Views, Horse & Guard Gated Homes

Views, Horse, and guard gated homes

This page is a landing page for views, horse property, or guard-gated communities. They are all grouped together because they overlap. Views of mountains, golf, and the city could all be in guard-gated communities, there are guard-gated communities for houses and golf. Horses just mean 1/2 acre lots or greater with or without horse amenities.

If you know what you’re looking for, we can help. After 26 years as top-producing Las Vegas Valley Realtors, between Terri and myself, we’ve been to almost every place in the city.

Add in people who assist our team and we are an encyclopedia. If you want to search around, this is a great place to do it and when you’re ready, let us know. There are over 150 pages and 1000 searches – we are sure you’ll find a home you like.

Guard Gated Homes

There are many gated communities in the Las Vegas Valley. Guard Gated Communities are not common but there are quite a few. Some are stricter than others but most are very good.

The best thing about having guards is that they also patrol the neighborhoods. If you want a more secure lifestyle, guard gated communities may be a good fit.

Gated communities without guards are very common in the valley. I’ll also provide links for those below too. Feel free to research homes and if at any time you want to see one, let us know.

Most homes in a guard-gated community need a 24-hour notice for showings. Call us to schedule an appointment or a home consultation at 702-750-7599.

Gated Community Guard Booth Entrance

View Homes

Las Vegas NightLas Vegas has 5 main types of views- Mountain, City, Golf, Water and Hotels (which now include High Rise Condominiums). High Rise Condominiums are built to see and be seen and the views are amazing.

When viewing home listings with a view, keep in mind that some Realtors (or sellers) will stretch the truth: “You can see a hotel from the bathroom window if you stand on the right side…” or ” you can see city lights when you stand in the street out front…”

If you want a specific view, please let us do a specific search for you knowing the streets and areas. These search links will give you a good idea of what’s available in your price range. Any time we can assist you or answer questions, contact us- text or call us directly at 702-750-7599.

Horse Property

horse propertyIn Las Vegas “Horse Property” can be any lot over a gross 1/2 acre in size. Realtors often call any property on a 1/2 acre or greater lot “Horse Property” regardless of the horse facilities at the home. Most every 1/2 acre lot in Clark County can legally have horses unless a community’s CCR’s specifically restricts them.

Watch for this as you look at listings. We have sold many homes with horse stalls and outbuildings and know the rural areas well. If at any time you’d like us to do a search for you we will email you listings that only fill your specific specifications. Please let us know- it’s a tricky category of homes. 

The below links go to separate pages with each city’s zoning information and various home searches. You can modify any search on our site to your personal criteria in the top-right corner of the results. 

Looking at Homes In Las Vegas

There are signs of ongoing issues and we make it our job to be an early warning system for you. Things we look for in every room include water damage, structural cracks, bowed walls, crooked door jams, and broken window seals.

Outside we look for poor drainage, moisture damage on stucco, connections at the eaves, signs of critters, rust and plaster issues in the pool, etc. while you see the lovely pool and landscaping.

With New Construction Homes, Kurt provides you with free weekly construction monitoring as your home is being built. At your walk-thru, we provide you with the best new-construction inspector in town to look at the things you can not see and to verify functionality as our gift. Put us on your team and have the advantage of protection from our skills and knowledge. Contact us for a housing consultation or an appointment today.

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Kurt’s goal with his buyers and sellers is to use his skills and knowledge to protect them in this ever-changing Las Vegas Real Estate Market. With how quickly homes are built in Southern Nevada, his services are invaluable. Builders and Sellers pay for buyers to have buyer representation when buying a home in Nevada. Call Kurt, get the best Realtor in Las Vegas on your team.


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