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Sloan Nevada Homes For Sale Coming Soon! View of Las Vegas from Sloan

Where Is Sloan, Nevada Located?

Sloan, Nevada, homes for sale rarely exist – FOR NOW. There are blocks of modular homes in Sloan, Nevada, and a few stucco ones in the industrial area but that’s it. We have a home search but there are very few homes for sale in Sloan, NV.

The City of Sloan is located in Clark County, Nevada. You’ll find it 18 miles south of Downtown Las Vegas along Interstate 15. Sloan is about 4-5 miles outside of the Las Vegas Valley. This also means that Sloan is about 30 miles north of Primm and the Nevada/California Border.

Being just outside of Las Vegas and Henderson means that currently, the nearest grocery store is 5-6 miles. Sloan, Nevada is only 17 minutes to Downtown Las Vegas! Putting that in perspective, we live in Southwest Las Vegas and are 20 minutes from Downtown.

What’s The Future Of Sloan, Nevada?

This is the perfect location for Las Vegas Valley expansion! Properties in Sloan are currently using electricity and solar power and well water is used. I assume the delay for development is BLM releasing land. As soon as land auctions start, development won’t happen until flood control, utilities, and sewer lines are available.

As a Southern Nevada city near Las Vegas, I am always amazed that Sloan isn’t more populated despite it’s rustic Southern Nevada City near Las Vegas rolling hillsamenities. It is a city close to Las Vegas and a city next to Henderson, Nevada. Any city near Las Vegas has possibilities.

The Sloan, NV countryside is currently miles and miles of rolling hills and picturesque vacant land. There is a freeway exit where the commercial district is. There may be modular houses for sale and a few homes. The area is mostly commercial-type businesses right now.

In addition to having a lot of vacant land and rolling hills, the location is ideal directly alongside the I-15 for easy access. Sloan, Nevada, will become a large city one day. A Las Vegas suburb.

Southern Nevada Cities Near Las Vegas

Sloan, Nevada is a Southern Nevada city near Las Vegas that is on the 5 year Las Vegas growth plan. It is so close to the Las Vegas Valley that it is the logical next expansion area.

Also being close to Henderson, you’re only minutes from Henderson West and the M Hotel and Casino. Southern Highlands is just on the other side of the mountain, also on the west side of the I-15.

With Sloan located along the road to California, it will appeal to many relocating Californians. I predict that soon – in 2022 or 2023, BLM will release a section of land for auction to test the market and the area will take off.

After that, all 16 national builders located in the Las Vegas Valley will be fighting for vacant land. We will see Sloan, Nevada become an extension of the Las Vegas Valley that is hopefully more affordable.

Will BLM Auction This Land?

In the late 1990s, there was a BLM land exchange made. The BLM accepted a dilapidated and deserted bowling alley in Ely or Elco, Nevada exchange for 5 acres in the middle of the commercial area of Centennial Hills in Las Vegas.

The land was later valued at over $5 million and the bowling alley was never used. After that horrible decision, BLM land auctions began in Nevada.

I look at the above picture of rolling hills and see future development and homes for sale in Sloan. However, I also see future nature and wildlife conservation areas somewhere else, for the residents of Southern Nevada to enjoy forever.

A portion of BLM land sales monies made in Nevada remains in Nevada. There are stipulations of use and time limits before any remaining monies get forfeited to the US government. Nevada tries hard to spend this money, mainly on conservation and wildlife.

What I know is that the desert tortoises and desert wildlife in the area have some pretty nice homes. We are also surrounded by “forever protected lands.”

Businesses & Homes In Sloan, Nevada

Currently, Sloan, NV, is mostly industrial businesses mixed in with some housing. Cal-Portland Cement, aka Ready-Mix, is the largest employer in the area.

A few construction and trucking companies have yards there, in addition to a fertilizer company. Republic Services has two business yards.

Businesses and scattered housing lie on the west side of the freeway. There are rarely homes for sale in Sloan, and the majority of homes are modular or mobile.

If there are any for sale today, IDX Imagethey’ll be in the home search above and below this information.

Sloan’s existing commercial areas on the west side of I-15 still has a lot of land. Land and rental space prices are relatively low compared to rates charged in the Las Vegas Valley.

There are sometimes commercial lots for sale. Please call and check availability if commercial interests you.

Industrial Business and Mining In Sloan

With the land in the area being rich in limestone, numerous quarries have plants and offices in Sloan. Some construction and industrial businesses have migrated to Sloan for the affordability of staging and storage yards. When we look, there is no evidence of existing zoning.

We assume that when infrastructure arrives, the area with established businesses will remain the commercial and industrial areas of Sloan. Another exit down the freeway is where residential areas will start. If we are right, it starts a “ready-made” master plan by separating businesses and housing.

The amount of vacant land waiting to be developed is astounding. Potential room for housing is at least 15 miles south from Sloan on I-15 before Jean, Nevada. Then hills and desert extend west for miles.

Prediction: In 3 years, there will be at least one large Master-Planned Community full of homes for sale in Sloan, Nevada. We will see…

Sloan’s US Army Reserve Headquarters

Sloan' Army headquarters all solar buildingMixed in with the commercial area, you’ll find The US Army Reserves Center. It is sizable and is a great example of solar energy usage for our Southern Nevada cities.

They’ve positioned solar panels around the entire facility. Solar panels are incorporated into the buildings, on the ground, and on top of the shaded parking structures.

Sloan Retail Businesses

You’ll only find a few retail establishments in Sloan. The largest is Camping World and there’s an RV Sales Center along the freeway. Also along the freeway, there’s a couple of gas stations.

Sloan is one of two exits used for the tourist attraction “Seven Magic Mountains.” Have you been there? That’s all I’ll say…

Future Growth Of The Las Vegas Valley

The Las Vegas Valley’s vacant land is going away quickly. Despite the increasing demand for affordable housing, it seems that the BLM isn’t in a hurry to release land to cities surrounding Las Vegas.

Currently, to the west, Summerlin borders Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area, and Summerlin has fewer than 5000 acres left to develop.

The Northwest borders Mt. Charleston and the Spring Mountains in the Toiyabe National Forest. Also north on the 95, the Piute Indian REservation inhibits development.

To the east of downtown Las Vegas, you’ll find Nellis Air Force Base and Sunrise Mountain. Development in east Las Vegas is stopped because most undeveloped land is part of the Lake Mead Recreation Area.

Homes in Henderson also side the Lake Mead Recreation Area and the Black Mountain Wilderness Area. Henderson West backs up to the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.

Except for small patches of undeveloped land, only North Las Vegas, Nevada, has undeveloped land to develop. Beyond Sloan to the south is Jean, Goodsprings, and Sandy Valley, and LOTS of rolling desert land. See our pages on those small towns near Las Vegas.

Officially, Sloan is a big part of the 5-year Las Vegas expansion plan. I estimate that much sooner than that, the miles and miles of picturesque vacant land pictured above will become a city.

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

Sloan Canyon Petrographs NevadaThe east side of I-15 at Sloan may remain undeveloped forever. Because it’s not obvious from I-15, few people know about that wilderness area. The east side of I-15 at Sloan is the North McCullough Wilderness.

The geological make-up and highlight of the North McCullough Wilderness is its volcanic composition. There are lava flows, ash falls and glassy zones clearly visible if you find them. Designated in 2002, the 14,763 acres of the North McCullough Wilderness is now part of the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.

The entire wilderness area is a great place to hike, backpack, camp, or rock climb. Hunting is allowed with permits. It’s also a great place for a picnic, exploring, and possibly finding some petroglyphs. 4WD is recommended if you’re driving in.

Most of the land on both sides of I-15 is privately owned. Once Sloan is developed, you’ll see businesses popping up all along Las Vegas Blvd. Maybe a Sloan Canyon Visitors Center or will Sloan Canyon remain a secret unknown to tourists? What do you think?

Access To Sloan Canyon

Access to the petroglyphs from I-15 and Las Vegas Blvd. frontage road into the area is dirt. Surprisingly, in 2018 the first paved road was built going into the area. This paved road is not along I-15, it is in the Henderson Hills, which minimizes discovery and tourists.

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area has a Visitor Station Board. Canyon visitors get to explore because petroglyphs aren’t mapped. The exact locations of most Petroglyphs are kept secret to avoid vandalism. The Conservation Area and Petroglyphs are limited to day use only. Some petroglyphs can be seen from the Petroglyph Canyon Trail. It’s a fairly easy 4-mile hike.

The trailhead can be found by taking Democracy Drive in Anthem (Henderson) all the way up to the conservation area and making a left onto Nawghaw Poa Road, where you will find the Visitor Station Board. Pets are not allowed on any of the trails.

The Best Kept Secret In Vegas

The Sloan Canyon Petroglyph site isn’t advertised. It’s such a secret that many residents are unaware of its existence. We lived here for over 20 years before learning about Sloan Canyon.

Including the North McCullough Wilderness Area, Sloan Canyon Natural Conservation Area consists of 48,000 acres. Some Petroglyphs are carbon-dated to more than 4000 years old.

There are many additional places in Nevada with Petroglyphs. Winnemucca Lake has one that is carbon-dated to be 48,000 years old.

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