Brand New Home Buyer Representation

Do not gamble and assume your house is built correctly!

In Nevada, new home builders pay for you to have a Realtor represent you if we go with you on your first visit to their community. Wonderfully, whether or not you have a Realtor does not affect the price of the home. With us protecting you, you now have a new home expert and former building engineer on YOUR team. Consequently, we are your FREE new construction home protectors!
New Home Construction

    Homes are built quickly in Nevada

A normal Realtor Buyer’s Agent helps you find which communities fill your needs and takes you there. They are at the contract signing. He/She may advise you on options and upgrades. They go to your final walk-thru with you. We do those things AND so much more. WE PROTECT YOU!


How We Represent And Protect You:

  1. Our principal Realtor, Kurt Grosse, was a Nevada Building Engineer who told Las Vegas’s Largest Builders how to build their houses for over a decade. He knows what it takes to build a house correctly.
  2. We sold huge numbers of new homes in 20+ years and know the system and builders.
  3. While your home is under construction, Kurt goes there weekly to monitor the progress. Link to New Construction Monitoring Page.
  4. You receive pictures and videos of the house before the drywall gets installed so you have them for your records.
  5. Kurt does the framing walk-thru with you or for you. He also verifies that your chosen options are installed.
  6. We attend your home orientation final walk-thru with you.
  7. Kurt examines financial worksheets closely before you sign loan and title docs
  8. If you sign in town we go to your title and escrow signing in case questions arise.
  9. As a gift, our New Construction Home Inspector spends 2-3 hours testing things that people cannot see. He verifies that your new home functions correctly, which may save you thousands. See our blog on Getting a New Construction Home Inspection.
  10. All of our knowledge and experience are yours forever.

How To Assure That We Represent You:

  1. If you look on your own, do not sign a registration form. Tell the onsite sales agent you work with a Realtor. If you want additional information, let us get it for you.
  2. Go with us when you look at new homes for the first time. Our registration is good for 3-6 months, so go back as many times as you want before contract signing.
  3. Go into a contract with us there protecting you.

Search and Floorplans

New Construction Search Here

A Search with floorplans is available above. This search program is the best you can get anywhere online- it just isn’t very refinable. You may want to save yourself time and utilize our services. We have a precise, easy to filter new construction homes program plus we see these homes regularly. Let’s talk and we will e-mail you exactly what you’re looking for.

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Link to our pages on New Construction Monitoring,  New Construction Builder Options, and New Construction Home Inspections. (New Construction Search on each page)