7 Reasons To Use A New Construction Home Realtor

Always Look At Models With A Realtor-

Think about who you want on your home buying team – a New Construction Home Realtor who is an asset and can protect you or a happy, bubbly tour guide Realtor. Many Realtors in Las Vegas may say that they are a New Construction Home Realtor but know that we are unique. We Protect our clients. With my history as a NV Building Engineer, my knowledge and skills are priceless when buying a brand new home in Las Vegas.

Homes are built quickly in Las Vegas, and they definitely are not perfect. This is because homes are built by people. Sub-contractors are charged for damages done to the work of other trades in a home, so when the sub-contractor’s worker breaks something, he usually won’t say anything. I’ve seen many unusual things in the 25+ years that I’ve been a New Construction Home Realtor. 

With a former career as a Nevada Building Engineer (PE, CE), I used to tell the large new home builders in Las Vegas how to build their homes. Keep in mind that technology has changed how homes can be built. Smart technology and energy-efficient materials are almost mandatory in Las Vegas just so builders can keep up with the other brand new home builders.

Building A Brand New Home

Building materials used to build brand new homes are forever changing, buying a Brand New Construction Homes Realtor Energy efficient Model Las VegasThe basics remain the same but have you ever heard of a radiant barrier? Do you know where one goes? Builders that include smart packages in the base price of their homes may use smart home hubs which changes products that attach to the system. You’ll find many materials that you’ve never heard of. We suggest that you get educated or hire someone who is.

Brand new homes are so much more energy-efficient than they were 20 years ago. Not only are they smarter but building products are smarter too. Windows reflect heat out during the summer and keep heat in during the winter. Roof tiles can be solar panels and why not close windows and doors from your phone?! Heating and cooling systems have heat sensors and operate until the room you are occupying is at the right temperature. These types of features will reduce utility bills and save money each month on your utility bills. 

New Homes Are Energy-Efficient And Smart

Of course, homes being smarter and more energy-efficient means that the cost of a brand new construction home went up because of these great features. There are numerous decisions regarding options, energy-efficient green products, and ways for a builder to build a home. We do our best to be your eyes every week and show you and the builder things that I think look like they need attention. You cannot see inside the wall after the home is built.

A brand new home is a large investment that you should be educated about or use a new construction Realtor. Either you or your Realtor or both of you need to know construction as well as contracts. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, building experience is invaluable.

Some things you may not know are listed below:

1. Builder Sales Agents Work for the Builder- Not You!

Realtors are paid by the Builder when you buy a New Construction Home. You pay the same for a home if you have representation or not. What you may not know is that Builder’s Tract Sales Agents Work For The Builder. This is deceptive because when you visit a new construction model home, they are so nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. Builder sales agents offer you bottled water and cookies. Know This: They are only there to help you choose to buy a home in THEIR DEVELOPMENT.

Once you have chosen a lot and a home, it’s time to do the sales contract. This is when they usually inform you that they work for the builder. You’ll sign forms saying that they do not represent you even though they may seem to. There are questions that agents will not answer, and their contracts are ALWAYS in the builder’s best interest.

In 2021, a whole new horrible trend started with the builder’s contracts for brand new homes. You will lose money for many things. There are no contingencies, including loan qualifying contingencies. If you default for any reason, all of your upgrade money paid and your deposit money paid will belong to the builder. Make sure you have alternate sources of income in case you die or lose your job.

new construction

Free Realtor Representation

2. It Costs You Nothing!

WE ARE FREE! Builders in Nevada, and many states, pay Realtors to bring their clients to see a new home community for the first visit. If you go to a new home community for a first visit without your Realtor, you will not be entitled to FREE buyer representation by a Realtor. Representation can be so important in some cases that we have had people pay us themselves. Get us for Free!

By going to a subdivision on your first visit with your Realtor, you get the benefits of the Realtor’s knowledge and assistance without any cost to you! Definitely, see new construction homes with a Realtor the first time you look! You can then do subsequent visits without the Realtor.

3. You’ll Save Time and Money

A New Construction Home Realtor will save you time and money in many ways. We have wonderful programs that take your wish list and narrow down your choices of subdivisions that fit your needs in the area you desire. If you are unsure of which area to relocate to, we educate you about areas to help you choose before looking at homes. We call this “The Three Hour Tour.” Then we look at specific homes and subdivisions in the area you choose so you are not wasting your time. No reason to look at apples when you want oranges!

4. Knowledge

Experienced New Construction Home Realtors will know the area and possibly what the future building plans are for the area. Hopefully, they’ll be familiar with scary clauses in a specific builder’s sales contract- many have them. Your Realtor should be aware of all of the local builder’s reputations. Contracts in 2021 are ALL in the builder’s favor. Watch out for your money or have a Realtor who knows New Construction Homes and each builder’s contract well.

Just because you are looking at a local builder’s reputation, it doesn’t mean THEY are the company building your new home. All builders use subcontractors. Know that every subcontractor will have workers that are not very skilled, and accidents happen. When a worker breaks something, they are usually charged for the cost by the builder, so some things are hidden.

City building inspectors inspect most things once and don’t reinspect them. Justifiably, a Las Vegas builder will have a different reputation in Las Vegas compared to other states depending on their building team. Trust but verify – especially before the drywall goes on the walls. 

5. Housing Upgrades and Options          

When building a home by choosing the lot and house to put on that lot, brand new homes new construction homes realtors. buying a house in nevada home in NV Realtor brand new houses for sale builder tips new construction homesbuilders have option cut-off dates.  There are both builder structural options and design options. Design options are chosen at the builder’s design center. Your Realtor can assist you with questions and concerns you’ll have in these areas. Many options cannot be added after drywall is nailed on, so if cut-off dates have passed, they can usually refer you to a quality tradesperson. Tradespeople take good care of our referrals because they want more.

Regardless of what stage of construction your home is at, most builders still allow you to choose the flooring. Completed homes that are not sold are called “Standing Inventory Homes.” Las Vegas builders will usually have incentives due to them having already made design choices. We ask and often are given incentives for our clients even when they are not offered. It never hurts to ask, and they want to make Realtors happy, so we will bring back more of our clients! 

Please note: Las Vegas builders will only offer incentives when they need to. They will rarely have standing inventory in a seller’s market.

6. Financing      

Most builders typically have their own lending company in today’s world. Interest rates and fees are negotiable no matter which company you contact. Sometimes a builder will give great incentives to use their lenders because they make money on your loan too. We had a builder in 2021 who offered $10,000 to buyers getting a loan and nothing to buyers paying cash. There’s money in loans.

Watch out. Still compare interest rates and fees with at least 2 other lenders because the interest rate you are charged can be higher to pay for these incentives. If they are higher, compare the cost of the incentive vs. the interest rate difference before writing their lender off. Ease and speed are also factors to consider.

Always check with 3 Lenders before deciding who to use. Call the builder’s lender, your bank, and a Realtor referral. Read more in our blog about interviewing a lender and interest rate questionsRealtors are familiar with local Lenders and can refer you to a home loan company with low costs and great service.

Note: Every state has different licensing laws and timeframes that a lender must comply with. When using an online or out-of-state lender, see what their timelines are and add a week to make sure you can meet your closing date. With new home builders, you’ll need to close on time with short notice.

7. Walk-thru and New Home Orientation 

When a new home is complete, there is a new home walkthrough new construction home realtors thermal gun inspectionand orientation. This is done with the homeowners to explain how the new home operates. We have done hundreds of these, and we often see cosmetic construction details that need to be fixed and will show them to you. Many Realtors assist you and go to this part of the process.

Home Inspections are extremely important, especially in a newly built home. We suggest that you hire a New Construction Home Inspection Company (not a resale home company). Most new homeowners in Las Vegas have enough problems found that their inspection will more than pay for themselves in mechanical longevity and energy savings. 

If you do not have the roof and attic inspected within the first year, often your builder’s warranty expires. We suggest that you have an inspection before occupying the home. If you miss a defect and the warranty expires before you re-sell your home, think about who pays for a repair item found by the future buyer of your home. Please, get an inspection.

Brand New Home Home Inspections

Note From Kurt – Before selling real estate, I saw some amazing things that builders needed to fix. The City Building Department has a building checklist that they adhere to for every residence. Without every item checked off the home the builder will not be given its Certificate of Occupancy permit and you will not get your house on time.

The problem with this system is that items aren’t reinspected once they’re checked and the original inspection might have been months before closing. Always get your Brand New Home Inspection done by a certified NEW construction inspector. We think that they are so important that we gift our clients an inspection. If you are not in the Las Vegas area, ask your Realtor to do the same.

The Best New Construction Realtor

The Kurt Grosse Team- Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group is a retired Nevada building engineer (before becoming a Realtor) who told the largest builders in Las Vegas how to put their homes together. When there was a problem, he was the guy who went to the house and told them how to fix it. When Kurt or someone on his team sells a new home, our clients will have free weekly Construction Monitoring done by Kurt as your home is being built.

We will send you weekly photos and/or videos of your home for your records, even if you live in town. Kurt will do the framing walk-thru with the builder with you or for you. Every option is identified by him and verified as being there. This means that you also get his 30+ years of construction and real estate expertise working for you at no cost! His services are invaluable with how quickly homes are built and all of the new technology being used, his services are invaluable!

Our office tracks Builder Options cut-off dates and we remind you. At your New Home Orientation and Walk-Thru, we hire the best New Construction Home Inspector FOR you as a gift. We protect you in every way we can.

Choosing Your Agent For A New Home

New construction Realtors are all different. Some say they are brand new home specialists, but that doesn’t mean that they know building or that they will look out for you. In this day of lawsuits, most Realtors aren’t educated enough to claim expertise. I cannot deny it so I use my experience to protect you. This makes us an extremely unique real estate team in Las Vegas. There are other Realtors who offer similar services in other cities. Let us know if you’d like a referral to one that we know. Just call and ask! 702-750-7599

If you’re working with a Realtor, Ask Questions. See what your Realtor does for you at new housing developments and model homes. Some Realtors take you there, register you with the builder, and you may see them again 6 months later at the closing. Others register you, sit while you sign the contract, and go to the design center with you. Then, you’ll see them at the walk-thru to chat. We are there every week – and we are free!

Because we know construction, building, and how builders operate, we offer you value. We believe that you don’t need help choosing a cabinet color or self-cleaning vs. regular stoves/ovens… You need to make sure that your large investment is built correctly. If you don’t find out issues now, the inspector when you sell the home may find some. At that time you’ll pay for the repairs, not the builder.

What To Expect When Looking For A Las Vegas New Home

There are over 1000 brand new home floor plans offered in over 200 neighborhoods in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas combined. Driving around to find a home won’t usually work in Las Vegas. Feel free to look through our website but remember that we will do searches for you if you ask.

We have more refined filters to narrow your choices on our private database. We can set you up with an automated search, and you can save still FAVES in a private box to revisit later. When you’re ready, let’s open some doors and find you a house.

Resale Homes

We have the same philosophy when we show you pre-owned houses. Asnew construction homes realtor Kurt Grosse The Protector Monitoring construction new home builders you look to see if a home fits your criteria, we look for signs of flaws and future issues. Bowed walls, broken window seals, hot spots in a room, mold, etc. As you look at the lovely pool, we look at the yard’s drainage, walls, and the paint and stucco on the house.

If you want a Realtor who doesn’t just say “I can sell new houses” but one who KNOWS NEW HOMES, (and is there to Protect You), give us a call at 702-750-7599 or fill out our contact form. We are full-service Realtors, so we will help you in any way we can. Also, you can search for brand new homes below, but I promise it’s WAY easier if we do it and send you the results. No matter what, Have Fun!

Written by: Terri Grosse with Realty One Group in Las Vegas. Terri has sold Las Vegas Valley real estate since 1993. Her husband Kurt Grosse joined her team in 1996 after seeing the construction defect issues her clients had. Together they quickly became a Las Vegas Top-Producing Realtor Team in Las Vegas specializing in brand new homes. Contact them for a housing consultation appointment today at 702-750-7599.


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