We Wear Because We Care

Feel free to use any template below. Drag and drop your pictures in it and share with your family and friends. We are all in this together. Stay Well!

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It Is Not A Task To Wear A Mask

Our masks protect you and your family from us. Your masks protect our family from you. We need for you to protect our family and I’m betting you need me to protect yours. When we think of it this way, a slight discomfort or inconvenience is worth it.

For us, wearing a mask has become easier when we began doing it out of caring for others and love for our own family. We are proud that our family has chosen to wear masks also. Every day it has become more important. All of us can save lives together… Thank you for caring.

Free “We Wear” Template Downloads:

Spread the word by using these free templates to inspire your family and friends to wear their face masks. Post banners on your websites. Put window decals on your car, home and business windows. Together we make a difference.

We Wear Because We Care Face Mask


Also on the template pages are four sizes of free website banners and content boxes. The last thing we are giving away is an “I Wear Because I Care” Facebook profile picture frame.


    • Solo Template

    • Small Group Template

    • Large Group Template

    • Website Banner and Ad Sized Templates – 3 Sizes

    • Facebook Custom Profile Picture Frame

      • On your desktop-
        Go to Facebook Profile Frames and search “Kurt Grosse” or “We Wear Because We Care” or open your Facebook profile, click on your profile picture and select Update Profile Picture. Click on Add Frame and “Kurt Grosse” or “We Wear Because We Care”
      • On your mobile device-
        Go to your profile on the Facebook app and tap “Edit” on your profile picture. Then tap “Add Frame” and search “Kurt Grosse” or “We Wear Because We Care”. 

    Save to your computer or device and immediately post it. To edit the templates, use your favorite photo editing application or software and resize your picture to fit the template. It’s fast and easy- about 1 minute. Forward to social media directly from the template page.

    Thank you for posting and thank you for taking care of our family and friends- and yours.

    Together We Make A Difference!

    Kurt and Terri

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