is new to Las Vegas. Because Las Vegas Raider Ladies are powerful, fun, and fabulous, there’s a new blog magazine that has joined Raider Nation. Be sure to check out their FaceBook Page – Raider Ladies Nation. 

HomesForSale.Vegas Is A RaiderLadies.Com Sponsor is about The Raiders, history, and things that matter to women. No stats and game day analysis, but lots of stories about their move, different player’s families, personal appearances, and their charities. will always have links to the best prices for Raider Gear and Tickets.

Their values are aligned with ours. We both love our Raiders. Even more, we both love the community they relocated to. We both want to promote charity events that help people who are in need within our wonderful city. As a sponsor, I have numerous Raider Real Estate Pages featuring “Whose House Is This?” on their website too.

My team has helped people relocate to Las Vegas for 25 years, and now it’s Raiders fans. Working with fellow fans has been a pleasure and will make viewing parties a lot more fun. The Black Hole has arrived, so if you’re thinking about relocating to Las Vegas or Henderson, browse through our 200-page site or just call me and let’s talk.

Meet The Ladies and Meet the Businesses are always looking for fan contributed content and pictures. Submit pictures of your kids and loved ones, content, or even content ideas to They are all about the good times that we can have together to support our favorite football team while doing good in the community.

Las Vegas

The Raiders Are Here!

Throughout 2020, as I have been showing homes, it made me think of the value in Las Vegas real estate compared to northern and southern California. Compared to California, there is an amazing value in real estate in Las Vegas. As both a 25 year Las Vegas Realtor and a retired building engineer (P.E., C.E.) I am here to use that knowledge and experience to help my clients achieve their dreams.

While visiting with friends, I’ve been told that surprisingly, players, coaches, and their families love living in Las Vegas. The number one reason seems to be Quality of Life. With very little traffic, the team has 3 hours a day extra to spend having a life! Hopefully, happy players make better players.

The buzz around the exciting launch of and the Las Vegas Raiders’ first game was about them being HERE! In LAS VEGAS! We will do everything we can to support the team, their players, their charities, and you, the fans. Our family has been Raiders fans forever. I understand that there will be viewing parties in hotels and events. Looking forward to meeting fellow fans.

If you’re considering a move to the NEW Las Vegas Raiders Territory, feel free to browse my website for your next Las Vegas or Henderson home!

Stay Safe!