16 Southern Nevada Cities

Map of Southern Nevada Homes For Sale Near Las Vegas

There are about 20 Southern Nevada cities and small towns near Las Vegas. The above map of Las Vegas and surrounding areas shows Nevada cities near Las Vegas from Laughlin, NV to Mesquite. Cities in Nevada, outside of the Las Vegas area, have a bit of the old west renegade style and attitude.

Homes For Sale Near Las Vegas

We have information pages with home searches for 16 of the most developed small towns in Nevada and the 3 largest cities in Nevada. Link to them below, and please let us know when you need more information.

The content on each of the 16 Southern Nevada Cities pages includes employment and businesses in the town. You’ll find some interesting history and climate data about each town or city surrounding Las Vegas. We describe the housing available in the area.

We sell property in 16 cities in Southern Nevada. If you don’t know where you want to live, feel free to call us and talk to us about Las Vegas and the areas surrounding Las Vegas. There are new construction houses built in most cities and many have vacant land with available modular housing. 

Homes For Sale In Southern Nevada

On each page listed below, there is a pre-set home search for houses for sale near Las Vegas, Nevada. The areas around Las Vegas in Clark County have homes for sale searches with horse property at the bottom. There’s a separate search for houses for sale in Pahrump in Nye County. 

Southern Nevada Sandy Valley Nevada horses horse property for sale in Las VegasPlease note – some Southern Nevada cities will not have any available houses for sale. Sign up for auto-notification emails for any city and when houses with your criteria are listed you’ll know.

Most of these smaller Nevada towns or cities have a grocery store, and all except Pahrump are a part of the fabulous Clark County Library System. Clark County School District is the public school system.

If you are looking for a mountain town near Las Vegas, Mt. Charleston will be the place to look. Laughlin is the hottest Southern Nevada city we sell in. Not many places are hotter than Laughlin, Nevada, in the summer.

Are you a Snowbird? Laughlin is also the warmest Southern Nevada city in the winter. Mt. Charleston is the coldest winter city in Southern Nevada. 

Most of these small towns and cities are under an hour’s commute to Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas. These small towns in Southern Nevada are worth exploring further.

The Map of Southern Nevada

In the above Nevada state map with cities, the drive from Laughlin to Mesquite is 2.5 hours. Mesquite is at the Nevada and Utah-Arizona border and Laughlin is at the southernmost tip of Nevada. To the west of  Southern Nevada is California and to the east is Arizona.

Desert Tortoise rural preservation area Las Vegas hotel zip codes mapThe below Google Image map of Southern Nevada shows an aerial that keeps locations in perspective. There are quite a few small towns in Nevada near Las Vegas that will grow as people continue to relocate to Southern Nevada.

Many of our featured cities in Southern Nevada have all of the amenities you want when living in any Nevada city. California and Nevada share borders along the entire west side of Nevada.

Cities in Nevada near Arizona have a cool, refreshing body of water for recreational adventures. You’ll love the feel of small towns in Southern Nevada with wide-open spaces and an old-west attitude.

Search for homes for sale in Clark County using our interactive Las Vegas Zip Code Map. We sell homes in all of Southern Nevada, so if you’d like to look at a property, let us know.

Areas of the Las Vegas Valley

Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas are the cities in Las Vegas. Unincorporated Clark County is the 4th entity of the valley – referred to as Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Valley offers so much more than games and entertainment, and it has an exciting future. The weather is sunny, and traffic is minimal.

Within each of our 3 cities, every area has homes for sale that include single-family and multi-family housing. Every community has nearby commercial developments, medical facilities, and city support facilities. People who relocate to Las Vegas usually choose to live in a 55+ retirement community, near work,  family, or friends.

The best part of living in a newer city is the planning of traffic flow and the newness of everything. Utilities, cable, and internet services have been installed underground for over 30 years, making areas more attractive. Houses are energy efficient, and the decorative landscaping looks good.las vegas valley areas

Las Vegas and Henderson have no more large parcels of vacant land left for developers to purchase. This makes North Las Vegas the growth epicenter of the future.

Since 1/2 of North Las Vegas’ land is still undeveloped, the big builders have started the land grab… Link to: Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas.

The Suburbs of Las Vegas

The suburbs of Las Vegas homes cover 600 square miles. As with all cities, the oldest houses are going to be in Downtown. Las Vegas is over 100 years old. However, the “boom” started in the late 1980s and 1990s.

Since 1988 when the Excalibur hotel opened on the Las Vegas Strip, the population has quadrupled. This means that the suburbs of Las Vegas have done the urban sprawl. The average age of homes for sale in the valley is between 25-30 years old.

The growth of the Las Vegas suburbs has been in a circular pattern. As the circle spread out, all housing styles, city amenities, and commerce expanded to all areas of the city. Finally, the suburbs of Las Vegas have hit the mountains. This means that view homes for sale now have unobstructed city and mountain views.

In my opinion, the best suburbs of Las Vegas to live in will be near wherever you want to live. There are great homes in the suburbs in every part of the city around Las Vegas. If you are not sure which area of town you want, ask for our 3-hour tour of the valley. We make a circle of the city showing you the amenities and home prices in each area.

Closest Cities To Las Vegas

Cities surrounding Las Vegas include some rural small towns. Near Las Vegas, you’ll find towns with a population of 200 to 1000 full-time residents in Mt. Charleston.

Mt. Charleston is 20-30 minutes up the mountain from Las Vegas. Mt. Charleston’s 7700 ft. elevation. With breathtaking pine tree-covered mountains, the winter’s snow is complimented with NICE summers. The area has a great rustic feel and an abundance of opportunities for a variety of recreational activities. Link to our homes for sale in Mt. Charleston, Nevada page.

Boulder City – is 10 minutes southeast of Henderson, alongside Lake Mead. The weather is warmer than in Las Vegas, and the air is cleaner. There is no gambling within the city limits of Boulder City. The surrounding area is beautiful and downtown Boulder City, Nevada has become a tourist destination.

With a building moratorium, Boulder City offers a lot and has remained small. 2018 was the first time that I’ve seen Boulder City allow a new home community builder to build homes. The new construction home builder, Storybook Homes now has an annual permit allowing them to build 30 residences. Read more on our homes for sale in Boulder City page.

Nye County – The Renegade County

Pahrump – The population of Pahrump in the 2021 census was 37,298. The above Southern Nevada map with cities near Las Vegas includes Pahrump to the east, which is in Nye County. Pahrump keeps on growing and real estate is less expensive than the Las Vegas Valley. Driving the 45-60 minute scenic drive to Las Vegas isn’t bad, even when you commute.

There are many farms and ranches in Pahrump and no zoning laws in Nye County. People living in Pahrump get to live life on their own terms. Cities in Nevada like Pahrump still have a bit of the old west renegade attitude.

The best thing about Pahrump, Nevada homes for sale is that Pahrump now has a hospital and a college. Growth and opportunities abound. Wide-open spaces that plenty of undeveloped BLM land offers add to the country feel, and the weather is cooler than in Vegas. Link to our homes for sale in Pahrump, Nevada page.

Heading South – Keep Your Eyes On Sloan

Sloan – About 7 minutes south of Las Vegas and Henderson along I-15 is Sloan.the next housing boom There is currently no infrastructure to support a city – YET. BLM (Bureau of Land Management) isn’t auctioning off the miles and miles of beautiful desert in Sloan. Since it’s on the road to California we expect homes for sale in Sloan, Nevada will be “Coming Soon…”

Las Vegas City Planning shows Sloan as a 10-year planned growth area. Personally,  I believe it will be much sooner. With rolling hills and convenient access to Las Vegas and Henderson, I want to buy some vacant land! Link to our homes for sale in Sloan, Nevada page.

Jean – Definitely a small Southern Nevada town near Las Vegas. At the moment, construction has started on a large freight warehouse near the airport. Despite there being very few homes for sale in Jean, there’s a small town with a post office and courthouse.

Located about 20 minutes south of Las Vegas on I-15, Jean is halfway between Las Vegas and Primm. Because Jean is on the road to California, watch for future growth opportunities coming to Jean. See more about homes for sale in Jean, Nevada.

Sandy Valley and Goodsprings – Old mining towns between Las Vegas and California along I-15. I wouldn’t call them ghost towns, but some of the houses have a lot of character. These small towns in Southern Nevada have potential because of great weather and proximity to the Las Vegas Valley.

Temperatures are milder in both summer and winter than in the Las Vegas Valley. A resident in Sandy Valley said I’m wrong, but statistics say I’m right… Check out homes for sale in Sandy Valley and Goodsprings, Nevada homes for sale and see for yourself…

Retirement In Nevada

Mesquite Between The Las Vegas Motor Speedway in North Las Vegas and the Nevada, Arizona, and Utah state lines, is Mesquite. An hour north along I-15, Mesquite has some great golf courses and neighborhoods. Beautiful plateaus and mesas surround the valley that includes the Virgin River.

Known as a great weekend getaway for Las Vegas residents, Mesquite has great hotels and restaurants. Tourists mean employment. Mesquite offers Southern Nevada small-town living while still being close to Utah and large southern Nevada cities.

The commercial hub to the Moapa Valley, Mesquite is home to Wal-Mart and a new car dealership. Take a look at Mesquite, Nevada homes for sale. Del Webb Mesquite is a gem in the desert. There are several new home builders making Mesquite a Boomtown.

Indian Springs – Indian Springs isn’t known for being a retirement destination yet, but land is not expensive. Located north along Highway 95 between Las Vegas and Tonopah, Indian Springs has some large employers.

Creech Air Force Base, the Nevada Test Site, High Desert State Prison, and Yucca Mountain are all nearby. In 2020, Beazer Homes Las Vegas  started building new construction homes there. Indian Springs has great investment and expansion possibilities. Investigate Indian Springs homes for sale.

The Northern Arm of Lake Mead

Overton / Logandale / Moapa Valley are the largest of 6 smaller towns in the region. They are located just north of where the Virgin River flows into Lake Mead. Since these towns are located near Lake Mead, the area was a mecca for various great water sport recreation. The drought has since closed the marina and many businesses.

The Valley of Fire, ruins of underwater towns re-surfacing in the lake, and the  Clark County Fairgrounds attract tourists. All in all, it’s still small-town living, and tourists don’t detract from this small community. It sure is lovely out there! Link to homes for sale in Overton / Logandale and Moapa Valley homes for sale pages.

Nevada Cities Along The Colorado River

Laughlin is home to many people Welcome to Laughlin Homeswho want to experience that old-time Vegas casino atmosphere. It has become a traveler’s short detour off I-40, a vacation getaway destination, and an entertainment getaway.

Often catered to by Northern Arizona and Las Vegas residents, riverfront second homes are popular. Laughlin, a Colorado River gambling town, is the major employer for the area.

Just across the river, Bullhead City has the main retail stores and medical for the area. If you want the tax benefits that Nevada offers, Laughlin is a great place to call home. Water sports, lovely neighborhoods, and spectacular river views also make this city a popular retirement destination. Explore Laughlin homes for sale.

Searchlight is a mining town with active mines. Housing is made up of an eclectic collection of new and old houses mixed with modular homes. Searchlight is a small town in Nevada with a good location.

Besides being home to many mines, Searchlight is halfway between Henderson and Laughlin. It also is adjacent to the Lake Mead Recreation Area at Lake Mojave. Search homes for sale in Searchlight, Nevada.

Housing in Southern Nevada Cities

See the below Google Earth map of Southern Nevada. Most of the cities near Las Vegas are actually very small towns in Nevada. Pahrump, Mt. Charleston, Boulder City, and Laughlin are the largest cities around Las Vegas NV.

Even though these are small towns, many Southern Nevada cities also offer gated and guard-gated communities. Waterfront homes are possible. Compounds, mansions, and estates with airplane runways are other options.

Luxury homes are available on horse property (large lots) and in golf course communities. There are many ranches in Clark County. Mt. Charleston has some breath-taking view homes too. Another popular option is high-rise condominiums.

You’ll find vacant land and resale houses for sale in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. Brand new homes in Las Vegas Valley are being built by national builders in over 160 communities. Some small towns near Las Vegas also have new houses for sale.

Nevada Rural Small Towns Near Las Vegas

Google Earth Las Vegas Valley and beyondRural small towns near Las Vegas offer great weather and Nevada’s great tax benefits. In rural Southern Nevada small towns, you get all the benefits of living close to a large city and small-town living.

New construction houses are built in the smaller Southern Nevada cities by custom home builders. These smaller established builders offer houses for sale built on your vacant land. Consider purchasing vacant land and we introduce you to smaller custom home builders to interview.

Master-planned communities like Summerlin and most of Henderson are where most new homes are built. Resale Southern Nevada homes for sale average age is under 30 years old.

North Las Vegas sold the most homes in 2019 because of affordability and JOBS. If you need information about all the areas of town in Las Vegas, see our Las Vegas Cities page.

What City In Nevada Has The Best Weather?

If I had to choose my idea of the best weather in towns or cities near Las Vegas, I’d choose Sandy Valley. Sandy Valley has no snow and cooler summers.

The best weather in the Las Vegas surrounding areas is Summerlin. I choose the west side of Las Vegas, Summerlin, because the sun goes down first there giving it less direct evening heat. Also, Mt. Charleston’s cool breeze hit Summerlin during the summer.

The Best Weather in Nevada is a subjective question. Northern Nevada is cooler in the summer and winter. Southern Nevada has less rain and occasional snow flurries. What do you want? Let’s talk weather anytime!

Rural Vacant Land

You also may want to consider the option of buying land for a modular home. In most Southern Nevada cities, you’ll be able to purchase an existing lot with a modular home. There would probably be a well and septic system already there instead of public utilities.

Feel free to explore homes on each city’s page link. Send us a message or call to ask any questions about what city sounds interesting to you.

Vacant land searches and information about Clark County are available on our homes for sale searches. If you have trouble finding that option, text or call us. We’re happy to do a search for you.

We sell Southern Nevada houses and land in all of these cities and areas. Take a look at our info pages and explore the home searches. If something jumps out at you, call us, and let’s go see it. Direct office: 702-750-7599 

Exploring Nevada

When investigating the best cities in Nevada to live in, consider the weather. Northern Nevada major cities have wetter, longer, and colder winters. Southern Nevada summers are dryer, longer, and warmer.

Some smaller towns and cities close to Las Vegas have milder summer days with cooler evenings. Three of the 4 largest cities in Nevada are in Southern Nevada. The Las Vegas Valley is surrounded by state and nationally protected land.

An interesting fact – there are more ghost towns in Nevada than cities or towns occupied by the living. Nevada is home to more than 600 ghost towns. There are several ghost towns near Mesquite and Tonopah. There is even one just 44 miles south of Las Vegas. Nevada is fun to explore.

Surrounding Las Vegas Cities, there are State and National recreational and protected lands. These places are easy to get to and make great day trips. Nevada is about living an active lifestyle and having a good time. Are you ready to open some doors?

We Sell Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas

Call or text us today with any questions or for an appointment to see some of these great homes- 702-750-7599

This website and information are made available for you to explore by Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group. Kurt is a Las Vegas Top-Producing Realtor for over 26 years and he’s a former Nevada Building Engineer (PE, CE).

His goal with buyers and sellers is to use his skills and knowledge to protect them and their investments. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, his skills are invaluable.

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What Are The Largest Cities In Nevada?

The 2020 Census population numbers for Nevada’s largest cities are listed below. Population numbers are actually taken in 2019 but published in 2020 but were delayed until 2021. The problem with Las Vegas census numbers is that they are separated by voting districts and not by area or city. Considering 5.5 people have relocated to Clark County every hour for the last 30 years, I’d say these numbers have changed.

In Southern Nevada, Las Vegas consists of 3 incorporated cities and about 1/2 of the valley is unincorporated Clark County. Clark County doesn’t separate their census numbers but covers over 1/3 of the Las Vegas Valley with an estimated population of over 1 million people. In 2020, North Las Vegas passed Reno’s population making North Las Vegas the 3rd largest city in Nevada.

Southern Nevada Population of Cities Near Las Vegas 2020 Census (released in 2021):

City of Las Vegas – 667,501

City of Henderson – 341,531

Reno – 266,511

City of North Las Vegas – 265,224

Sparks – 107,060

Carson City – 57,344

There are around 2.3 million people in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and unincorporated Clark County.

Historic Sites in Nevada Cities

When you consult any map of Nevada cities, note the numerous State of Nevada Historic Sites. There are many Northern and Southern Nevada cities from the 1800’s mining boom in Nevada that are historic sites. Other areas are known for an eclectic number of features.

Boulder City has the Nevada State Railroad Museum – Boulder City. There are historic train cars and many exhibits to explore. There are hiking trails and train rides for under $10 per person. North Las Vegas has a fossil park where you need to hike.

North of Las Vegas and east of Moapa Valley is Area 51. Known for its secrecy surrounding aliens and their spaceships, Area 51 is popular, but you can not go in. The Little A’Le Inn in Alamo, NV, is where many Area 51 events are held, and of course, there is a museum and a couple of art galleries.

In east-central Nevada along the Utah border, you’ll find many outdoor adventures, such as visiting Great Basin National Park. Great Basin is known for its Bristlecone Pine trees and quartz rock mountains.

Lehman Caves, Stokes Castle, and the Highland Wilderness Ridge are the most popular destinations. Near Ely, Nevada is the best Railway Museum that I’ve ever been to, the Northern Railway Museum. Ely is the largest active mining city in Northern Nevada.

old timer sitting by mining equipment

Gold Mines In Nevada

Going north out of Las Vegas on US-95, you pass Indian Springs, Beatty, and then Goldfield and Tonopah. Goldfield is a historic Nevada mining city that was as large as Virginia City in the 1800s.

Now its historic old west mining ambiance attracts many visitors. Tonopah, an old gold mining town, is home to the Tonopah Historic Park. They’ve done an excellent job restoring and presenting mining relics, history, and buildings from the past.

Continuing up US-95 you pass through Hawthorne, NV. Hawthorne is home to the Hawthorne Army Depot that opened in 1930. The Army Depot covers 230 square miles, which includes over 400 ammunition bunkers. Additionally, just outside of Hawthorne is Walker Lake. Driving through the area is extremely interesting to me.

Northern Nevada Historic Sites

Between Lake Tahoe and Virginia City is Carson City, the Capitol of Nevada. Nevada Territory’s State Legislature held its first meeting in Carson City in 1861 to create a Nevada Constitution.

Effective October 31, 1864, Nevada became the 36th state in the United States of America. The Nevada Legislature is made up of 63 seats and meets every two years.

Up the hill from Reno and Carson City, Historic Virginia City awaits discovery. This entire area is a State of Nevada Historic Park. Piper’s Opera House is a highlight, as well as several mines that you can tour. Mines, mining relics, and slag piles are in numerous locations throughout the park.

Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful historic site in Nevada. Lake Tahoe is located on the border of California and Nevada. The Nevada tax benefits, gaming, and large hotels entice most residents to want to make their home on the Nevada side of the border. Numerous ski areas in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe offer breathtaking views of the lake while skiing.

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