to normal at this point is herd immunity. We have an abundance of vaccines, and we just need to give the younger people time to get vaccinated. So I’ll wear a mask, not complain and hope that young people realize that their actions affect the entire country.

We Wear Because We Care

My family and I chose to wear masks from the onset of the pandemic. We wear a mask because we care about our family, friends, community, country, and world. We didn’t have to be told to do this. I am grateful that no one in our family died from Covid-19. My heart goes out to those millions who have lost loved ones. Please continue to wear a mask.

Wear A Mask Because You Care

This blog was written by Kurt Grosse. Kurt, together with his wife and partner Terri, are top-producing Las Vegas Realtors. Kurt was a Nevada building engineer (PE, CE) before becoming a Realtor to protect people during the Las Vegas housing boom. Now, 25 years later, the boom is still going on. Together Kurt and Terri protect their clients with their knowledge and Kurt’s building skills when their clients buy and sell homes.  Visit the home page of this website to explore Las Vegas possibilities. If you have questions or would like a housing consultation, please contact Kurt today at – 702-750-7599.