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55+ Retirement Neighborhoods in Las Vegas, Henderson, and NLV

Residents know that living in senior citizens, 55+ homes for sale in Las Vegas retirement communities is a FABULOUS lifestyle. There certainly is not the old stigma of an elderly couple living their golden years doing nothing in Las Vegas.

Homes for sale in Las Vegas retirement communities are sold quickly because neighborhoods are about FUN! Are you ready to have a fun and active retirement?

Fun is the number 1 reason why senior citizens 55+ Las Vegas retirement communities are thriving. The number 2 reason is the weather. Visualize your ideal retirement lifestyle and know that the Las Vegas Valley or the surrounding areas can probably offer it.

There are over 20 resale retirement communities in Las Vegas and 8 new construction home communities being built. You can choose any amenities that appeal to your lifestyle and vision.

Retirement Living in Las Vegas

Many people choose to retire and/or live in Las Vegas because it’s different from anywhere else in the U.S. There is always something to do- if you want to.

Friends and family want to visit you! As a result of choosing a fun place to live, you go on adventures when visitors are with you.

55+ neighborhoods have incredible community centers. Classes and groups are a great way to meet people and stay active. There are community functions, groups, various clubs, and outings. Nearby medical facilities are good, and people are friendly.

Other Reasons 55+ Love Las Vegas Retirement

Since 55+ retirement communities are designed to maximize safety, homes are loaded with precautional electronic wiring and features. As a matter of fact, the active-adult lifestyle in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas is highly desired because of low crime rates.

You’ll avoid the hustle and bustle of a normal neighborhood while making friends with people your own age who also relocated to enjoy life. Nevada’s tax structure, no natural disasters, and 300+ sunny days a year are also enticing! Senior citizen houses are also designed for the eventuality of aging.

Where are 55+ Las Vegas Retirement Communities?

Every city in and around the Las Vegas Valley has at least two 55+ communities. Retirement living is designed for living an active-adult lifestyle and happily growing old. Enjoy years of freedom and adventures complete with senior citizen discounts and friends.

Life within an active-adult senior citizen home neighborhood tends to be peaceful after dark – when you want it to be. Nighttime fun is found in the community centers, showrooms, and casinos.

Casino bus pickups are scheduled at various times in neighborhoods with people over 55. Las Vegas hotels and casinos allow senior patrons to eat, socialize, and play safely accommodating people who don’t drive and people who drink.

Las Vegas Retirement Living is a Great Thing!

Over 1/3 of Las Vegas residents are over 55, and living in a 55+ community is usually less expensive. Additionally, senior citizen neighborhoods have many attractive features.

Las Vegas retirement communities  community center 55+These 55+ communities are filled with lovely homes and townhouses. Many retirees choose to pay cash for their 55+ community homes since they are reasonably priced.

Furthermore, in age-restricted communities, you’ll find activities specifically designed for senior citizens. Enjoy a round of golf, hiking on trails, or in the mountains. Staying at home or visiting neighbors is always an option, too.

Walking around the neighborhood and visiting the community centers are enjoyable activities. Many of these centers have a restaurant, some with spectacular views of the city or golf.

What Do 55+ Las Vegas Retirement Communities Offer

Within most age-restricted 55+ communities, Las Vegas retirement communities have residents who assist in many ways. You’ll find cooking classes taught by retired chefs, or even a Vegas 5-star chef could teach a class. Sign-up for woodworking classes taught by a retired carpenter. Computer and phone app classes are taught by techie residents- and are extremely popular.

In many Sun City Communities, a group of residents assists others with medical logistics and care. Some communities have groups that look in on others. Gossip tends to be about travel and sharing city and community information.

Another nice thing about living in a Las Vegas retirement community is that you have a choice of what to do every day. As a result of living in a climate with beautiful blue skies and only 4 inches of rain a year, people have more energy and feel better.

Which 55+ Community Is The Safest?

We have a post about the Safest Areas of Las Vegas with links to weekly crime locations. The maps will show you the truth. Statistically, the safest areas are around the outside of the valley in the hills.

Sun City Summerlin is a good example of safety in numbers. With over 8000 homes and very few teens, it is obvious when young people are around and up to no good.

Most 55+ retirement communities have either a guard gate, or extensive roving patrols, or both. Sun city community center activities clubs games, fitness 55+Neighborhoods have Neighborhood Watch, and many people have video doorbells and security systems to deter crime. The best thing about retirement neighborhoods is that thieves think older people are home looking out the windows.

Homes in many neighborhoods are wired for alarm systems. Roving patrols will do additional checks for residents who are away. Desert landscaping can go for months with no maintenance which is perfect for a “Lock and Leave” lifestyle.

Nevada Tax Structure

The best advantage of living in Nevada compared to other states is Nevada’s tax structure. Nevada is one of 7 states with no personal income tax.

There is also no inheritance tax and no state corporate tax. Sales tax is about 8 3/8, depending on which county you’re in. Clark County sales tax is 8 3/8.

A new system for calculating property taxes was enacted in 2015. From that date forward, despite appreciation, your home’s property tax can only go up a certain percentage.

The maximum that property tax can go up is 3% for owner-occupied properties and 7% for investment and business properties each year. Link here for more information about Nevada taxes and how the Nevada Property Tax Structure works.

Why Seniors Like Homes In Las Vegas:

  1. Affordability – there’s only a low monthly payment.
  2. NO State Income Tax- give yourself a raise!
  3. NO Inheritance tax- more money for the kids later or more money for you to spend!
  4. Low energy costs 9 months a year – adds to a lower cost of living.
  5. Minimal care landscaping- low watering and environmentally friendly yards,
  6. Active Adult and 55+ Communities are beautiful! Lovely landscaping and golf course greenery.
  7. Community pools, classes, and recreation facilities, activities, and trips.
  8. Volunteer programs that assist with medical care and transportation.
  9. Friendly neighbors – most are relocated too.
  10. Casino fun and inexpensive movies and food.
  11. Cheapest airfares in the country for flights out of and into Las Vegas.
  12. Restaurants and shows- celebrate or see your favorite entertainers.
  13. Good quality, newer, and convenient medical facilities.
  14. Dry, sunny weather and lack of natural disasters.
  15. Only an occasional trace of snow flurries.
  16. Hot days are for AC and valet parking.
  17. The Entertainment Capital of the World is 15 minutes away.
  18. Local casino meals, free transportation, entertainment, giveaways, and incentives.

Making New Friends In Las Vegas

senior 55+ Trilogy pool 55+ retirement living Besides the activities or clubs at a community’s clubhouse, there are adventures, entertainment with discounted prices, and even freebies. Going to the casino on Senior Day is a social event! I see people greeting friends all over the buffet at lunch on Senior Day. has a list of groups, and they get together for eating dinner, drinking, playing games, hiking, lunch, speaking French, movies, etc. We meet many great people at Meet-up groups. My favorite group is Genuine Girlfriends- look them up!

Transportation Around Las Vegas

If you ever need public transportation, the entire valley has a great bus system- the RTC of Southern Nevada. Besides Paratransit, RTC implemented a new program to pick up people from their homes and take riders to nearby stores.

They charge $.50 per ride. Currently, each community and area has a 7-hour time slot on a pre-assigned day of the week. On the RTC’s website, in the Paratransit and Accessibility section, there is a list of Las Vegas Valley’s community medical assistance transportation programs.

In addition to the above, RTC has free parking at their terminal by the airport. This is a parking lot with roving security where you can park for 7 days at no cost.  It’s a 5-minute bus ride to the airport and the bus only costs $2 in each direction.

Only $4 to park in a secured lot for a week is worth remembering. Note that buses arrive every 15 minutes except during the middle of the night when they come every 30 minutes. You catch the RTC bus on the 0 zero level at the airport.Henderson and Las Vegas Del Webb 55+

Of course, there are plenty of taxis, Uber, and Lyft rides available. Casinos have buses that go to 55+ communities to bring you to their hotel/casino. Hotels/casinos with multiple locations have buses that go between many communities and them for you to use.

Casino Senior Citizen Days and Deals

There are activities! Most casinos consider a Senior Citizen to be 50+, not 55+. We took advantage of that when we turned 50! In larger 55+ Las Vegas retirement communities, some casinos have scheduled buses to pick up residents at a scheduled time.

Go to a hotel with a group or meet friends for the $5 buffet lunch at your local casino. Casino movie theatres offer $3, $4, and $5 movies during daytime hours on Senior Day. Enjoy a $5 buffet, free slot tournaments, $3 Bingo, incentives, and random drawings.

55+ Age Restricted Housing

Las Vegas is small enough that you’ll start seeing people you recognize senior citizen homes community centerat the grocery store, clubhouse, and the casino very quickly. Living in a 55+ community means that one resident of the household is 55 or over.

Each neighborhood has different rules regarding cut-off dates and underage visitors. Children may be there for only a certain number of days a year. Sometimes they may not be allowed in a specific pool or area.

All facilities and homes are for both active and inactive adults. Medical offices and hospitals are located close to all communities. We have an interactive map with lists of Las Vegas hospitals and care facilities. It may be useful when choosing a community to live in.

The Lifestyles of a Las Vegas Retirement Community

Senior citizen houses are designed for older people with safety and ease as big factors. Ranch-style homes or one-level houses are the norms. Tile flooring will be in wet areas and all walkways in case a walker or wheelchair is ever needed.

Every home will feature a walk-in shower with a seat built-in in the Main Bath. The secondary bathroom has a bathtub, and both bathrooms have safety grab bars. Throughout the home, there are emergency light switches to flip to have a guard come by or the guard will call 911.

Features For Seniors’ Homes

Door handles in Age-Restricted Communities are levers, not knobs. Light switches are the rocker kind, which is much easier. Everything in these houses has been thought out and designed for your safety. Some neighborhoods have removable “under the sink” cabinets if needed in the future.Community center sun City Anthem Del Webb senior citizen

The goal is to ease the challenges of getting older, keeping people independent longer. Most homes have 2-3 bedrooms plus a bonus room. The bonus room can be an office, a craft room, a sewing room, or a laundry room. Some homes are 4-5 bedrooms, but not many.

Garages will have one or two parking spots. Las Vegas retirement communities that are also a golf course community will have room for a golf cart or an extra storage space in the garage.

Depending on which golf community you choose, golf carts can be the primary transportation. Many people use their golf carts to go everywhere, including the grocery store.

Easy Care Desert Landscaping

Desert landscaping is low-maintenance, and if you buy a townhouse, the gardener is provided. Communities are either gated, guard-gated, or patrolled by a security team for additional safety. Roving patrols will also look for blinking alert lights and will do vacation checks for you.

Senior Communities are known to be safe places to walk, and people look out for each other. Buying a senior citizen home in Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas might be right for you- let us know!

Las Vegas retirement communities have houses that are large and small with formal living rooms or a great room floorplan. Have a pool and or spa in your yard or use the community centers. Your choices are endless!

A recent trend is new construction luxury townhouses with elevators in the Las Vegas retirement communities. There are currently 12 new construction senior retirement communities with brand new homes or townhouses for sale in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson.

Resale homes are available in many 55+ Las Vegas retirement communities for seniors. There are 2 retirement communities in Mesquite and 2 in Pahrump.

Amenities in smaller, more expensive retirement communities tend to be luxurious, and valets may be included in your homeowner dues. Let us show you all of your options.

Master Planned Communities Lifestyle card hospitals and care facilities

What is the Best 55+ Community in Las Vegas?

When looking for a 55+ community near me, you’ll be looking in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. The most affordable over 55 community homes for
sale with no golf, will be in North Las Vegas and the north part of Las Vegas.

There are older, over 55, condominium units near Charleston Blvd. and Valley View. This location is conveniently located near medical facilities and hospitals near UMC Medical Center. Silverado Ranch in the south part of Las Vegas also has 55+ condominiums.

Sun City Summerlin is the oldest and largest retirement community in Las Vegas. After 30 years, there are very few original owners. Sun City Summerlin is where you’ll get the most square footage for the money in homes for sale for retirement living.

Make sure you link to our separate information pages of each 55+ Active-Adult Community below. Each page includes a home search for the homes for sale in the different communities.

When we have our first appointment, if you are unsure of where you’d like to live, let us show you. With more than 10 different 55+ communities building brand new homes currently in the Las Vegas Valley. Hundreds of resale homes in over 55 communities allow you to choose your location.

Choosing The Perfect Over 55 Retirement Lifestyle

55+ age restricted senior citizen community south westThe best way to narrow down your selection of homes for sale is to decide which area and community you want to live in. If you are unsure of which area to live in, join us for an “Area of Town Tour. ” We show you homes, communities, and amenities, comparing amenities and prices.

The Best 55+ Community in Las Vegas is the one in a price range that you feel comfortable with and one that has the amenities you want. You may want a condominium or a townhouse, or you may not care about golf. Let’s find the right community for you with the home you deserve to enjoy your retirement in.

We’ve sold many Sun City Anthem, Siena, and Sun City Summerlin houses because they are the largest 55+ communities in Las Vegas and Henderson. Being 20+ year Summerlin residents, our favorites are probably Regency at Summerlin and Trilogy. Trilogy opened a new neighborhood in late 2021.

But if I were retiring to Henderson, I’d choose Lake Las Vegas, Cadence, or on the hill. Do you want a large or a smaller community? Golf or no golf? Is there someone you want to live near? Those things matter.

55+ Las Vegas Retirement Communities

Each 55+ community will vary in price based on if it’s in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, or outside the Las Vegas Valley. Also, age, lot size, and location within the community will add or take away value from a home.

The age of the home may also dictate the home’s architectural style and energy-efficient and smart home features. If you know which area you’d like to live in, there are most likely 2-3 55+ communities within a few miles. We know all of the 55+ communities, the amenities, and the areas. Let’s open some doors!

Below you will find a brief description of the largest age-restricted communities in the valley. In addition, we have provided links to pages with more detailed information and various home searches. Save your FAVES in a private box you can return to or set up an automatic listing notification search. We are also happy to do this for you.

Retirement Communities in Summerlin

Sun City Summerlin

Sun City Summerlin started the largest master planned community in the U.S. Developed first while Howard Hughes was still planning, Summerlin Sun City set a precedence of beauty and quality. Sun City Summerlin consists of 7779 detached single-family homes and attached duplexes or townhouses.

There are always resale homes available in both the townhomes and detached home sections. With 4 beautiful clubhouses and 3 golf courses, Sun City will always be in demand. Click Sun City Summerlin to go to our page for more detailed information and property searches.


Trilogy is an upscale, no golf, guard-gated retirement neighborhood in southwest Las Vegas. Located in the Cliffs Village in Summerlin, Trilogy has townhouses and single-family homes.

Unlike other age-restricted communities, Trilogy offers 2 and 3 story homes with elevators. Click Trilogy for more detailed information and home searches. 

In late 2021, a new Trilogy community opened in Sunstone at Summerlin. Las Vegas has no other new construction homes for sale in the northwest. These houses are all 1 story and come with solar. Search new homes below.


benefits of living in a guard gated community Siena retirement living 55+ senior citizen active adults homes for sale
Also located in Summerlin South, Siena is an upscale guard-gated golf community. Siena features an Italian theme throughout including in the fitness and recreation centers.

Shopping, a theatre, and a restaurant with golf views give Siena an A+. Click Siena for more detailed information and community house searches.

Regency At Summerlin

Regency has mainly new construction luxury homes, but there may be a resale home listed. Located in the Cliffs Village of Summerlin South, it’s a guard-gated community with contemporary one-story home exteriors.

Additionally, a brand new community center with state-of-the-art everything, complete with an activity director. Spectacular city and mountain views make Regency one of the best 55+ communities in Las Vegas. Click Regency at Summerlin for more information.

55+ Neighborhoods In Las Vegas

Los Prados

Mostly built in the early 1990s, Los Prados is in the northwest part of the city. This guard-gated community has both detached homes and townhouses. Los Prados is a mix of both age-restricted and family neighborhoods.

There are many amenities for residents, including a pool, tennis courts, and a restaurant. Many people with RV’s choose Los Prados for their onsite parking. Click Los Prados for more detailed information and searches.

Solera At Stallion Mountain

After the success of Solera at Anthem, Solera at Stallion Mountain was built in 2011-2013 with the same floorplans. Del Webb built under 900 homes at affordable prices. Solera was built on a former golf course that was a victim of the financial recession.

Joining an existing community, residents share the guard-gated golf features and have their own private community center. Located in Southeast Las Vegas, Solera is intimate and provides a convenient location. Click Solera At Stallion Mountain for more information and property searches.

55+ Retirement Communities In Henderson

Sun City Anthem

Sun City Anthem is an upscale golf community on top of the hill in Henderson. The 24,000 square foot community center has almost everything 55+ active adults want. There are groups, clubs, activities, classes, and even theatre and broadcasting facilities.

Inside is their hill-top view restaurant overlooking the golf course, which is a great place to get together with other residents. Click Sun City Anthem for more info and available home searches.

Solera At Anthem   1 story ranch home in Henderson Del Webb Solera

Solera At Anthem is a Del Webb community with no golf. Surrounded by golf courses, residents can use any one of them and pay for usage. Social Fees in Solera are lower without golf, so demand is high.

All residents have access to the community amenities of Anthem as well as Solera’s Community Center. Click Solera At Anthem for more information and to search for homes.

Sun City MacDonald Ranch

Sun City MacDonald Ranch was the first Del Webb 55+ community in Henderson. At the top of the hill, situated around a nice golf course, it is not gated. Homes are priced well and were built on tiered lots for maximum privacy.

Lots in MacDonald Ranch are larger than other retirement communities and many back to the local mountains. City views are common. Click on Sun City MacDonald Ranch for information, pictures, and available home searches.

Del Webb At Lake Las Vegas

Del Webb at Lake Las Vegas is a brand new home community on Lake Las Vegas’s north side near Lake Mead. Del Webb at Lake Las Vegas is a part of the exclusive golf development with a beautiful lake to enjoy.

This private peaceful neighborhood has shopping, its own state-of-the-art community center. Resorts with an upscale hotel-casino resort also share the lake. Click to go to our Del Webb at Lake Las Vegas information page with new home information.

55+ Communities In North Las Vegas

Sun City Aliante

Sun City Aliante is a golf community in the middle of North Las Vegas along the 215 Beltway. Aliante Station Hotel and Casino is next door providing space for guests, and it’s a local gathering spot. An active lifestyle with fun includes the community center’s groups, clubs, and activities. Affordable and convenient and a great place to live. Click Sun City Aliante for more information and home searches.

Del Webb At North Ranch

Del Webb at North Ranch is the newest of the Del Webb senior 55+ communities in the Las Vegas Valley. Del Webb North Ranch sign retirement living 55+ homes for sale
With a great North Las Vegas location, it’s a minute to the 215 Beltway and to the 1 million square foot VA Medical Center and Hospital.

Gated with an elaborate community center, the neighborhood is not based around golf – just about the enjoyment of life. Click on Del Webb at North Ranch to see information and new Construction floorplans.


Ardiente has a great convenient location in North Las Vegas along the I-15 corridor. It is a small community with a Spanish theme throughout the homes and community center, convenient to all things downtown and around the valley. Click on Ardiente to go to our information page with home searches.

The Best 55+ Community In Las Vegas Is…

Ultimately, the best senior citizen 55+ community in Las Vegas is the one that fits into your desired price range that offers the amenities you’re looking for. All 13 of the above communities are the larger ones.Use Las Vegas Realtor Kurt Grosse inspection

Did you know that in Las Vegas, Home Builders and Resale Home Sellers pay for you to have Buyer Representation? Protect yourself by utilizing our combined 54+ years of Las Vegas Real Estate Expertise.

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