Sloan, Nevada

Where Sloan, Nevada Is Located

 Sloan, Nevada, sits 18 miles south of Downtown Las Vegas. As a result, it’s about 4-5 miles outside of the Las Vegas Valley. This also means that Sloan is about 30 miles north of Primm and the Nevada/California Border.

As a southern Nevada city near Las Vegas, I am always amazed that this area isn’t more populated. It it a city close to Las Vegas and a city next to Henderson, Nevada.

This area currently has miles and miles of picturesque vacant land, some modular housing, and many commercial-type businesses. In addition to having a lot of land, Sloan is near I-15 for easy access. It’ll become a large city one day.Southern Nevada City near Las Vegas rolling hills

Southern Nevada Cities Near Las Vegas

Sloan, Nevada is so close to the Las Vegas Valley that it is the logical next expansion area. Also being close to Henderson, you’re only minutes from Henderson West and the M Hotel and Casino. Southern Highlands is on the other side of the mountain.

I predict that soon, a developer will bring in the needed infrastructure and Sloan will be an extension of the Las Vegas Valley.  Being along the road to California will appeal to many relocating Californians.

Currently, Sloan is mostly industrial businesses mixed in with some homes. Established commercial businesses will keep their current locations allowing room for growth and then there’s 15 miles of rolling hills, that can become homes heading west for miles. Prediction: In 5 years, Sloan will have at least one large Master-Planned Community. We will see…

Businesses & Homes In Sloan, Nevada

Businesses and scattered housing lie on the west side of the freeway. There are rarely homes for sale in Sloan, and the majority of homes are modular or mobile. If there are any for sale today, IDX Imagethey’ll be in the home search above and below this information.

The existing commercial area on the west side of I-15, has a lot of land for relatively low commercial prices compared to the Las Vegas Valley. There are often commercial lots for sale. Please call and check availability if this interests you.

With the land in the area being rich in limestone, numerous quarries have plants and offices in Sloan. Some construction and industrial businesses have migrated to Sloan due to the affordability of lots to use as staging and storage yards.

Cal-Portland Cement, aka Ready-Mix, is the largest employer in the area. A few construction and trucking companies have yards there, in addition to a fertilizer company.

Sloan’s US Army Reserve Headquarters

Sloan' Army headquarters all solar building

The US Army Reserves Center is sizable and is a great example of solar energy usage in Southern Nevada cities.  They’ve positioned solar panels around the entire facility. Solar panels are incorporated into the buildings and parking shade structures.

You’ll also find retail establishments-  Camping World and an RV Sales Center are the largest. There’s also a couple of Gas Stations along the freeway.

Future Growth Of The Las Vegas Valley

The Las Vegas Valley’s vacant land is going away quickly. BLM isn’t in a hurry to release more. Currently, to the west, Summerlin borders Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area, and they have fewer than 5000 acres left to develop.

The Northwest borders Mt. Charleston and the Spring Mountains in the Toiyabe National Forest. Sunrise Mountain development is stopped in the east because land becomes part of the Lake Mead Recreation Area. Homes in Henderson back up to the Black Mountain Wilderness Area and Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. Only North Las Vegas, Nevada, has land to be developed. Beyond Sloan is Jean, Nevada.

Sloan is a big part of the 10-year Las Vegas expansion plan. I estimate that in less than 5 years, the miles and miles of picturesque vacant land will become one home development after another.

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

With the east side of the freeway mainly being the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, utilities aren’t abundant- yet. Unless zoning changes, there is only a small strip of land along the freeway that may be buildable. We suspect that that area will become a visitor center for tourists visiting the petroglyphs.

Access to the petroglyphs is minimal to vehicles from I-15. Surprisingly, in 2018 the first paved road was built going into the area. This paved road is not along I-15, it is in the Henderson Hills, which minimizes tourists.

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area has a Visitor Station. However, the exact locations of most Petroglyphs are kept secret to avoid vandalism. Some petroglyphs can be seen from the main trail, the Petroglyph Canyon Trail. It’s a fairly easy hike for just over 4 miles.

The trailhead can be found by taking Democracy Drive in Anthem (Henderson) all the way up to the conservation area and making a left onto Nawghaw Poa Road, where you will find the visitor station. Pets are not allowed on any of the trails.Sloan Canyon

Sloan Canyon Petroglyphs aren’t well-known to residents and are rarely publicized. We lived here for over 20 years before learning about them. You might want to pack a picnic and have a day exploring these rarely seen wonders in Las Vegas.

Sloan Canyon Natural Conservation Area consists of 48,000 acres. Some Petroglyphs are carbon-dated to more than 4000 years old. There are many additional places in Nevada with Petroglyphs, and Winnemuca Lake has one that is carbon-dated to be 48,000 years old.

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