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The Largest Master Plan in the U.S.

Homes for sale in Summerlin North and Summerlin South is most of Summerlin. Summerlin West started booming in the last few years. Summerlin is the largest master-planned community in the United States.

Built on land Howard Hughes purchased for a factory 40 years earlier, the plans to turn this beautiful land into a masterpiece have been a success. Summerlin is “The” place to live for many reasons. The #1 reason in my opinion is that it’s beautiful.

Air blowing down from Mt. Charleston keeps the area cooler during the hot summer weather giving Summerlin North the coolest summer temperatures in the valley. With Summerlin’s eastern border is only 6-7 miles west of the strip, the location has been ideal.

Divided into 36 “Villages”, the master-plan for the master plan only has 5000 of its 25,000 acres left to develop. Construction started in Summerlin North. With stunning views of the red rocks in the Red Rock Conservation Area, every home had a treat.

With over 100,000 homes built to date, Summerlin has been “T H E” place to call home for over 25 years. Link to the Summerlin Overview page for the long version of this information.

The Only Reason To Leave Summerlin Is To Leave Town

Summerlin North with golf

As the first half of Summerlin to be developed, the north part of Summerlin is home to the Summerlin Parkway. The parkway is a highway connecting the 95 Freeway with the 215 Freeway. The 215 Freeway is part of a freeway circle built around the valley.

Fabulous landscaping is filled with tall palm trees and beautiful desert landscaping along the parkway. The drive on the Summerlin Parkway highlights the stunning red and white rock formations perfectly. Add beautiful landscaping and homes, and it’s a relaxing and beautiful desert drive.

As Summerlin filled with every amenity people needed, the only reason to leave Summerlin was to leave town. Four years later, in 1997, Summerlin Hospital opened its doors.

Known to be one of the most comprehensive healthcare facilities in southern Nevada, it’s 490-bed facility is first-class. Surrounding the hospital are numerous medical buildings and clinics, bringing specialists and facilities for every type of medicine in the city to Summerlin.

Las Vegas Food and gambling, pool

The Hotels and Casinos In Summerlin North

There are 3 hotel and casino properties in Summerlin North. The elegant old-world charm of the JW Marriott and Rampart Casino’s facade make it the jewel of the neighborhood.

The Marriott is not only beautiful on the outside. The insides are always changing, but are basically spacious and elegant with sophisticated charm and beautiful features.

Food? Top Quality and ambiance with water features and coy ponds meandering through the property. Gaming? 36% better odds than the Clark County average. Shows, bands, and dancing? Of course. Can you tell that it’s our favorite date night destination?

Also great properties, The Suncoast and Red Rock Station offer many features. They each have movie theatres and fabulous restaurants. Their Sports Books, Bingo and Poker Rooms are quite large.

They both have bowling centers and showrooms; however, Red Rock has had some great bands poolside. Quality entertainment, food, and activities are all close to home.

summerlin North

Summerlin North Villages

The Villages of Summerlin North

There have been a few land exchanges with BLM to preserve Red Rock, which has brought new construction back to Summerlin North. The first village, Sun City Summerlin, was a large ongoing community for over 10 years.

The Hills was selling relatively quickly, so Hills South was started with golf, commercial and office businesses, retail, and a large park with a pool and community center slated.

Later came the Pueblos and the Trails adding variety. This went on for about 5 years before Summerlin South was started, and Summerlin was selling in both north and south locations simultaneously in multiple villages using multiple builders.

The best part for homeowners of moving somewhere where development is built systematically is that all the land gets filled in as they build-out. This minimizes dust, and once an area was completed, construction noise went away.

Currently, much of Summerlin north has reached the hills of the valley. Lots have incredible views of the valley. Also, with the higher elevation, residents will see a few winter snow flurries. However, summers will be cooler, so the trade off is good.

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Amenities In Summerlin

Every neighborhood has a community park, and it seems like every other one has a community center.  About 1 in 4 villages has a pool open to Summerlin residents only. School placement is planned. If there is a busy street between your neighborhood and the school, buses are provided.

Many private, magnet, and charter schools have been built in the Summerlin on donated land. This allows every child opportunities for a wonderful education close to home. Howard Hughes Corporation equips schools with extras that the district cannot afford including instruments, and science and sports equipment.

Shopping seems like it’s on every street corner, and businesses are diverse. Ingress and Egress are easy and convenient with this wonderful plan.

Downtown Summerlin provides additional shopping, offices, entertainment, and restaurants. It is conveniently located in the center of Summerlin. Recently adding the Las Vegas Ballpark and the Fortress – the home of the Vegas Golden Knights, professional sports have also arrived.

New Construction Homes

Between 25-50 New Construction Homes sell each week in Summerlin. If you think about buying a brand new home, be sure to see our New Construction Search.

There are over 250 new construction home tracts in the Las Vegas Valley. People often drive and pop into a model and can spend days and possibly weeks looking for a home.

We have been Las Vegas New Home Specialists for over 25 years which has enabled us to know houses, floorplans, and builders. Technology and high-tech building materials have changed the entire construction industry.

Since Las Vegas Builders will pay for you to have Realtor Buyer Representation, you can have the best- a Realtor who is more than a tour guide. As a former Nevada Building Engineer, I protect you.

I consider my job to be an offensive and defensive coordinator for you and your investment. See our blog below about brand new build homes. With how quickly homes are built in Las Vegas, my services are invaluable.

Deciding on Area

When you’re ready to find out which of Summerlin’s Villages will be your new home or to see homes, let’s go look! As 20+ year Summerlin residents, we’ve lived in 5 villages – before kids, during, and after. Our knowledge is based on personal as well as business experience. Contact us for an appointment by calling 702-750-7599. 3 Las Vegas Valley Cities

If you are undecided about Area, we can give you a “Villages of Summerlin” and/or an “Areas of Town” housing tour so you can make an informed decision.

We love Summerlin because it’s conveniently located, safe and a it’s just a beautiful place to live. As long-time residents, we like it there however, Henderson and North Las Vegas are also great. Selling and buying homes since 1993 in the Las Vegas Valley mean we have sold everywhere. Use our knowledge to help you make your decision.

No Steering, Just Educating

Know that we don’t push any area, we work for you by informing you so that you can make educated decisions based on you and your family’s specific needs. There are lovely communities next door and near the Summerlin boundaries that will give you more square footage for the money and will have lower association fees. We educate, protect and work for you. You make all the decisions.

This website and information are made available for you to explore by Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group. Kurt is a Top Las Vegas Realtor since 1996 and a former Nevada Building Engineer, a PE, CE. 

His goal with his buyers and sellers is to use his skills and knowledge to protect them in this ever-changing Las Vegas Real Estate Market. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, his skills are invaluable.

The Realty One Summerlin office is in Summerlin North. Lets get together to position yourself to your best advantage to find the home that you’re looking for. Most new homes are selling from a waitlist and resales sell quickly. You need to be ready.

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