Overton and Logandale

Overton and Logandale are now towns that touch and have united city services. Both are known to be friendly communities and a great place to live. They are in the country by Lake Mead off of I-15, about 45 minutes from Las Vegas. According to the Moapa Valley Chamber of Commerce, there are 186 businesses in the Overton NevadaMoapa Valley. Logandale is also home to the Clark County Fairgrounds. The Clark County Fair and Rodeo are held in April every year.

Las Vegas is 64 miles from Overton and Logandale, which together was re-named Moapa Town in 1981. It seems like no one calls it Moapa Town, and I didn’t even know this until I did the research for this page. Moapa Town is located between I-15 and Lake Mead on the south side of Valley of Fire State Park and Glendale, Nevada. The area is absolutely beautiful, especially when the flowers bloom.  

Before Hoover Dam

Through-out the 1800s, Morman settlers descended to the area that was Southern Utah to farm the land. With three water sources in the valley, the area was quite popular. When Utah’s state line changed, many Mormons in these small towns relocated back to Utah. One town close to Overton was St. Thomas, which became a ghost town.

The government bought the St. Thomas ghost town in the 1930s, and St. Thomas went under Lake Mead’s waters for almost 80 years. Before St. Thomas was covered, some residents, along with the cemetery, moved to Overton. Even though St. Thomas is protected by the National Park Service, historians and curious tourists like to investigate the ruins that began to show again with the low water levels in the last 15 years.

History of Overton and Logandale

Overton and Logandale were less than 7 miles apart. However, in 1981 the two towns merged to make Moapa Valley.moapa overton The airports for both towns still remain open, Perkins Field and Echo Bay Airport. The locals still call the cities by their separate names, but legally they are merged.

Moapa Town sits along the Muddy River and the Meadow Valley Wash, which merge and drain into Lake Mead. The place where the wash met the Virgin River before Hoover Dam was built is now under Lake Mead’s waters.

In the 1930s, Overton Marina was built 11 miles down the road on Lake Mead’s northern-most arm. In 2007 as water levels dropped, the Overton Beach Marina closed.

Houses in Moapa Town

There are around 30 houses for sale in the Overton and Logandale area year-round. Some are in town, and some are ranches. Very few are manufactured homes.

The rule is that people who live there really enjoy outdoor activities and fresh air. The high school is new and modern, and its theatre is where the community gets together.

Restaurants, stores, and a hotel add to the community, and with Mesquite 35 miles away, larger stores are close by. Las Vegas is less than an hour away so it’s a great day jaunt for Las Vegas Valley residents. If you see any homes that you like, would like more information, call us for an appointment today.

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