North Las Vegas, Nevada

North Las Vegas, NV has earned the honor of being the most affordable city in the Las Vegas Valley. As a result, North Las Vegas is the fastest-growing city in Nevada. With approximately 250,000 residents, N. Las Vegas ( AKA NLV )will soon pass Reno as Nevada’s third-largest city.

Because of a booming economy with new commercial endeavors helping to grow the city, most chain stores, and restaurants have opened new locations in the N. Las Vegas, NV.

The History of North Las Vegas, Nevada

North Las Vegas, NV was established in 1919 Map showing NLV borders with 1/2 of the land vacant
and became an incorporated city in 1941. There’s an older section of North Las Vegas located on the east side of I-15, just north of Downtown Las Vegas and Cashman Field.

At the beginning of the 20th century, North Las Vegas was the country suburb for many casino employees. You could buy an inexpensive plot of land and build a home. Today the situation is the same.  Build a custom home on your own personal plot of land or buy a beautiful home from a builder relatively inexpensively.

During a time of racial segregation, West Las Vegas was built. Today many of the original houses and churches still exist. As with any downtown area, crime in the inter-city is higher because buildings are older so prices and rent are lower and density is higher.

Crime Rate In North Las Vegas

Crime in North Las Vegas, NV is highest in the oldest part of the city. The first home in North Las Vegas that I listed was built in 1960. The neighborhood was rough 28 years ago. Here are Crime Report for North Las Vegas, Las Vegas Crime Report, and Henderson Crime Report links or always find them above in our menu bar under “Buyer”.

The North Las Vegas and Las Vegas Crime Maps will fill in if you hover for a minute. Henderson’s crime map is searchable for a particular address. Much of North Las Vegas crime is along the southern half of the 1-15 corridor.

Keep that in mind when looking for a home in North Las Vegas. The newer the area, the lower the crime. Most homes west of I-15 have been built since 1990 with an average age of 15-20 years old.

Growth of North Las Vegas Homes

Homes in North Las Vegas expanded to the NLV airport terminal building and passenger pickup area
west side of I-15 when the airport was built.  The area south of the airport is also older homes. Development started on the north side of the runway and west of 5th street in the late 1980s.

Businesses in the area still take advantage of the executive and cargo services now available at the North Las Vegas Airport. The NLV airport is the 3rd busiest airport in the state.

As Realtors, we call the west side of I-15 and the area north of Cheyenne “The New North Las Vegas” to differentiate between newer and older resale homes.

Since the late 1980s, the growth on The Las Vegas Strip has created a need for infrastructure, flood control, and buildings. Growth creates a need for both commercial and medical facilities besides the need for homes. North Las Vegas is a big part of the perpetual motion machine that starts on the Las Vegas Strip.

Employment in North Las Vegas

According to the LV Convention Authority, every hotel room creates 2.6 jobs as a direct result of the tourist/hotel/casino and 1.6  jobs for sustaining the employee and his/her family. North Las Vegas is only 10-15 minutes away from the strip and has 4 good-sized hotel/casinos within the city.

In 2012 North Las Vegas Nevada became home to a 1million square foot VA Hospital Campus. The empty desert surrounds this amazing resource has been a construction boom-town for many years. Services besides extensive medical departments include dental, vision, mental health, and long-term care. NLV VA Hospital aerial

Employers in North Las Vegas

When the Las Vegas Valley hit the 2,000,000 population mark, some corporate giants started noticing our little town. A great tax structure has enticed smaller and larger companies alike.

Bigelow Aerospace is a large skilled worker-employer in North Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway keeps getting new neighbors. In 2019 Amazon North Las Vegas opened a 2.4 million sqft. NLV Amazon's 1 million square feet warehouse North Las Vegas
distribution fulfillment center creating 1000 jobs, hiring more people in 2020. The French make-up company Sephora opened a 714,000 sqft. manufacturing facility that employs over 400 people.

Industrial Businesses In North Las Vegas

Apex, a large Industrial Center, which is about 10 miles north and on the other side of I-15, is growing. NASCAR continues to anchor our racetrack. Many drivers and racing teams have warehouses near the track too.

In May of 2020, North Las Vegas became home to a solar energy plant that will produce enough energy each day to power 260,000 homes. The plant will be located between Apex and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This will create employment opportunities within both construction and operational job positions.

Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center (FMWCC) is also located in NLV. It is the only Women’s Correctional Facility in the State of Nevada.

Nellis Air Force Base

Not only is having Nellis Air Force Base in NLV cool, but Nellis AFB is also a major NLV Nellis Thunderbirdsemployer. The best part of being near the base is that it is the official Home of the Thunderbirds, so we get unscheduled air shows. It’s quite common to see an F-16 or two flying overhead. Every other year they open the base to the public for “Aviation Nation,” showing off our fabulous airmen and their toys.

Compare Home Prices in the Las Vegas Valley

The last 30 years in the Las Vegas Valley have been a housing boom. There have always been 3 price ranges for the same exact home floor plan depending on which city the development is in.

Henderson has always had the most expensive land due to supply and demand. Las Vegas second and North Las Vegas home prices have been the lowest. Tp smaller building companies for their land and proven floor plans.

The hotel and casino construction workers needed homes. So homes were built. Homebuilders needed homes too and they all needed stores, schools and restaurants. It’s a cycle that created the entire Las Vegas Valley Housing boom.

North Las Vegas home prices have always been the most affordable. Homes in North Las Vegas are affordable, diversified, and offer many lifestyle choices.

North Las Vegas, NV Demographics

Over half of the residences in North Las Vegas, NV have a child under 18 years of age. The male-female ratio is 1 to 1. The median age is 31.5 and 50% over 15 years old are married. 52% of residents are white and only 60% of residents speak English.

You’ll find new and resale homes of all las vegas valley areas homes and housesshapes and sizes. Choose from having a small or a large lot, a one or two-story home, in every price range. In 2019, NLV’s average home sale was $279,000 and 2020 was still under $300,000. In 2021 the median home price went over $300,000.

Horse Property In NLV

There are some areas in North Las Vegas with custom homes on large lots that are quite popular. We call those areas Rural Neighborhood Preservation areas. Read our page and search for homes with large lots. here. Read about horse zoning and rural preservation neighborhoods in our NLV blog.

Horses ranch estates not in rural neighborhood preservation areas have been sub-divided or sold to new construction home builders. For homeowners who didn’t sell to a new home builder, in some cases, they were just built around.

North Las Vegas had more new home sales in 2019 than either Las Vegas or Henderson. The main reason was affordability. We think it also had to do with getting more home square footage for the price compared to the other cities.

Production housing ranges from condos and townhouses to large homes on large lots. Prices range from the Low $200,000’s to around $1 million. NLV is a great place to live and has some fabulous homes. 

Builder Tip #1 – Did you know?

Las Vegas Builders will pay for you to have buyer representation if you go to any of their housing tracts with your Realtor on the first visit. The home price will not change if you have representation or represent yourself. We are free.

In addition to us selling Real Estate for 25 years, Kurt is a former Nevada Building Engineer. (P.E., C.E) With how quickly Nevada homes are built, his knowledge and services are invaluable. As your New Construction home is built, he goes to the site to monitor construction for you or with you.

Read our “About Us” page and/or “7 Reasons To Use A New Construction Realtor” before you look at homes. We are New Construction Buyer Protectors, and we are free!

Brand New Homes In North Las Vegas

New Construction Homes in NLV are being built by about a dozen builders in over 150 different subdivisions. North Las Vegas is the only area with larger undeveloped parcels and every new home builder in the valley is waiting for BLM to release more land. 

There will be buildable land to develop in North Las Vegas for years to come. Only 50% of the city’s acreage has been built on. Because land prices are able to stay relatively reasonable, this has allowed builders to keep prices down. 

Finding a home in North Las Vegas that’s right for you is not easy on your own. There are over 200 new home subdivisions in the valley with over 1000 floor plans. Let us share our knowledge with you to make your decisions easier.

See our builder page list on the sidebar. Pages include insider information and builder history, as well as home searches for each builder. Make sure you check out our New Construction Info Blog if you’re considering a brand new home. 

Zip Codes In North Las Vegas, NV – Search North Las Vegas Homes by Zip Code

Search Homes In North Las Vegas Zip Codes: 89030  89031  89032   89081  89084  89085  89086 
Strictly North Las Vegas Business Zip Codes – 89033  89036  89087

Homes For Sale North Las Vegas 89030 – North Las Vegas neighborhoods
Homes For Sale North Las Vegas 89031 – North Las Vegas neighborhoods including El Dorado, The Parks
Homes For Sale North Las Vegas 89032
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Homes For Sale North Las Vegas 89081 – North Las Vegas neighborhoods
Homes For Sale North Las Vegas 89084 – North Las Vegas neighborhoods including Aliante, Sun City Aliante, and El Dorado
Homes For Sale North Las Vegas 89085 – North Las Vegas neighborhoods including Prescott Park and Waterfall
Homes For Sale North Las Vegas 89086 – North Las Vegas neighborhoods include Centinneal Ranch and North Ranch

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North Las Vegas Master-Planned Communities 

Why You Should Buy A House NowNew construction homes in North Las Vegas are mostly being built in lovely Master-Planned Communities. Eldorado, NLV’s first planned community, is at the top of Camino Al Norte. Pardee Homes started selling houses there in 1989. Thirty years later, Eldorado has only gained elegance. In addition, their wonderful green grass landscaping, designed before water rationing, is a pleasure to see.

The Newest Master-Planned Communities in NLV

At 2000 acres, Villages at Tule Springs is the newest and largest master-planned community in NLV. It sits east of the massive, new 1,000,000 sqft. VA Hospital and also borders the Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument. As a result, there are a lot of walking and bicycle trails designed to preserve the fossil site.

Another new master-planned community in North Las Vegas is North Ranch. Numerous builders are now actively selling homes. Del Webb at North Ranch is unique as it does not have a golf course which keeps the cost of homes and HOA fees low. The entire area is booming, schools are being built, and the 215 beltway is just up the street.

With the 215 Beltway only 1 busy street away from both communities, everything is within minutes. Aliante with Aliante’s hotel-casino and golf course are close. Every big-box store you can think of is only 2-5 freeway exits away. Downtown Las Vegas is less than 10 minutes away.

two-story home with 3 arches at porch and red shutters in NLV NVAlso nearby are the more established master-planned communities like El Dorado and Elkhorn. Both areas are filled in with commercial properties – convenient shopping, medical, offices, libraries, and amenities. You only have to leave NLV these days to go to a VGK or Raiders game.

Resale Homes and Foreclosures In N. Las Vegas

Hotel and casino employees and the related industries indeed took a big hit in 2020. Many employees of these businesses call N. Las Vegas home. The good news is that currently, the city has bounced back, and for anyone struggling, there is a big housing demand from out-of-state buyers.

Call us anytime to ask about the current market conditions for all areas of town.

The N. Las Vegas Home Market

The resale home market in North Las Vegas is in demand and offers great value. Many homes over 15 years old have been remodeled and seem new. Other homes are waiting for you to make them your own.

The advantage of resale homes will be larger lot sizes. Also, new construction homes are being built in the northern part of the city. Older homes will be further south and closer to already developed commercial businesses, established schools, and shopping. We sell both resale and new construction homes protecting you and your investment every step along the way.

North Las Vegas is a great place to call home. Search home listings below and save your FAVS in a private box to bookmark and return to. Filter results in the top-right corner. A saved search will send automated emails to you when new homes are listed for sale. When you’re done researching, contact us, and let’s find the perfect home for you!

North Las Vegas Energy Star Certified Homes

Since the average home in North Las Vegas is around 15 years old there’s a good chance that you’ll buy a Blue Energy Star Certified home. Energy Star Certification is the lowest level of energy certifications that go above and beyond Nevada’s energy-efficient building codes.

Energy Star is the Environmental energy star planet symbol North Las Vegas, Nevada
Protection Agency’s program certifies that products consumers purchase are more energy-efficient than others. With houses, an inspection is required before their standard certification is issued.

To be an Energy Star certified home, the home must be at least 10% more energy efficient than a normally constructed home in the area. The utility bills in these homes must also be at least 20% lower than other similar homes.

DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Homes and NGBS

The step above Energy Star Certified homes is an NGBS Certified Home. ASHRAE, ICC, and the National Association of Home Builders designed this certification to give you- the homebuyer confidence. Above and beyond NGBS Certification is the Department of Energy’s “Zero Energy Ready Homes”. These are homes that are utilizing many technology features that have come about in the last 20 years.

A home must first be able to be an Energy Star Certified home and then the additional energy-efficient home features are added together for a HERS Score. If the home is 40%-50% more energy-efficient than the area’s standard new construction home, they are rated Zero Energy Ready Home Certified.

Energy Efficient Green Homes

There are many certifications besides North Las Vegas, NVEnergy Star and Zero Certification depending on the home building product. there’s now Indoor airPLUS and Water Sense that cover AC/Heat and water-friendly products.

The home we live in uses 95% less energy each month than the rest of our zip code. We chose to buy an NGBS Certified Home. It cost a few thousand dollars more but if we save $50 a month, in 5 years we are ahead of the game and we are being kind to the planet.

When we look for resale homes for a client, we always check energy-efficient homes first because, in the resale market, these features are basically free. Solar is the exception to that statement. Both solar pool systems and whole-house systems will have resale value depending on the condition and age. It’s also common for homebuyers to assume a solar system and panel lease. 

A newer trend of a couple of builders is to build every home in their subdivision with solar on the roof as a standard feature. It is not common but they sell very well. We expect to see more of all solar subdivisions in the future.

Tankless water heaters are becoming standard in most subdivisions. They take a minute longer to get hot water to the shower but there is no energy being used to keep water hot 24/7. To learn more about Las Vegas’s water conservation efforts, read our blog about Water Conservation. You may also want to read our blog about Where Las Vegas’ water comes from.

Read more about Certified Energy Efficient Homes on our New Construction Homes page. 

Builder Smart Home Features

20 years ago, homes were built with remotegoogle light controls and CAT 5 wiring. Today, homes are built with a large variety of Smart Home features. Some builders offer numerous Smart Home Features as standard items and others consider them to be upgrades.

When buying a new home, you will pay less if a builder includes an energy or technology package than if you add features separately. If you don’t want or need these features, let us know and we will save you money by not taking you to builders that offer these features. Also if you want these features, tell us and we will avoid the basic builders.

This website and information are made available for you to explore by Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group. Kurt is a Las Vegas Top-Producing Realtor since 1996 and a Retired Building Engineer (P.E., C.E.). His goal with his buyers and sellers is to use his skills and knowledge to protect them in this ever-changing Las Vegas Real Estate Market. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, his skills are invaluable.

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