Laughlin Nevada Homes For Sale

Laughlin Nevada Homes For Sale

2021 saw Laughlin Nevada homes for sale get noticed! People who travel to Laughlin as snowbirds decided that small-town living with Nevada tax benefits works. Laughlin, homes for sale are in high demand.

Travelers on I-40 and Route 66 mainly stay in the Colorado River resorts’ RV parks. Some only stay for a night and some stay for a couple of weeks. Colorado River homes for sale may be a good option considering the increases in gas prices.

When Arizona’s drinking age was 19 in the 1970s, younger Californians went to the river to play and crossed the river at night to play. Those people are 50-70-year-olds and keep coming back. Many come to see Laughlin’s housing for sale to buy as a rental property or Airbnb. Laughlin vacation homes provide a great   Southern Californian getaway.

Laughlin NV Activities

Today, Laughlin NV is known as a fun river sports town. Retirees like the slower pace compared to Las Vegas and still enjoy Nevada’s tax benefits. Many tourists come back because it’s affordable, warm, and the river views are spectacular. Laughlin is a year-round gambling tour bus destination for Southern Californians and Arizonians.

Las Vegas and Henderson residents use Laughlin as a weekend getaway destination and a training and convention location. Route 66 travelers also contribute to weekend visitors.Laughlin nevada homes for sale

Rodeo events, car shows, and motorcycle rallies are also frequently held. The largest draw is the annual River Run, a charity event sponsored by Harley Davidson. That’s a great time to just look at the beautiful bikes.

The banks of the Colorado River are lined with casino resorts. There are 2 casino resorts hotels with white sand beaches. Gamblers can sit and watch the river running from their poker machines at the Riverside Resorts Hotel.

Day Trips From Laughlin, NV

Hotel guests take day trips to mines and mining towns. Jet ski rentals are popular along the beautiful Colorado River, except the water is cold. Most water sports enthusiasts prefer the warmer water in Lake Mojave, which is just north of Laughlin.

Jet boat tours are available down to the London Bridge. The bridge was purchased by the United States and relocated to Lake Havasu City over 40 years ago. By road, the London Bridge is 70 miles south.

Another popular tourist activity is a hike into Grapevine Canyon. Grapevine Canyon has a 3-mile hike where you’ll see waterfalls and 1000-year-old Petroglyphs.

Hotels in the area work together to provide A-List bands and entertainment for the Laughlin Events Center. The Events Center is an open-air venue and is a big draw. Because of limited parking at the venue, Luxury buses transport hotel guests and locals to and from events.

Tourists Love Laughlin Nevada Homes

Buses have been a solution for events that minimized pollution and increased safety. Guests can hop on a luxury coach bus from any hotel before and after every event. We recently spent a weekend in Laughlin that included a concert. Our luxury buses were fun, and the process was convenient. I thought they had the system down to a science.

The event attracted young and old families, residents, and tourists. There wasn’t an open seat at a machine or a table game in the entire casino after the show. Before the show, the restaurants were packed.

Laughlin’s Visitor Authority has done a fabulous job marketing and promoting Laughlin. Homes for sale on the river We learned in Las Vegas in the 1990s that hotel growth means population growth. This little river town is undoubtedly growing. Maybe it’s Nevada’s  next “Land of Opportunity.”

Laughlin’s Housing

Laughlin Nevada homes for sale 1 storyLaughlin Nevada homes for sale on the river are very affordable. Prices start from $125,000 for a 2 + 2 condo. The house pictured is in the low $400,000’s. The largest Laughlin home for sale right now is almost $1M.

Housing styles in the area are similar to Las Vegas, using wood framing and stucco. Perfect materials for our dry, hot weather. Many condominiums and houses are in gated communities appealing to the “lock and leave” vacation and snowbird home lifestyle.

Laughlin residents enjoy Nevada’s tax benefits of no state income tax or inheritance tax after 3 years of residency. See our blog Nevada’s Tax Benefits. No state income tax attracts many retirees, employees, and families alike.

Family and adult activities and the easy-going lifestyle 0f the Colorado River keep people coming back. Are you ready to be a “River Rat?”

Are Houses Appreciating?

Housing prices haven’t appreciated much compared to the Las Vegas Valley. However, they remain constant. New construction housing, resale homes, and customs homes are available in all price ranges. Due to the hot summer months, energy-efficiency features, and extra-strong air conditioners are a “Must Have.”

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The History of Laughlin, NV

laughlin nevada homes for sale mapDon Laughlin purchased the southern tip of Nevada in 1964 and founded Laughlin. The 2010 Census put Laughlin’s population at 7500 and Bullhead City across the river at over 40,000.

This last census in 2020 has Laughlin at 7965 and Bullhead at 41,914. Surprisingly, the population numbers for both cities have increased but not by much.

Many of the Laughlin casino employees live in Bullhead City, Arizona. Nevada has the entertainment industry, and Arizona has the local crowd businesses. Organized sports are popular in Bullhead City.

Across the river in Arizona, there is a state tax unless you earned your income in Nevada. Since Bullhead City housing is less expensive, many casino employees live there.

Located about 90 miles from Laughlin, Las Vegas has the privilege of being the closest International Airport and an occasional shopping venue. Kingman, Arizona, is 33 miles away and supplies the major medical and most things Bullhead City and Ft. Mojave, Arizona, cannot supply.

Laughlin’s Weather

July is the hottest month, with an average high temperature of 112.2 degrees. December is the coldest, with an average high of 65.1 degrees. There is just under 6 inches of rain a year.

The Library is part of the Las Vegas Clark County Library District, which is amazing. The local schools are part of the Clark County School District.

If you are thinking about a move to Southern Nevada, the downside to living in Laughlin is limited employment opportunities. There is an abundance on the Arizona side of the river, but the Arizona tax benefits are not as sweet.

However, there are now 10 casinos that provide multiple employment opportunities to area residents. The nearby Indian Reservation and the Avi Resort are also large employment sources.

Viewing Homes For Sale in Laughlin, NV

In March of 2020, Laughlin’s only grocery store closed due to the hotel/casino industry closing down for Covid-19. Residents had to drive 11 miles to the nearest food store. Upon reopening, a new super-modern grocery store opened to the delight of the entire community.

You may be interested in a river view house for sale in Laughlin, NV or a house for sale on Lake Mojave in Searchlight. Let me know. I work in 16 Southern Nevada cities and will meet you in the city of your choice.

If you are interested in seeing any Colorado River houses for sale, let us know. Because often the houses are used for adventures and vacations, many Laughlin houses for sale will need an appointment to see. Let’s plan in advance. Call us and we can schedule showings. 702-750-7599.

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