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Las Vegas Zip Codes Fun Fact #1. 

Our first Las Vegas zip codes fun facts and trivia fact is about what happened to our first Las Vegas First Post Office 1933 zip code fun factsLas Vegas post office. The first post office in Nevada opened in Carson City in the Carson City Federal Building. Today that building is the Nevada State Library.

The first post office in Las Vegas was built in 1933 and was the 5th Post Office built in Nevada. The Post Office was inside the US Federal Building in Downtown Las Vegas. Today that building has a whole new life as the home of The Las Vegas Mob Museum.

When remodeling the building to create the mob museum, they discovered newspapers used as caulking dated from 1931-1934. There were also empty alcohol bottles (Old Tom) found inside the walls of the first floor. Wasn’t that the Prohibition era?

Las Vegas ZIP Codes Fun Facts #2

Our second Las Vegas zip code fun fact is about the most expensive stamp ever printed by the USPS. In 2011 the idea for a FOREVER Stamp came about. I’m sure you know that a “Forever Stamp” means that no additional postage is required when the price of stamps increases.

Las Vegas Statue of Liberty post office trivia

Las Vegas

The first “Forever Stamp” design idea chosen was to use The Statue of Liberty. The US Postal Service stamp designers picked a picture from Getty Images and started printing. Three months into the printing of this stamp a problem was brought to their attention.

The Statue of Liberty that they were using was not the authentic Statue of Liberty in New York. They were using a picture of the Statue of Liberty in front of the  New York, New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Designers agreed that the New York, New York statue was better looking. What do you think? Compare the two!

New York Statue of Liberty Trivia stamps

New York

The US Postal Service continued to print her image for many years selling 3 billion of these FOREVER Stamps. In 2018, the artist who created the Statue of Liberty for New York, New York was granted a $3 million settlement by the court system.

The US Postal Service failed to ask the original artist for permission to use his design. Their defense? They assumed that the image the USPS bought from Getty Images was adequate. It wasn’t.

This has to be the most expensive stamp ever printed by the US Postal Service.

Las Vegas ZIP Codes Fun Facts #3

ZIP Codes were introduced to America in 1963. They implemented them to improve the USPS accuracy and speed of deliveries. ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. The cartoon guy used in their ads is named Mr. Zip. In 1963 when ZIP codes were first introduced, Las Vegas had one ZIP code – 89101. Today there are over 60 plus postal codes and business zip codes.

Las Vegas Zip Codes Fun Facts #4

Fun Fact #4 was before zip codes were established in 1963. However, we think it’s a great Las Vegas zip codes trivia to know. Before there was a United States Postal Service, Mormon Pioneers settled in the Las Vegas Valley.

The LDS settlements coming south from Utah were established in the Moapa Valley. Moapa is about 1/2 way between Las Vegas and St. George, Utah. Then Las Vegas was the next fort to be built in the mid-1850s. Las Vegas made sense because there was water in the desert! Las Vegas zip codes fun facts and trivia first Las Vegas post office

A little-known place to visit in Las Vegas is the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park in Downtown Las Vegas. The fort and park are full of interesting history about the valley. In 2012, the Daughters of Mormon Pioneers erected a Waymark Monument at the fort to honor the L.D.S. missionaries. The L.D.S. missionaries established the first postal service site in Southern Nevada.

The Marker Text reads :
“John Steele, one of the original L.D.S. missionaries, secured a mail grant for the Las Vegas Mission. Documents to establish the post office, and, appointing William Bringhurst Postmaster, were brought from Salt Lake City by Benjamin H. Hulse, January 10, 1856. This office was continued until the mission was abandoned in 1857. Mr. Steele acted as Postmaster under President Bringhurst.”

More Las Vegas Zip Codes Trivia

Las Vegas means “The Meadows” because in 1829 when a trader named Rafael Rivera came through the valley, the land was lush. He was surprised to see green grasses and fields in the middle of the desert.

It is said that water in 1829 bubbled out of the ground due to a large aquifer with a high water table. In 1907, the first wells were dug for homes in Las Vegas. Continuing to build homes mostly with wells continued for over 50 years, and by 1962 the meadows were gone.

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