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Kurt Grosse Is Unique And The Best Las Vegas Realtor

Kurt Grosse “The Protector” is possibly the best Realtor in Las Vegas. He uses his skills and knowledge to protect his clients. Before becoming a Realtor 28 years ago, Kurt owned a successful Construction Engineering Firm in Las Vegas. Being a construction pro benefits every client they work with.

He is more than a chatty chauffeur. While showing houses, instead of saying, “Look! How pretty!” He says: “See that? If you like this house, we will have to have it inspected.” or “See that crack? A nickel fits in it, so it could be structural.”

Terri and Kurt Grosse are the best Realtors in Las Vegas and Henderson.Working as a true team with his 31-year Las Vegas real estate agent wife and partner, Terri Capodieci Grosse, their customer service is exceptional. Consistently ranked as a top office team, they’ve sold over 1000 homes in Las Vegas.

Terri’s marketing and advertising design skills benefit their home sellers. She is tech savvy and utilizes her expansive web knowledge to market properties. As the daughter of an elected politician, descretion and confidentiality is second nature.

Because of Kurt’s building skills and construction experience, Kurt offers services that other Realtors don’t. He protects his clients- both buyers and sellers. Kurt knows CURRENT values and what prices the market can bear.

New construction home buyers utilize Kurt’s construction expertise. He does free weekly construction monitoring as your home is being built. Houses are not built perfectly.

You have a choice about what type of Realtor you use. Kurt and Terri are a small, technologically savvy real estate team that provides personable and quality service. You work with them, not their team or a stranger.


That was the short version of Kurt and Terri Grosse’s bio. 

If you want more details, read below. 

NOTE- In Southern Nevada, 99% of new construction home builders pay for you to have buyer representation. The price you pay for a house Does Not Change. Protect yourself and use the best Realtor in Las Vegas. Home sellers – we help you maximize your home’s value, are unique marketers, and close loopholes in the standard LVR contract. Text or call to interview us.

 Real Estate Standards of Care

The legal term “Standard of Care” is significant to home buyers and sellers. Realtors take classes to avoid lawsuits for practicing law and real estate outside their areas of expertise. Construction and technical building issues are outside a Realtor’s area of expertise.

99% of Realtors in Las Vegas will not give you their opinion or advice about housing construction issues. CE classes say never to point out red flags, and if brought up, refer the client to an expert.

Kurt is a construction expert since he is a former Nevada Building Engineer whose specialty was “wood-framed structures.” If sued and Kurt failed to point out a red flag that he saw, he would probably lose. Therefore, they’ve embraced helping all clients—”it’s the right thing to do.”

When viewing resale homes for sale with you, they want you informed about visible flaws or potential red flags. While walking through houses, they’ll point out bowed walls, signs of water damage, drywall issues, etc., that they see. Outside they may point out some rust in the pool, drainage issues, water spots on the eaves, and even pigeon nests.

Protecting Buyers

Kurt Grosse the protector best realtor in Las VEgas. Agent plus construction monitoring new construction houses for buyerBesides monitoring construction and pointing out flaws, Kurt and Terri are full-service Realtors. They search for houses for you and knock on doors if what you want isn’t available. Often deciding where to live is the hardest part when relocating to Las Vegas.

Kurt’s clients can request a city tour for you to compare housing values and amenities. After finding the area that best fits your lifestyle, it’s time to look at houses with your criteria. Contracts are written looking out for you, the buyer, to protect your earnest money.

Applying for a home loan is an important detail, and pre-qualification is imperative. Their blogs offer suggestions that will assist you in receiving the lowest interest rate possible. Call them anytime for lender referrals or questions.

Investors? You want a sound investment. No one is better at finding you quality construction than Kurt is, and Terri finds great deals. If you want an investment property with a high ROI, contact them today.

Sellers – We Work For You!

When representing sellers, Kurt and Terri know the market, home values, loan programs, and statistics. Very few Realtors view more properties each month than they do. More importantly, they know every “out clause” in the standard Board of Realtor contract. They reference them on counteroffers to protect their sellers.

While listing a 4-year-old house, Kurt walked past a grandfather clock in an upstairs hall. The clock moved away from the wall. After meeting with the sellers and builder, the entire wood floor and flooring were replaced due to substandard plywood. Having a construction pro on your team is invaluable.

Their marketing and exposure for listings are all about blasting pictures and information in as many places as possible. Combining old-fashioned real estate marketing with state-of-the-art tech, they will sell your house.

Their tech-savvy marketing approach provides your house with an address-specific webpage on their sites. You’re featured on page one of both websites until your house sells.

Every agent in Las Vegas will post your home to the MLS which goes out to hundreds of MLS partners automatically. What makes Terri and Kurt different is that they also post your home’s professional photos and videos, to hundreds of unique sites.

They blast your house for additional exposure to FB groups and boost ads to California buyers every month. Let us know if you’d like to see our 24-Step Plan of Action, and we will email it to you.


OK, Personal Stuff

Terri Grosse Kurt Grosse  the Protector REalty One Group Las Vegas and Henderson luxury real estate agents luxOne day, Kurt’s wife, Terri, asked for his help with one of her clients. Then, other agents in Terri’s office called for Kurt’s advice. Kurt enjoyed helping people and went to work with Terri.

They became Century 21 Centurion Agents within 2 years selling over 100 homes in a year. That designation is awarded to the elite “Century 21 Top 1% of Agents In The World.”

Kurt’s Nevada Building Engineer license (PE, CE) instantly made him a New Construction Home Specialist. Kurt’s construction monitoring sets him apart. His specialty is relocating buyers.

With a love of architecture and decorating, Terri helps stage their listings for professional pictures, video, and drone. They post their listings on the usual websites the MLS is partners with, but work way beyond the norm. There are hundreds of sites and blogs they manually submit pictures and info about your house to. They contact zip code magazines for unique homes and utilize Facebook and The Vegas Scene magazine.


Kurt Grosse – His “Before Real Estate” Life

Kurt Grosse was raised in Great Falls, Montana, graduating from Montana Tech University in Butte. After a few positions in cold cities after college, he landed a job in Las Vegas in the mid-1980s.

As the structural engineering manager for a building component manufacturer, Kurt worked closely with Las Vegas’ largest home builders. Subsequently, Kurt became a Nevada Professional Civil Engineer specializing in Wood-Framed Construction.

That means that Kurt told the large Las Vegas Home builders how to build their houses. He’d also solve their construction problems and design structural fixes for them. After opening his successful consulting firm, KG Engineering, Nevada custom home and production home builders began to thrive. Terri asked Kurt to help her and he was forever changed.

Kurt’s engineering claim to fame? He engineered the medieval l looking bridge in front of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in 1987. It’s still standing at the corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd. all these years later.

Terri Capodieci Grosse, Las Vegas Realtor

Terri Grosse REaltor in Las Vegas Realty One Group Kurt Grosse The Protector About UsRaised in Granada Hills, CA, Terri Capodieci moved to Las Vegas in 1993. She started real estate school the night she arrived. Having majored in advertising design and marketing, combined with her decorating hobby, real estate was perfect!

In 1988, Terri bought a house where a fluke snowstorm’s snowmelt puddled in 3 rooms the day after closing. The house was professionally inspected. There was an un-permited room addition that was disclosed in an expired listing but it was not disclosed when she bought it. After successfully suing the seller and Realtor, she became determined to help people avoid buying lemons.

While at McCarran Airport in 1994 with her daughter, they met Kurt. Thankfully Kurt wanted to buy a brand new home, which he did a couple of weeks later. Two years later, they were married.

Soon afterward, Kurt started working and learning the real estate business as Terri’s partner. Since the fit was so good, he switched to part-time engineering and full-time real estate within the year. Eventually, they were too busy for Kurt to continue engineering houses. His engineering license is on ice.

Shattering her kneecap in 2018, stairs were difficult – thus she couldn’t work selling houses. Terri started updating and growing their real estate website. Little did she know that she was creating a new skill. Now, Terri is often asked for advise about websites and is very proud that she knows more about websites than her kids.

Terri and Kurt like to travel to see family or to go anywhere with an ocean. Other hobbies include games and trivia nights, and Las Vegas shows and sporting events. Aces, VGK, and Raiders are frequent entertainment highlights.

Parents, Now Grandparents

Kurt Grosse Best Realtor in Las VegasLiving and working together every day for 28+ years means Kurt and Terri make a great team. Hearing about business, construction, and sports every day for their entire lives, their daughters are also enterprising investors.

Now grown and married, their daughters live in Northern California and Central Texas. The Texas daughter and her husband work in government jobs. Their CA daughter works with a non-profit and her husband is involved with preventing PGE fires and other projects.

Doting on 4 small grandchildren is their favorite vacation destination and long weekend activity. Often giving the “littles” Vegas Golden Knights and Raiders clothing for photo ops. It’s common to hear the kids say “Go Knights, Go!”

Their grand kids are regularly exploited on Social Media since birth. When you see an adorable little person on their social media, it’ll probably be a grandchild.

Kurt and Terri New Construction Clients

Terri and Kurt Grosse Realtor The Protector Realty One GroupKurt taught Terri what signs are clues to larger problems in a house and takes buyers out occassionally. Terri helps sellers stage their houses to sell faster, and does hands-on marketing of their listings.

Because of Terri’s marketing degree, overseeing social media and maintaining their website, are her other jobs. Clients may or may not meet her. Her most important job is to allow Kurt to meet with clients and have no phone call interruptions.

Building component technology changes every year – and materials are getting smarter. Homes and building is no longer as fast or as simple. See their New Construction Homes, New Construction Monitoring, and New Construction Inspections pages.

A model home salesperson works for the builder and ONLY for the builder. You need someone on your team who cares about you and your investment. We gift every new construction home buyer with a new construction Building Standards Home Inspection. New homes for sale are far from perfect. Protect yourself – call Kurt.

Kurt Grosse says, “Whether buying or selling, people are usually buying or selling the biggest investment they’ll ever have. They need someone on their team that cares and can protect them. We use everything we know to make sure our buyers make a good investment – and a sound one.”

Hospitals and care facilities Brand New construction houses sub divisions tract About us

Terri and Kurt’s Real Estate History

Terri and Kurt Grosse have been with Realty One Group HomesForSale.vegas logoin Las Vegas for over 17 years. Their 4 luxury offices around the valley are available for you to meet.

The Capodieci-Grosse Team was the number 1 team for almost 10 years in Century 21 MoneyWorld’s NW office. They were among the top 1% of agents worldwide for 6 years.

Needing independence, Re/Max Associates became their next step. Realty One Group opened, and Kurt and Terri were at the front of the line.

Realty One Group provides new and always-evolving technology and support to their agents and the agent’s clients. The corporation now has over 80 offices and 90,000 agents, in 16 countries. Realty One Group only works with and focuses on quality agents.

Real Estate Agents in Las Vegas

Every business has good agents, locations, and franchises. To determine the “Best Realtor in Las Vegas,” focus on knowledge, experience, and education. Interview. Ask yourself, what makes each agent better than the other people out there?

Best Las Vegas Realtor Kurt Grosse the protector Realty One Group Expertise award 2022 best realtor in Las VegasBuying and selling a house is not simple in this world where protection matters. As a former Nevada building engineer, Kurt has a legal “Standard of Care” obligation to share his skills and knowledge.

Anyone can unlock a door and show you a property. You deserve and NEED to have a Realtor who can and will protect you and your investment.

Due to liability, most Realtors do not “Protect” you. If they tried to protect you, they would be practicing in a field where they are unqualified.

Kurt and Terri protect you and are happy to do so. You deserve the best Realtor/s possible working with you on your team. Kurt and Terri are the best and their customer service standards can’t be beaten.

There are agents in other cities with similar skills. We know a lot of former contractors, inspectors and architects who are now Realtors in other cities. If you need a referral to a “Protector Realtor” in another city, text us and we will see who we know.

Builder Tip #1 – Did you know?

Las Vegas Nevada new home builders will pay for you to have buyer representation. The fine print? You need to go to their housing tract with your Realtor on your first visit. The home price will not change whether you have professional representation or represent yourself. We are free and we protect only your interests.

Buyers ~ Sellers ~ New Construction Houses ~ Resale Homes

In conclusion, if you’d like professional assistance while you are researching homes, please ask. If you want a market evaluation, fill out the contact form. As always, text, or call them if you have any questions or specific needs. They will help. Call-  702-750-7599.

Play around all you want on this site. You can save favorite homes, and receive automated search results of any new listings. Then when the time is right for you, let them know. Have fun! Kurt and Terri always want your home buying and selling to be a great experience for you. BTW- they will never SPAM you.

Call or Text Us Today To Find a Great Place To Live In Las Vegas!

Kurt Grosse- Your Housing Protector


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