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Considered a mining town, Searchlight, Nevada is also a Colorado River town and a Lake Mohave vacation destination. Searchlight, Nevada homes for sale are varied. Searchlight, NV is located on the road in the middle of lots of places. It’s the halfway point between Las Vegas, NV, and Laughlin, NV, or Bullhead City, AZ.

Searchlight, NV is halfway between Henderson, NV, and Lake Mojave. Searchlight, NV is also the point between Mountain Pass, CA off I-15 and Laughlin, NV. Halfway between I-40 and Henderson, NV off US 95 is also where Searchlight, NV is.

And, what great weather! With an elevation higher than much of the surrounding desert areas, the summer days rarely hit 100 degrees and nights cool down quickly. During the winter it’s rare for temperatures to go below 32 degrees for a low.

The Economy In Searchlight

Being in the middle of quite a few destinations, truckers drop into town providing an extra source of income. A large solar power plant about halfway to Boulder City. Some of the plant’s workers choose to live in Searchlight because it’s in the country and is considerably less expensive than Boulder City or Henderson.

Besides the school and library, Searchlight has a McDonald’s, 2 gas stations, 2 motels, and a Terrible’s Casino. In 2011, the Killian Gold Mine started producing again and due to better technology and mining methods, it’s producing many jobs.

Although it can be seasonal, outdoor recreation businesses are another source of business calling Searchlight home. There is a large dry lake bed that is quite popular with off-road vehicles between Boulder City and Searchlight.

The town of Searchlight, NV is unincorporated and has an Elementary School that’s part of the Clark County School District. There is a public library that is part of the Las Vegas Clark County Library District.

Residents of Searchlight are fortunate to have access to one of the best libraries in the country for e-books, audiobooks, music, and downloading entertainment. Searchlight, NV homes for sale are in the middle of a speed trap. Be sure to slow down driving through town.

searchlight nevada homes for sale Southern Nevada

The History of Searchlight

Searchlight keeps re-inventing itself. When gold was discovered in 1897 the town grew to be larger than Las Vegas at the time with over 1500 residents. In 1910 gold and other minerals were being mined until 1917 but the town hung on.

The nail in the coffin was in 1927 when Highway 91 bypassed Searchlight dropping the town’s population to 50 people.  The 1930s Searchlight was re-invented again with Brothels servicing the workers at Boulder Dam.

Housing In Searchlight

For the past 60 years, retirees, outdoor enthusiasts, and tourists have brought life to the community. There are currently 13 properties for sale. Feel free to take a look and if you’d like to see one, we’d be happy to show it to you.  Call our office today for an appointment- 702-750-7599.

There is an eclectic mix of houses and mobile homes within the city proper of Searchlight, NV. Homes for sale are scattered around the area on busy roads and hilltops. There are homes and ranches for sale on large plots of land.

At Lake Mojave’s Cottonwood Cove there is a great community of mobile homes mainly used as vacation housing. Link to our Southern Nevada Cities Home Search landing page to see 15 summaries about other cities with home and land searches in those cities.


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