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Where Should I Buy A Home in Las Vegas?

Are you wondering about Las Vegas Nevada homes for sale? Las Vegas homes for sale are in every price range and type of neighborhood. What are you looking for? Las Vegas houses for sale with a pool are popular. 55+ retirement community homes for sale are designed for growing old independently with lots to do.  Have you considered about a Las Vegas house for sale on a golf course or a lake or with room for livestock and horses? We even have compounds with bomb shelters.

So, where should you buy a home in Las Vegas? Homes for sale in Henderson, Nevada are newer, and mostly in beautiful master-planned neighborhoods. The median priced of homes for sale in Henderson is higher than Las Vegas. Henderson’s City Planning embraced building side by side master planned communities and developing their land systematically while keeping it beautiful.

North Las Vegas homes for sale will give you the most square feet for the dollar. Homes for sale in North Las Vegas typically have larger lot sizes and fewer pools. We call the rest of the valley Las Vegas. Homes for sale are in both the City of Las Vegas and Unincorporated Clark County.

There isn’t much difference as both are serviced by Metro and the Las Vegas Fire Department. The difference of living in the cityin who  vs. county matters in who you vote for, and the tax rate varies slightly.

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How Big Is Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas Valley is approx. 600 square miles. Most people think that Las Vegas is one city. They are unaware that Las Vegas is 3 cities AND the half of the valley that is Unincorporated Clark County. Even residents often call the entire area Las Vegas when talking with non-locals. The Sprip, UNLV, and Harry Reid Airport are all in Unincorporated Clark County not The City of Las Vegas.

Due to the funds generated at the college, airport, and businesses on The Strip, The City of Las Vegas has offered annexation to alot of Clark County numerous times. Since the tax rate is lower in the county and everything is basically the same, residents and businesses voted to leave the valley in its 4 seperate entities.

The newness of the roads, buildings, and houses gives the city a warm, clean, and welcoming feel. After 30+ years of living in Las Vegas, I think of the entire valley as one city. Most policy and zoning changes made by a city or the county are usually adopted by the other city entities.

Why Do People Move To Las Vegas, Nevada?

There are over 5000 people a month relocating to Las Vegas from around the country. What makes Las Vegas a good place to live? Everyone has their own reasons and after 30+ years of living here, I couldnt live anywhere else. I’d be bored.

Tourists think of the city as only the Las Vegas Strip. In reality, the Strip is only one street in the middle of 600 square miles of city. TV sensationalizes the city because it’s so popular and identifiable with a “different” reputation.

Las Vegas is known as both Sin City and The Entertainment Capital Of The World. Slogans like “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas” and now “What Happens In Vegas ONLY Happens In Vegas” are on global television.

Maybe you’ve heard about “The City That Never Sleeps.” You’ve heard all of these iconic names and slogans because no city markets itself better.

I like to think of The Strip as my state income tax. It’s also an excellent place for a date night, spending holidays, celebrating birthdays, and entertaining friends I don’t live on the Strip, I live in a beautiful community in a good looking city with great weather and minimal traffic.

And for many people, it’s where their family and friends live. It’s also a home base, snowbird destination, and a place of employment. Most residents sleep, go to work and school, and don’t party 24/7.

Who Is Moving To Nevada?

Doing the Urban Sprawl, over 2 million residents now live in the Vegas Valley. For the last 2 decades, most years saw over 5000 people a month relocate to the valley.

Most new residents are from California based on the number of out-of-state driver’s licenses surrendered at DMV. In 2020, Nevada received 69,000 new residents who had licenses from other states.

DMV stats for the first 6 months of 2021 said: The top 5 states where people moved to Clark County from are:

  • California 39.9%
  • Florida 5.0%
  • Texas 4.1%
  • Arizona 4.1%
  • Washington 3.8%

According to a 2022 New York Times article, 3 out of every 200 Nevada residents are Californians who moved to Nevada between June 2020 and June 2021.

What’s So Great About Living In Southern Nevada?

Most Southern Californians like that Southern Nevada is only a 4-hour drive back to family and friends. Others like that family and friends come to visit. The sky is blue with over 310 days a year of sunshine.

Everything is clean and looks pretty and new. The city takes pride in its appearance. A lack of traffic is another way to enjoy life. Roads and freeways have fabulous hard-scape artistic landscaping. Busy streets and highways use a 30-year growth plan for alterations. Streets are wide, which reduces traffic.

Las Vegas homes for sale in beautiful brand-new subdivisions are everywhere. There are over 200 neighborhoods with about 650 floorplans currently for sale. Why? Because we are WAY MORE than The Strip.

Search Las Vegas Resale Homes

Under $250,000    $250,001 – $300,000

$300,001 – $350,000   $350,001 -$400,000

$400,001-$500,000   $500,001-$750,000

$750,001-$1,500,000   Over $1,500,000

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Retirement Is Fun

55+ communities age restricted active adult neighborhoods homes for sale in Las Vegas nevadaPeople are into having a fun retirement. Others are enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle.

People smile and are friendly, and jobs are plentiful. Broken up into different areas, the city feels like a small-town city with big-name entertainment.

Economically, living here makes sense. The cost of living is low, there are abundant jobs, and the tax structure favors residents. As an added benefit, airfares to just about everywhere are low. There is no inheritance tax after 3 years of residency.

Besides sun and fun, there’s always something to do no matter what your lifestyle is about! To people who live in Las Vegas, crime is low, it’s a fresh start, and people want to meet other people.

No Nevada State Income Tax

Las Vegas, Nevada homes for sale are known to be affordable. However, the best part of living in Nevada could possibly be the wonderful  Nevada Tax Benefits!

Having no state tax forms and never paying any state income tax is pretty nice. We spend that 10%+ savings on travel and entertainment. What would you spend it on?

Most residents see the valley as a great place to raise a family. Schools are newer and utilize the latest technology. Parks and recreational options are everywhere, and you can chose any hobby and find a place to do it. There is a small-town feel – it only takes about 30 minutes to drive from one side of the valley to the other. las vegas

The Las Vegas Valley has rare snow, minimal traffic, world-class shopping, and the best airfares in the country. For hot or cold weather, we use valet parking and AC/Heat.

With 4″ of rain a year, we don’t need umbrellas. We wear coats so infrequently that they last for decades. Add pleasant year-round weather and no natural disasters to the city’s affordability factor, and it’s time to call a mover! Honestly, the valley is both entertaining and a nice place to live.

What Started People Moving To Las Vegas?

People relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada became inevitable over 30 years ago. Two reasons turned into 6, and now there’s a gazillion reasons why people relocate to Las Vegas. It started with jobs in the late 1980s when the Mirage and the Excalibur were under construction.

Construction workers from across the country flooded to the city for high-paying union construction jobs and brought their families. New construction home production was increased because these construction workers and their families needed housing.

More construction workers were needed to build houses and businesses.  So the perpetual motion employment machine started, powered by tourists and The Strip properties.

Housing developers needed roads built, builders needed utilities run. They discovered after the fact that flood control needed billions of dollars of infrastructure installed. When the hotel rooms started opening, the flood gates opened, too.

When Were The Strip Casinos Opened?

The Decade That Changed The World

When the Mirage and Excalibur opened, life was fun and easy-going. The timing was perfect. Corporations saw their huge success and wanted a piece of the pie. It took a few years to plan and build more mega-resorts, but everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

The iconic Luxor fired up its spotlight in 1993, and Treasure Island started its hotel and pirate show in 1993. The MGM opened in late 1993 as the largest hotel in the world with 5003 rooms and the best pool in town. investment condominium Las Vegas Strip condo

With all this growth, off-strip (local casinos) started opening and paid better odds than the Strip. Boomtown (now the Silverton) opened in 1994, and Fiesta (now Fiesta Station) in 1994. Texas (now Texas Station) was a huge success when it opened in 1995.

More Las Vegas Hotels Opened Each Year

The Fremont Street Experience infused life back into Downtown in 1995. Then the Stratosphere became a landmark, and Monte Carlo (now MGM Park) opened in 1996. Hotel themes, names, and ideas were the buzz all over town

New York, New York created excitement in 1997 with its roller-coaster and architectural flair.  Another locals’ hotel-casino, Sunset Station, was the highlight in Henderson that year. Bellagio, with its upscale presence, high-end shopping, atrium, and spectacular water show, made a splash in 1998.

Mandalay Bay, featuring a large arena, and their fabulous beach/wave-pool, started the 1999’s boom. Shortly after Mandalay Bay, The Venetian opened with a mall and indoor canal complete with gondola boats and singers. Paris opened in 1999, featuring an Eifel Tower with the ability to change lighting colors.

Not to be outdone, existing properties upgraded their presence. Caesars opened the Caesars Forum Shoppes and the Sahara built a looping indoor/outdoor ride. Everyone turned hotel demolition into a viewing party to increase the hype. Living in the valley was grand. Everyone’s friends and family came to visit.

How Many Jobs Does A Hotel & Casino Create?

When a hotel opens, each hotel room equals 2.5 jobs. There is 1 job within the hotel/casino and 1.5 jobs for family support. Family support would be doctors, lawyers, grocery and retail clerks, teachers, hairdressers, manicurists, restaurant help, sanitation workers, bankers, etc.

As Strip hotels were built, communities grew off-strip. Then came the off-strip local casinos. Joining scattered existing casinos, The Rio, Texas, Fiesta, Palms, Silverton, Resort at Summerlin, and Red Rock Station opened. That was just on the west side of the valley in fewer than 10 years.

On the east side of the valley, South Point, The Reserve, Sunset Station, Boulder Station and Green Valley Ranch also opened around the same time. The common denominator with all these projects was jobs.

The Money Was Just Gone One Day

Then BAM! Money dried up when the financial crisis put a halt to the excitement and euphoria. The city slowed, and construction stopped between 2008-2011. After a long recession, in 2012, things started progressing again.

Despite depreciation and foreclosures hitting Nevada the hardest in the country, Las Vegas came back strong. This showed that the world wants to escape and have fun. Even now after the pandemic shutdown, we’re back into full swing and looking strong!

Jobs And Home Builders

las vegas safest area in Las Vegas homes for saleOver 5000 people a month have relocated to Las Vegas for the last 30 years. How do 5000 people a month wanting a home for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada, find one? Realtors plus local and National builders work together.

Smaller builders thrived and assembled land for future developments. When the financial recession began and homebuyers couldn’t get financing, it was a scary time. Builders that were not on the NYSE sold or merged with national builders.

Today, new construction homes in Las Vegas are big business. Houses are built by 15-20 National builders and numerous custom home builders. Gone are the little subdivision builders. Each national builder builds in all three cities- Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas.

With about 1000 floorplans to choose from in 225+ neighborhoods, it is common to see a floorplan modeled in one development but be built all over the valley. New construction homes use high-tech materials and products to build these smart, energy-efficient, great investment properties.

Where Are The Jobs In The Valley?

There are always job openings in every field. Both skilled and unskilled labor are especially strong employment sectors. Tip income positions on the Strip add an enticing bonus to hourly wages. Self-employment thrives in the Land of Opportunity.

Ever-evolving, business construction combined with homes for sale in Henderson and North Las Vegas always need labor. North Las Vegas, with all of its inexpensive land, has become an industrial and manufacturing business destination. Henderson has attracted the tech industry, Amazon, Ben and Jerry’s, and the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Strip consumes massive amounts of food and goods, all delivered by trucks. City planners saw that 3/4 of all trucks left town empty. Some very smart people enticed large manufacturing companies to take advantage of reduced freight costs. And then McCarran added an international runway, turning McCarran into a Port of Entry.

Our Own U.S. Customs Department

Food and Freight in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las VegasToday, trucks are filled by numerous freight-heavy manufacturing companies. Smart companies include Sephora Cosmetics, The Home Shopping Network, Big O Tires, and Ocean Spray Cranberries.

World-wide businesses take advantage of the inexpensive freight and “no-wait” international customs.  Companies save days and even weeks by flying an international package into McCarran, where it will be in a truck the very same day. See our blog about Food and Freight.

There is an employment demand for anyone who wants to work. Look around! There is an opportunity waiting for you! In a constantly growing city, the advancement potential in any field is there. Casinos and businesses like to purchase goods locally so head’s up! For self-employment, if you want to work for it, opportunities to win are waiting to be discovered.

Search Las Vegas Resale Homes

Under $250,000    $250,001 – $300,000

$300,001 – $350,000   $350,001 – $400,000

$400,001 – $500,000   $500,001 – $750,000

$750,001 – $1,500,000   Over $1,500,000

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Housing In Las Vegas

Let’s take a look at homes for sale in Las Vegas, NV. Besides resale homes for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada, there are about 225+ Brand New Home Communities under construction. By adding these new home communities to the 75+ existing master-planned communities in the valley, we are filling in all of the vacant land.

In master-planned communities, vacant land for sale in Henderson is limited to Lake Las Vegas. Las Vegas still has some vacant land to develop in Summerlin, the Northwest, and the southwest parts of the valley.

Summerlin still has about 4000 acres to develop. That leaves North Las Vegas as the future of new construction homes in Las Vegas. Our guess is that the next area of expansion will be in Sloan, NV. Sloan, NV is just south of Henderson on the I-15. As soon as utilities connect the last few miles, we expect bidding wars for large parcels of beautiful rolling hills.

Condos and townhouses are becoming more popular as the price of vacant land rises for developers. A “lock and leave” lifestyle has created a strong demand for high-rise condominiums on and off the Strip. New condominium developments have evolved to include backyards.

There are basically 5 types of homes for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are:

Resale Homes – Investment Rental Homes

New Construction Homes

Master Planned Community Homes

Condos and Townhouses

High Rise Condominiums


In a nutshell, if you’d like to see Las Vegas homes for sale, you can have any type of home in any area of town that you want to live in. Near-by homes for sale can be searched according to price in 4 boxes on this page or by category on the sidebar.

See our HOME page for more specific options. Our best page to search for value vs areas is our Las Vegas homes for sale by zip codes map page. It has 7 interactive Google maps with links to houses for sale in each zip code.

Condos and Townhouses

Condos and Townhouses are around the entire valley. When searching homes for sale in Las Vegas, condos and townhouses will not be mixed in. Link to our condo townhouse search and information page here.

New Construction Homes

In Southern Nevada, homes for sale are competitive. New Home Builders pay for you to have a Realtor represent you. The price of the home does not change whether you have representation or not. Realtors are their advertising.

Find your agent before you start looking at new construction homes for sale in Las Vegas, Henderson, and/or NLV. Houses are not built perfectly – please find a Realtor who knows construction.

brand new construction homes realtor Kurt Grosse The Protector Monitoring construction new home buildersBe aware that sales agents in all builder model homes do not represent you. They are kind and friendly but beware – they work exclusively for the builder.

Protect yourself and take a Realtor with you on your first visit to every model home. Using us as your Realtor gives you protection as well as representation.

We have a blog – 7 Reasons to Use a New Construction Realtor that gives you more information. There are very few construction knowledgeable Realtors in Las Vegas. I am one of them.

Be Aware – New Homes Are Not Perfect

As a former Nevada building engineer, our team is the best. I monitor the construction while your home is being built as a standard part of our services. The best part?

New construction home builders in the valley pay for you to use us to represent you with no difference in your home’s price. Protect your investment, contact us.

Below is a link to our New Construction Search. The results are difficult to minimize but you can get a great idea of what’s out there for the money. When you are ready, we will combine what we’ve seen with an extensive search to find you the right home.

Resale Homes For Sale In Las Vegas

Availability is up from a 2 week supply of Las Vegas homes for sale to about a 5 week supply in October 2021. Resale homes for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada, are currently still in a seller’s market. In comparison, in 2020 there was a 2 month supply of homes for sale.

Add around 1000 new construction floorplans and about 225 new home communities to the equation, and you realize that there is a variety of Las Vegas, NV homes for sale of every age and in every price range. The challenge is working the system to get one. That’s what we do.

We have pages about resale homes with area information about homes for sale in Henderson and homes for sale in North Las Vegas. Houses for sale vary according to area. We’ve tried to section the valley by each city to make your research easier.

Give us a call to strategize and to do a search for you. We will send you information and floor plans, then let’s go see some houses for sale in Las Vegas Valley neighborhoods!

Message or call us 7 days a week and we can answer your questions and make a housing consultation appointment. Our direct office number is 702-750-7599

Master Planned Communities

In case you don’t know the difference between neighborhoods and master-planned communities, master-planned communities are larger. A developer takes a Las Vegas Homes for sale Nightlarge piece of land and plans the schools, roads, churches, parks, common areas, employment, retail stores, amenities, etc.

The developer makes the entire neighborhood look beautiful with landscaping, community areas, and parks. The emphasis of all Las Vegas Valley master-planned communities is recreation, walking trails, sports, and convenience.

Once everything is planned and the infrastructure is completed, the land is sold to various builders. Builders must follow architectural guidelines and stay in their price categories. Each community fills the demand for families, retirement, and multi-family housing demand. Usually, each neighborhood connects to trails leading to a large park.

Las Vegas Valley Master Plan History

Green Valley was officially the first Large Master-Planned Community in the Las Vegas Valley. started in 1978. American Nevada Corporation developed Green Valley and still manages the associations today. After acquiring more connecting land, Green Valley has become the home to over 100,000 residents.

Shortly after Green Valley launched, Pardee Homes built Spring Valley in Las Vegas. Homes for sale were very inexpensive, attracting every age group and walk of life to the area. The streets were curved and had pretty landscaping. Homes ranged from 2 bedroom cottages to large single-family homes at the edge of the valley. There was nothing further west.

Las Vegas Master Planned Communities

The Lakes, 2 busy streets beyond Spring Valley, was not connected to any existing development when construction began in the late 1980s. It had meandering streets with water features, grass, and private lakes with boat docks!

The Lakes soon became the premier place to live in Las Vegas. The Captain and Tenelle even built a custom home on the water. Eventually, The Lakes consisted of over 5000 homes, took over 5 years to complete, and didn’t have one single park.

City planning realized their error and all future developments were designed with amenities. The late 1980s and into the 1990s saw almost every new home neighborhood in Las Vegas built as a master-planned community.

Summerlin by Howard Hughes Corporation

Las Vegas homes for sale with a sun city golf viewWhat is now the largest master-planned community in the United States, Summerlin, broke ground in the early 1990s. Developed by the Howard Hughes Corporation, Del Webb anchored the first Nevada retirement golf community in Summerlin, Las Vegas.

Del Webb chose the most elevated piece of land on the golf course for their model home street and golf clubhouse. It was so nice that people wanted to buy a home as soon as they walked in the door. Sun City Summerlin eventually built over 8000 homes.

Opening Schools In Summerlin

Other builders bought land in The Hills Village. Howard Hughes built a private school and donated The Meadows School to the community. The Meadows School was the only school in the area until Clark County School District finally started building schools.

When public schools open, Howard Hughes Corporation donates everything a school isn’t provided by the district. Areas other than Summerlin need fundraisers when schools open to provide for extra curricular activities.

Each school is equipped with items like band uniforms and instruments, science lab equipment, audiovisual, and technology. Athletic department dream wish lists are filled. Summerlin is the place to live especially for families with younger children. Summerlin is now the largest master-planned community in the United States with 25,000 acres.

Smaller Master Planned Communities

While new homes for sale in Las Vegas seem like they are all in Summerlin, Summerlin is only the largest community. The Las Vegas Valley has about 75 master-planned communities. Henderson went with mostly medium-sized master-planned communities all built side by side. Planning worked because vacant land pockets are rare.

North Las Vegas was about inexpensive houses for many years, so most homes were in neighborhoods that were not “Master-Planned.” Builders soon realized that they needed a community in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas, so the trends have changed. With all of the builders competing, many builders made their own master-planned community to eliminate competition.

Search Las Vegas Resale Homes

Under $250,000    $250,001 – $300,000

$300,001 – $350,000   $350,001 – $400,000

$400,001 – $500,000   $500,001 – $750,000

$750,001 – $1,500,000   Over $1,500,000

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Las Vegas Growth In 2020 and 2021

Despite lockdown and a pandemic, the Las Vegas perpetual motion machine is thriving. In 2019, growth included the Oakland A’s Minor League Baseball team (The Aviators). Their state-of-the-art stadium, The Ballpark, is located in Summerlin.

homes for sale in Las Vegas nevada homes for sale with a poolIn 2022, expect the Oakland A’s to own their piece of land on the Las Vegas Strip. We are looking forward to another major league team joining the city. 2020 saw Allegiant Stadium completed, and 2021 had Resorts World open up the north part of the Strip as a growing strong tourist corridor.

Las Vegas opened over 10,000 hotel rooms and over 3.5 million square feet of convention space in 2020-2021. A million more square feet of convention square footage is scheduled to open in 2021-2023.

Las Vegas will soon have over 15 million total square feet of convention space. In comparison, only 5 cities in the United States have over 3.5 million square feet of convention space.
North Las Vegas built and opened over 4 million square feet of business warehouse space.

These companies make up over 1500 jobs in just 2 of the new companies. All of those jobs are people and families who need homes and everything life encompasses.

Sports Are Big Business

Allegiant Stadium open in 2020m which employed 640 construction workers a day during construction. Since events opened to the public in the summer of 2021, over 4000 permanent jobs were filled. Resorts World added partner Hilton Vacations in February of 2021, opening in June.

They employed 1000 workers a day during construction and now with 2500 rooms, Resorts World adds over 2500 employees to the workforce. This new mega-resort is bringing in big-name headliners, attracting the millennial demographics.

Since Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson are separated only by a line on paper, growth in every area of the valley affects Las Vegas – we are one. The excitement continues. Are you ready to call Las Vegas home?

New Jobs In Henderson home page Las Vegas  Raiders Allegiant Stadium

See our Henderson page for more information. The Raiders’ $750M football practice facility opened, and the Silver Knights’ new practice arena finished over the summer of 2020. The Silver Knights Arena is under construction in Green Valley Ranch.

Adding the Raiders’ staff of over 300 to numerous support companies and fans, the Raiders moving to Las Vegas/Henderson increased the demand for housing. A new luxurious Henderson Executive Airport terminal opened directly across the street from Raiders headquarters for a reason.

Further up the hill are a few new developments designed exclusively for the uber-rich. The Las Vegas Raiders joined with sponsor Intermountain Health Care, who will be opening a hospital in Henderson West.

Besides their million square foot warehouse in North Las Vegas, Amazon opened another giant warehouse in Henderson West in 2021. Technology jobs are filling in with Google and other tech companies. And so with sports, casinos, jobs, housing, and family needs, the cycle continues… Link to our Henderson page.

More About Las Vegas Houses

Once you decide which city to live in, the type of community and type of housing you want are next. You’ll find everything when looking for Las Vegas homes for sale. If what you need isn’t there today, set an automated search. Today’s homes are energy-efficient, green, and smart. Choose from a brand new home or a resale and enjoy the Las Vegas lifestyle.

There are over 20 existing retirement communities for 55+ active-adult living. In the new construction homes being built, there are 7 different neighborhoods especially for seniors. Think about moving to Las Vegas and having some fun!

Choose Your Housing Lifestyle!

homes for sale in Las Vegas Nevada Richmond American Homes Las Vegas in Henderson NLVThe Las Vegas lifestyle can be a home for sale zoned for horses. Rural Preservation Areas around the valley feature no sidewalks or streetlights.

Older neighborhoods surround Downtown Las Vegas with multifamily, smaller homes, and old-time luxury estates. Nellis Air Force Area has a multitude of mid-sized homes that are both affordable and near the base.

The 1960s and 1970s saw some great neighborhoods built, The 1980s houses were still built with minimal CCRs. Las Vegas homes for sale mostly were built with tile roofs and tile counters. The 1990s shows Las Vegas homes for sale are energy efficient and mainly two-stories.

Today, big developers have made the City Planning Department’s job a lot easier. Master-planned communities offer single-family and multi-family beautiful and convenient neighborhoods that emphasize an active outdoor lifestyle.

Resale Homes For Sale

Resale Homes are a great value and may have better locations than new construction homes. Various Home Searches can be found on every page on our site. You’ll want to look for an exact home when you go see it that day or we can write an offer subject to viewing. Let’s talk strategy.

If your trip isn’t for three weeks, try not to fall in love with a house today unless you’re ok watching video tours and having us verify the home’s condition in person. You’ll find numerous homes for sale using searches at the bottom of this page.

Top Las Vegas Realtors

I am Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group. Having lived in Las Vegas since 1988, I have seen many changes in the homes for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada. Homes for sale have evolved into well-built beautiful properties. I am proud to call Las Vegas home.

My first job in Las Vegas was as an Engineering Manager for a large building component manufacturer before starting my own engineering firm. As a PE, CE Nevada building engineer, New Construction Specialist real estate agents Henderson N. Las VegasI would tell top Las Vegas builders how to build their homes and how to fix their construction issues- and there were plenty.

My Realtor wife Terri and I joined forces in 1996 and quickly became Top-Producing Las Vegas Realtors who go above and beyond the norm. We focus on how we can protect our clients.

Ask us questions. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, you need protection. My building background, combined with my 25 years of Las Vegas real estate sales and Terri’s 28 years, make us your best Realtor choice in Las Vegas.

Our Value To Home Sellers

The value we offer home sellers is our contract knowledge- we protect you. Working with many buyers means knowledge of neighborhoods, homes and home values. Terri’sRealty One Group new construction Home Seller Realtor marketing expertise, a top website, active social media get your home sold faster for more money. Interview us! We are reachable and answer sign calls personally.

What’s Next

When you are looking through home searches on our website, you can add filters in the top right corner of every results page. You can save your favorite homes to a private box to revisit them. We suggest that you take advantage of saving your search and receiving automatic notifications when a home with your criteria comes on the market. 

Play around and ask us to help at any time.

If you are selling your home, let’s walk it together and see if any changes would increase the value of your home. If you are a buyer, we need to secure your financing so you are positioned to make a strong offer on a home. On our website, there are about 200 pages about Las Vegas, Nevada, Homes For Sale. If you don’t know where you want to live, let us take you on a “Three Hour Tour.”

Call us with questions and schedule a housing consultation today. 702-750-7599.

Have fun!

We Sell Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas

Call or text us today with any questions or for an appointment to see some of these great homes- 702-750-7599

This website and information are made available for you to explore by Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group. Kurt is a Las Vegas Top-Producing Realtor since 1996 and a former Nevda Building Engineer, a PE, CE.

His goal with his buyers and sellers is to use his skills and knowledge to protect them and their investments. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, his skills are invaluable.

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