Pardee Homes Las Vegas Becomes TRI Pointe Homes

NOTE: In February 2021, TRI Pointe Homes became the new name of Pardee Homes Las Vegas. Despite merging with TRI Pointe Group in 2014, Pardee Homes Las Vegas and all of Pardee’s Southern California divisions officially changed their name to the parent company’s name in February.


See our page with links to all Pardee/TRI Point Homes Communities. All of their divisions across the country are now named TRI Pointe Homes; AKA TRI-Pointe Group, Inc. TRI Pointe Homes said they did the name change exclusively to benefit their national brand recognition.


Pardee Homes was officially founded in 1921 in So. California by George Pardee and his 3 sons. After expanding throughout the Southern California area, Nevada was a logical expansion move.

Pardee Homes Las Vegas TRI Pointe

After WWII, Pardee Homes became a $1 down VA loan specialist builder, and in 1952 started building in Las Vegas. Pardee Homes Las Vegas was an instant success, selling out their homes on their Opening Weekend event.

Known for building good-quality homes in Las Vegas, Pardee Homes continued to grow steadily. Pardee Homes Las Vegas later expanded to developing large communities in Henderson and North Las Vegas.


In 1969, Weyerhaeuser Corporation, a lumber corporation, purchased 5 different building companies in the US, including Pardee Homes. The corporation became known as WRECO – Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company. Then in 2014, WRECO merged with TRI Pointe Homes, Inc.


Pardee Homes Las Vegas – Now TRI Pointe Homes Las Vegas

Pardee Homes Las Vegas has built thousands of homes in hundreds of neighborhoods. When I moved here 30+ years ago, Pardee was pioneering North Las Vegas by building El Dorado.


Tri Point Homes Las Vegas Pardee

At the top of MLK Blvd., El Dorado was the first master-planned community in North Las Vegas. Today it stands out because it was built before Las Vegas water conservation efforts and everything is green!


I thought it was amazing that they sold these amazing houses and put one light bulb in each light fixture to show the new owner that the light worked. Since then, they have changed, but that stands out in my mind as to how they built such inexpensive and affordable homes in the early 1990s.


Progressing to be visionary builders, Pardee started building energy-efficient homes in 1998 and expanded to their Living Smart Green Home Building program in 2001. Their use of energy-efficient materials has earned them numerous prestigious awards as well as national recognition for the last 20 years.

Builder Tip #1 – Did you know?

Pardee Homes Las Vegas AKA Tri Pointe Homes and all Las Vegas Builders will pay for you to have buyer representation if you follow their program.

The home price will not change whether you have representation or not. To receive free buyer representation, you must have your Realtor register with them online and go with you on your first visit to their development.


We are New Home Specialists. In addition to us selling Real Estate for over 25 years, Kurt is a former Nevada Building Engineer, a PE, CE. With how quickly Nevada homes are built, his experience, knowledge, and services are invaluable.

As part of his unique service, as your New Construction home is built, he goes to the site to monitor construction for you or with you. Read our  “7 Reasons To Use A New Construction Realtor” page before you look at homes. We are New Construction Buyer Protectors, and we are free! Put us on your team.

TRI Pointe Homes Builds For Millennials

In 2016, TRI Pointe Homes teamed up with Hanley Wood’s BUILDER magazine to build responsive homes in Las Vegas before The International Building Show. As a result, Pardee Homes, Las Vegas now TRI Pointe Homes Las Vegas, built two homes in the master-planned community of Inspirada in Henderson.

TRI Pointe Homes Pardee Las Vegas