New Construction Monitoring

New Construction Monitoring is the incomparable service that I add to what my team offers you. Not only do I go to your home every week as your house is being built to monitor the construction, but I also video and take pictures for your records. We’ve put together a unique program for you and your family when buying a brand new house. Our services are completely paid for by the builder.

Why You Need Protection

New Construction Monitoring is why I have the nickname “The Protector.” Buying a New Construction Home is not an option in many cities, so most people have no experience. If you do have the experience, is your experience with the technological and energy-saving features offered in 2020?

I’ve been in the Nevada construction and real estate industry since 1986. Having represented many new home buyers, we have learned that homes have flaws and mistakes. Kurt Grosse The Protector Monitoring construction new home builders
I can offer you my personal expertise as an extra layer of protection for no cost.

Southern Nevada Builders pay for you to have buyer representation, and the price of your home will not be affected. Since you are the buyer, you should get the Realtor who offers you the best benefits. There’s no other Las Vegas Realtor who offers what I do.

Any Realtor can take you to new home developments, but they are not building experts. I am a Realtor, Retired Engineer, and a Full-Time Protector.

My Building Engineer Experience

Before I became a Realtor, I was an “In Demand” Nevada P.E., C.E., for 7 years. The Largest New Home Builders in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson hired me to tell them how to build their homes. I told them how many nails to useSummerlin North New Home Construction
and where to put them, besides which straps and connectors to use and what grade of lumber.

Besides working with builders, when a home-owner had a structural problem, they would also call me. I saw some amazingly awful mistakes- cut and broken trusses and even sub-standard building materials. Some of these repairs were very expensive, and in some cases, the home was out of warranty.

Meeting deadlines and delivery of homes are a subcontractor’s key to success. Because of this, a builder’s subcontractor’s workers can make mistakes and not report them. You deserve to receive the best home possible, and the way to get that is by having knowledge and experience on your team.

Why I Became a Realtor

After we married, my Realtor wife, Terri, asked me to look at a client’s foundation problem. We realized after that inspection, how valuable my skills were for new construction buyers. There was no one else in Southern Nevada Real Estate with my skillset, so I started selling new homes with her.

I have done free construction monitoring as our clients’ homes were built since 1997. With how quickly houses are built in Southern Nevada, monitoring your new home’s construction can be invaluable to you.

How To Have My Free Buyer Representation

With the builder paying for you to have your own buyer’s representation, my services are free. Get the protection I offer you! monitors construction protects buyers

When you do your research online, we suggest you don’t work closely with any builder before looking at homes. If you need more information, ask us to get it for you. Some builders will say you were their “established client,” which will negate your option for buyer representation. Note: No matter what relationship you establish with a builder’s agent, that person ONLY works for the builder.


  • Take Us With You To Look At Homes. You can go back to a sub-division anytime after that without us.
  • If you request more information from a builder, call me first- I’ll register you with them and they’ll still send the brochure and you can assure that your buyer representation will be free.
  • See our page on New Construction Homes.

How We Benefit You

You’ll get me and my team’s services, skills, and knowledge from day one- and the number one reason why you want us as your Realtor.

This is the process that makes us different:

  1. We send/give you floorplans and pictures in a narrowed-down search before we see homes.
  2. Next, I take you to the communities you’ve chosen to look at. Since I watch zoning meetings and read the paper daily, I always pass on about the area. framing walk-through new construction Las Vegas
    As we look through the home, I answer questions and explain the upgrade and option policies.
  3. I am familiar with most contracts and am there to explain clauses and watch out for your interests during the contract writing. (Some clauses are harsh, and you should be aware of them.)
  4. As your home is being built, I go there every week, looking inside the walls at the “guts” of your home. I’ll send you pictures and/or videos for your records.
  5. We keep track of the option and upgrade cut-off dates to our New Construction Builder Options page.
  6. I go to the framing walk-thru with you or for you to verify that everything is there that you’ve paid for. I’ll bring any negatives that I see to the builder’s attention.
  7. When your home is complete, we have the best Las Vegas New Construction Home Inspector inspect your home in the places we can not easily see. This is part of the services we give you. See our New Construction Inspection blog. Homes have mistakes!
  8. We go to every builder walk-thru, giving you our well-trained and experienced eyes.
  9. I will meet you at the homesite anytime you have questions.   construction monitoring
  10. If you are signing locally, we go with you to your escrow and title appointment. We are there to answer any questions that arise, as well as verify that the financial information the builder submitted is correct. (I’ve seen many, many errors)
  11. My team continues to be your team for life. All of the advice, referrals, and information I can give to you are yours.

Get Protection from “The Protector”!

Play around with our New Home Search program, and remember that you can call my office and we will do a precise search and e-mail it to you.

You can also call me on my cell at 702-750-7599, text or use the contact form below to start the process or for an appointment to see houses.

This website and information are made available for you to explore by Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group. Kurt is a Las Vegas Top-Producing Realtor since 1996 and a Retired Building Engineer (P.E., C.E.). His goal with his buyers and sellers is to use his skills and knowledge to protect them in this ever-changing Las Vegas Real Estate Market. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, his skills are invaluable.

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