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How To Search For Homes For Sale 

To search for homes on HomesForSale.Vegas there are 3 ways. Each is free with access to accurate home searches. We cover both resale homes and new construction. Getting accurate information is crucial for you to make better buying, selling, and relocating decisions. Explore our HomesForSale.Vegas site often. Keep coming back. pardee Las Vegas home builder new construction home realtors search for homes for sale

When you save a FAVE, it will save in your own private box that you can return to and add more to it. You can also SAVE searches and receive automated emails when new listings that match your criteria become available.

You will never get any SPAM from us, and we won’t sell your information. Kurt and Terri, the principals of HomesForSale.Vegas, provide this information to you because they believe that they offer you more than any other Realtor in town. Kurt is a former NV building engineer and their goal with every client is to protect them in every way their skills and knowledge can.

Send Kurt and Terri a text or call them when you’re ready to take the next step towards buying or selling a house. 702-750-7599 See their “About Us” page. 

National Real Estate Companies’ Accuracy

National home search sites like Zillow,, and Trulia are designed to create leads for the website owners to sell to Realtors. Therefore they want to have as many listings as possible for you to choose from. The way for that to happen is for a listing to remain available even when it has a contract and is off the market. Status is changed on those sites within a week of title change to the new owners. We’ve also seen listings that have been there for years – ones that have slipped through the cracks.

Recently we compared numbers of homes available on our MLS used on our website and with, Zillow, and Trulia. Our MLS had X listings. Zillow had X + 2003, had over X +1218, and Trulia had X + 588. They are not accurate and you’ll waste a lot of time looking thru their listings.  

You save time when you search for homes for sale on HomesForSale.Vegas. When you search AVAILABLE pre-owned properties on HomesForSale.Vegas, you get a list of homes available right that minute. When homes have a contract and we can no longer show them to a prospective buyer, our MLS removes the listing from AVAILABLE status.

With homes selling so quickly, you want every advantage you can have to get one. Wasting time is wasting money. You can buy the listed houses on our website at the time you are looking through our home searches. Bookmark HomesForSale.Vegas and come back anytime.

Types of Home Searches on HomesForSale.Vegas

Pre-Set Home Search:

For your convenience, we have made over 1000 pre-set home searches throughout our website. You’ll find them in gold and black framed boxes and on the sidebar of each page. When results come up, you can filter the results in the top right corner of every results page by clicking on REFINE SEARCH. 

Quick Search:

A quick search is a 4 line search option. You’ll find one in the footer of our site.

Advanced Search:

Found in the above menu bar, the advanced search is that, advanced. This is an ideal search to use when you know the specifics of the home you’re looking for. You can draw an area on a map to see all of the homes for sale in your marked dimensions; search year built, lot size, view, pool, and more.

Map Search:

Found in the menu bar above

Home Valuation Form

Try searching for yourself and if you can’t get your results down to something manageable, do yourself a favor- Take 5 Minutes and CALL US! 

Send us a Contact Form notification for any search result if you want more information or if you’d like to see a home. Call us and ask questions. We can search for schools and fees and keywords for you. Search and research on your own, but know that we’d be happy to do it for you and email homes to you. Please fill out a contact form or call us at 702-750-7599

Save Your Search and Favorite Houses 

HomesForSale.Vegas website was designed to make it easy for you to use. Each city has pre-determined criteria for a home search at the bottom of the page for that city. You can click on the REFINE SEARCH button in the top-right to change the basic criteria. Another option is to go to Advanced Search yourself, on the Home page or in the Search Menu. You can draw an area on a map to search; search year built, lot size, view, pool, and more.

Another Easier Option ~ Save yourself time- CALL US!

how to search for homes for sale near me on

The home page of HomesForSale.Vegas has a DIY search. The program has hundreds of homes and new home floor plans to choose from. Search our New Construction Home Search for yourself- be sure to use the filters and the map to get fewer choices. Warning: It can take forever to go through all the houses that will come up. 

See Our Blog On Building New Construction Homes

This site was written and provided to you by Kurt and Terri Grosse. They are 25+ year Southern Nevada Realtors and Kurt is a former NV Building Engineer (PE. CE) who monitors the construction of new homes as part of their service. They both look for possible red-flag issues in properties you visit while you look at the home. They protect and look out for their clients every day.

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