See the list below of our top 10 reasons to relocate to Las Vegas. We compiled our top 10 reasons to relocate to Las Vegas list – 30-year Realtors who have seen Las Vegas double and almost triple in size. When you meet a “Local,” ask them what their top reasons to relocate to Las Vegas are. We think that they will all be included in our list.

10. Great Economic Outlook                             10 reasons To Relocate to Las Vegas Kurt Grosse

The Las Vegas economy’s outlook is optimistic! There are both growth and expansion projects everywhere you look. Fox Business News rated Nevada the #4 Best State Economy on 12-9-19. In 2020, it became a challenge, and recovery continues.

Housing appreciation has stayed strong due to people wanting to live in Las Vegas and residents not wanting to move. Las Vegas is still considered “The Land of Opportunity,” even with the economy’s challenging times. What has made the Las Vegas economy different during the pandemic is that Las Vegas is a great vacation and weekend destination location within driving distance from 8 major cities.

9.  Everyone Will Visit You In Las Vegas

With over 42 million visitors in 2019, chances are that you have friends who were among them. If not, they’ll visit within the next year or two. For New Year’s Eve, when there isn’t a hotel room available, you may have a full house. Get ready to become a tour guide! After 34 years in town, when we have guests, I now go to bed at night and give our guests my car keys. How many times can you tour Hoover Dam in a year or watch the Bellagio Fountains?

8.  Transportation                                                   Top 10 reasons to relocate to Las Vegas Reason #8

A top 10 reason to relocate to Las Vegas that few consider is that Las Vegas enjoys transportation options like nowhere else. Besides minimal traffic, beautiful roads, inexpensive airfares, and rental cars, we take advantage of inexpensive airfares.

The economy in Las Vegas thrives in part because of airline partners. Outbound and incoming airfares are less than almost every other airport in the country. Go online and compare flying from Las Vegas to X compared to Los Angeles to X, and Las Vegas will be less.

7.  Retirement

Las Vegas enjoys a “lower than the national average” cost of living. All local casinos have an “Over 50+” day where residents over 50 years old can enjoy deals, promotions, and $4 movie deals. With 1/3 of the city’s population over 55 years of age, senior services are offered by just about every business. Medical facilities are grouped every few miles near the valley’s 11 largest hospitals. Numerous senior citizen centers and retirement community centers offer classes, groups, and activities.

Retirees mainly like living here because there’s always something to do, and it can be quite affordable. There are over 15 large 55+ security conscience neighborhoods- as well as smaller retirement neighborhoods too. Amenities in these communities include recreation centers, pools, classes, clubs, games, and golf. Nevada’s tax benefits give many people a large raise- there’s no State Income Tax or Inheritance Tax.

6.  Food and Entertainment – Only In Las VegasTop 10 reasons to relocate to Las Vegas reason #6

Food is a great reason to relocate to Las Vegas! It seems like all of the famous chefs in the country have a 5-star restaurant on The Las Vegas Strip.

Recreation is abundant. There are 36 Showrooms at hotels and 7 arenas or stadiums. Sports have arrived in Las Vegas! Take your choice of a NASCAR race, hockey with the Golden Knights, Women’s Basketball offers The Aces, and for soccer, we have The Lights. The new Ballpark in Summerlin is home to the Aviators, and Allegiant Stadium is home to the Las Vegas Raiders and the UNLV Running Rebels. Which sport is your favorite?

Special occasions are fun! Every entertainer, band, and show wants to have a show in Las Vegas. Do you like to shop? Las Vegas has it all. Drive fast cars or zip-line through the Fremont Street Experience. Hike in numerous National and State recreation areas located just minutes from home. We have the largest human-made lake in the U.S for water fun. Take a helicopter ride or go to the casino- there’s always something to do!

Top 5 Reasons To Relocate To Las Vegas


5.  Taxes!                                                                      Tax Breaks top 10 reasons to relocate to Las Vegas

Nevada’s residents have the 8th Lowest Tax Burden in the U.S., according to Money Magazine. There is No State Income Tax! No Inheritance Tax, NO Gift Tax, and NO Corporate Tax.

There’s an 8.375% Sales Tax, and Property Tax is under 1% or less for a resale home. Our state taxes are paid by tourists through room tax- we appreciate them!

See our blog about Taxes In Nevada


4.  Jobs Are A Great Reason To Relocate To Las Vegas

Every hotel room is credited with 2.5 jobs- 1 within the hotel/casino and 1.5 within the community. Major industries include medical, manufacturing, construction, and technology. Infrastructure, flood control, and air travel all make our lifestyle work better. Conventions, sports, and gaming add a lot of jobs. All of these industries have employees who also need food, beauty services, homes, insurance, cars, etc.

With 3 Incorporated Cities and Clark County in the Las Vegas Valley, they all employ many people. There are over 150,000 hotel rooms in Clark County, and 10,000 new rooms are scheduled to open during 2021- 2022. Over 5M square feet of factory/warehouse space opened in N. Las Vegas in 2019- about 2000 jobs. However, note that there is a serious shortage of medical personnel and teachers- need a job? Amazon, Google, and the Raiders all opened large facilities in 2020. Employment, chef, hotels, medical, businesses

The #3 Reason To Relocate To Las Vegas?


3. The Weather

The Las Vegas Valley averages 310 sunny days a year and 26.5 rainy days with a total annual rainfall of 4.2 inches. The coldest month is December, with an average high of 56.7 and a low of 38.7 degrees. The hottest month is July, with an average high of 104.1 and a low of 81 degrees.

There are no tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, or wildfires. We do have wind but nothing extreme. As a So. Cal. girl, my wife knows earthquakes. Since she moved to Vegas in 1993, she says she has felt 5 earthquakes that were barely noticeable.

Yes, Las Vegas is hot during the summer. It’s also quite comfortable outside during the mornings and evenings. There is valet parking in many places so going from your air-conditioned home to your air-conditioned car to your air-conditioned destination is not a hardship.

2. Families      

>Las Vegas Valley is geared toward families, retirees, and singles. The strip is not where we live- but we can visit. There are variety and diversity everywhere you look. The Valley has many great schools – we’ve been opening 1 school a month for the last 30 years. Master-planned community neighborhoods have fabulous parks with amenities and walking trails. Specialized sports-themed parks and bicycle paths are popular. Communities have large recreation facilities with events and organized sports.

The Library System is one of the best in the country. With eclectic shopping, over 500 churches, a city choir and orchestra, plays, cultural events, dancing, gyms, museums, and professional sports, you’ll never get bored! You’ll love all the fun and unique things to do and the unique places to celebrate special occasions.

The #1 Reason To Relocate To Las Vegas?


1. Affordable Housing realtor Kurt Grosse Sells Summerlin South North

The Las Vegas Valley has approx. 5000 people a month relocating to it because of the thriving economy. About 1/3 of those people are from California. A BIG reason they move here is the cost of homes.

You can buy a beautiful brand new home in Las Vegas for around $400,000. Pre-owned homes start at around $250,000. A $500,000-$600,000 house is fabulous. You can buy land and build a custom dream house for $1M+.

Lifestyles offered in Las Vegas are as diverse as the number of homes for sale. Live in a new and fresh master-planned community. Enjoy space and a bit of luxury in custom homes on 1/2 acre or greater lots in a Rural Preservation Neighborhood. Ride horses or enjoy the relaxation or soak in the beauty of living in a golf course community.

And views are of the city, red-rocked mountains, lake water, and golf courses. Depending on which area you choose to live in, the median price of homes is +/- around $400,000.


The Las Vegas housing boom continues. You can move into a great house in the Las Vegas Valley and enjoy over 300 sunny days a year. Bring Mom and Dad to town to live in a fun, affordable, active adult retirement community. With multiple businesses hiring, employment possibilities are looking good! Be warned; everyone will visit you frequently because there’s always something to do in Las Vegas!

Since you’re no longer paying State Income Tax, you have approx. 10% more money to spend traveling, eating out, going to shows, or saving for the kids’ college and your retirement. You’ll spend less time commuting and more time walking, hiking, and enjoying social activities. What kind of lifestyle do you want to have in Las Vegas? 

Comment below- These were our Top 10 Reasons to Relocate to Las Vegas – What’s Yours?

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