Where are the Safest Neighborhoods in Las Vegas?

The safest area of Las Vegas in 2022 will be any of the newer areas of Las Vegas. I believe new areas are the safest because there are numerous construction guards and cameras. Thieves haven’t discovered the new areas yet because there are fewer opportunities, and they’re further from home.

Doesn’t everyone want to live in “safe neighborhoods in Las Vegas?” What makes an area safe in your opinion?

The safest areas of Las Vegas in 2021 are still the safest areas of Las Vegas in 2022. What’s changed is technology. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD or Metro) has a tool called Vegas Safecam. Residents with security cameras register here. New, smart homes often are completely wired for surveillance, so new neighborhoods make sense. 

When a crime is committed in your area, Metro contacts people with cameras registered. They ask them to check their camera footage on a particular date. With more compiled evidence, Crimes Are Getting Solved.

Metro has another free service where they come to your home and point out ways to improve safety. The wait is usually lengthy, so book ASAP.

What Type Of Crimes Are Common?

Crime-wise, neighborhoods will always be bustling with residents. Amazon makes deliveries, and people accidentally leave their garages open. Crime may have increased, but most are “crimes of opportunity.” The safest areas of Las Vegas” are all over the valley – check the crime mapping links below. 

Statistics are a little deceptive so look at crime types. Most Las Vegas neighborhoods are perfectly fine until someone finds their quiet street and siphons gas or follows a delivery truck. Safe neighborhoods still have a household that yells frequently or a car that blasts music. Random violent crimes are what I consider scary.

5 years ago, Las Vegas had the largest mass shooting in the US. It was committed by someone from out of town, staying in a hotel, shooting people on the Strip at a concert. Totally random and unpredictable. The good news is that we are more aware and better trained now as a result of it. 

Do I Need A Guard Gated Community?

Guard gated communities are safer because of surveillance cameras, guards, and ID checks. If you desire privacy, a guard-gated community is necessary. 

The best guard-gated neighborhoods in Las Vegas still have porch pirates, young people checking for unlocked vehicles. They’ll even be something grabbed out of an open garage by a neighbor’s “guest.” Crime incidents don’t necessarily mean that a neighborhood isn’t safe for walking at night. I think safety depends on the type of crimes being committed.

Entry gates on a neighborhood are only a deterrent. People can figure out how to enter most communities. What we look for when we analyze an existing neighborhood are security cameras. As your Realtor, after you find a house that you like, we also look for neighbors to talk to before writing an offer.

We find that most perimeter zip codes in Las Vegas are the safest areas of Las Vegas despite occasional crime. We want you to be able to walk around your neighborhood at night without being assaulted and where hearing a gunshot is rare.

Regardless of the neighborhood you choose, we recommend using caution to avoid setting yourself up for a “crime of opportunity.” Knowing your neighbors helps. 

How Big is the Las Vegas Police Department?

In general, Las Vegas is known for being a safe community with a good police presence. Not only do we have the City of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, but there are also Clark County Sheriffs, Henderson Police, and the North Las Vegas Police Department.

Now it gets a little confusing. The Clark County Sheriff’s Department in Las Vegas has an agreement with Metro to handle most policing in the residential areas. With Metro handling unincorporated Clark County, they police over 1/2 of the valley.

safest Area In Las Vegas Living in Nevada Benefits of Las Vegas Tax ratesThe Southern Nevada Highway Patrol headquarters has its headquarters in Las Vegas. Besides city and county police forces, Las Vegas has a large 24-hour private security force located in every hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

Special events are staffed with on-duty and off-duty police who are friendly toward attendees. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is still understaffed; however, they are constantly recruiting. Do you know anyone who might like a Las Vegas Police Department job? 

Vegas Makes The News

The nightly news around the country tends to sensationalize crime in Las Vegas. It’s always attention-grabbing and makes a good headline. Don’t be fooled by headlines, and don’t mix up the Strip with the rest of the city.

The Strip is one famous street with lots of people in a 600-square-mile valley. Strip traffic, crime, or tourists rarely touch our lives.

Furthering the negative Las Vegas image, crimes and police officers per capita are skewed compared in national averages. Crime reports and statistics use formulas that use only the city’s population and the number of crimes. In Las Vegas, statistics exclude 250,000 – 300,000 tourists visiting the city every day of the year.

The daily ¼ of a million tourists are not included in Las Vegas population numbers; however, their crimes and driving accidents are. You’ll notice on crime maps that high-density housing and alcohol use contribute significantly to crimes committed in the city.

The Las Vegas Strip parking garages are often shopping malls for vehicle theft. One benefit of casinos charging for parking is that there is more electronic monitoring which helps to reduce vehicle thefts.

How Bad Is Crime on the Las Vegas Strip?

During the pandemic, crime on the Las Vegas Strip changed. When Las Vegas opened back up, room rates had fallen a minimum of $25-$50 a night. The demographics of tourists in Las Vegas changed to a more violent and destructive population, finally letting off steam. To quickly remedy this problem, room rates were raised, and additional security was added.

At other times, gangs may bring trouble with them from California. And with a common nickname of Sin City, some people think that crime is ok. The reality is that Las Vegas has a gazillion security cameras that are monitored by experts 24/7.

As a bonus, it’s common to catch national and international fugitives using facial recognition programs inside our casinos. Those “eyes in the sky” look for many things, and trained security is fast.

Las Vegas is honored to host a Homeland Security Terrorist Division. Homeland Security regularly conducts trainings for all of the hotel and hospitality staff around the city. Hotel staff with aware and educated employees only makes the city safer for everyone.

Hotels take crime and safety seriously. Everyone from management to the valet parking staff is trained to notice red flags. Guns and firearms are now required to be checked in at each hotel security office. Every hotel employee looks for violators, and rooms are entered every 24 hours by an employee with no exceptions.

Crime along the Strip corridor will generally be in parking lots and dark alleys. If you stay in well-lit areas with other people around, you are basically safe. If you are drunk and outside walking alone, that may not be safe. After winning a large jackpot, use common sense and ask security to escort you to your car or hotel room.

Living on The Las Vegas Strip

las vegas safest area in Las VegasLiving on the Las Vegas Strip is both convenient and exciting. The luxury high-rise condominiums off Las Vegas Blvd. were designed with “safety first” as a built-in feature.

Add in private roving guards and security cameras, and living on the Las Vegas Strip is pretty great. Secure elevated parking garages, concierge services, and valet parking further the safety of the residents.

Walking on the Las Vegas strip may get crowded during evenings and on weekends, but it’s safe in general. There are fat green pylons every few feet along the sidewalks to prevent pedestrians from being hit by a car.

Escalators leading to pedestrian bridges eliminate the need to cross busy intersections. There are very few opportunities for vehicular injury on the Las Vegas Strip. Do Not J-Walk!

What Is the Safest Area of Las Vegas?

One-fourth of the Las Vegas Valley is Henderson, Nevada. Henderson is often in the Top 10 and consistently named the 2nd Safest City in America by publishing giants, including Forbes, Law Street Media, and InsuranceProviders.com.

Henderson’s safety rating is due to many factors. Years when Henderson is not deemed the 2nd safest city in the U.S., Henderson is the safest city in Las Vegas. It’s also the safest city in Clark County, Nevada.

Usually, the further you go away from a city’s center, the newer development are being built. Downtown, USA, is typically the oldest part of every city. Housing in any Downtown area is old and built during a different era, usually with a higher density. As cities grow, housing expands out from downtown in a circular motion.

Separated by Reed International Airport, Henderson is 10 miles southeast of Downtown Las Vegas. In 1978, Green Valley in Henderson became the first master-planned community in Henderson, Nevada. There are now over 50 master-planned communities in Henderson.

Henderson has the highest income demographics in Clark County and has very little “low-rent housing.” There are many upscale golf communities in Henderson and businesses including Amazon, Google, and the Las Vegas Raiders headquarters.

Master Planned Communities In Henderson

Henderson’s planning department realized that with side-by-side master-planned developments, the city is automatically master-planned. Homes in a master-planned community will cost more because of open areas and community facilities. They also knew that the type of residents living in the community changes with the cost of homes and rents.

The average age of homes in Henderson is 19 years old. However, in recent years, new homes in Henderson have been built in the hills. The prices of homes with a city view or in a golf course community attract wealthier professionals who rarely commit crimes.

Gated and Guard Gated communities are another reason for safety in Henderson. Between 15 and 20% of homes in Henderson are in gated or guard-gated neighborhoods. Many communities have planned activities for youth, supporting the family unit to remain strong. Schools are top quality, with many nearby private schools and schools for higher learning.

Master Planned Communities Lifestyle card hospitals and care facilities

What are the Safest Zip Codes in Las Vegas 2022?

Historically, the Safest Zip Codes in Las Vegas will be around the outside of the valley. If the highest crime is in the oldest downtown area, the lowest crime should be in the newest areas of Las Vegas. The safest zip codes will be in master-planned communities and in a gated or guard-gated community in the hills.

The most popular zip codes in Las Vegas for safety are Summerlin zip codes and Henderson zip codes. See our Las Vegas zip codes map page with 7 interactive maps to search for homes. You’ll find that Summerlin covers the entire west side of the valley in the hills. The southern hills and Henderson are also higher-end and safer areas of town.

The very lowest crime zip codes in Las Vegas include: 89149, 89129, 89138, 89134, 89144, 89148, 89141, 89052, 89012. With 90 zip codes in Las Vegas, areas in proximity to the above zip codes are also considered very safe. If your budget requires a more affordable area, there are many affordable areas with minimal crime.

If you look closely at the safest areas in Las Vegas and compare them on the crime maps below, you’ll notice fewer violent crimes are committed in the suburbs. Unfortunately, no matter where you live in America, where there are people, there will be crime.

What Is The Best Area Of Las Vegas?

We think that the best area of Las Vegas is the area where you want to live. Every area has “safer” or safe neighborhoods in Las Vegas and the surrounding cities. We consider a safe neighborhood in Las Vegas to be one with fewer random violent crimes.

There’s often a compromise between the size of a house vs. the cost of the home for sale in Las Vegas. Sometimes people will choose to have an additional bedroom as opposed to a smaller house in a lower crime area. What we think is important is that the home and area work for your lifestyle.

Summerlin is the best area to live in for beauty, temperature, and lower crime, but also important is its low traffic. We love Henderson and living on the hill with views of Red Rock Canyon and spectacular city views. Shopping and dining are established, and so is medical.

The biggest problem in Henderson is that going up and down Eastern Blvd. on weekdays is time-consuming. So comparing the two, for me with all things being similar? I’ll choose the west side just because traffic is less on the west side of the city.

Most newer houses are in Master-Planned Communities. Master plans are typically family-friendly with an affordable neighborhood, a custom home high-end neighborhood, and everything in between. With a community center providing recreational activities, they encourage an active lifestyle for every member of the community.

What are the Weekly Las Vegas Crime Statistics?

Below there are links to reports about crime rates for the entire Las Vegas Valley. As you can see, crime is prevalent in the older areas of town with higher density housing. As you move away from the downtown area, crimes tend to be less violent.

crime mapping for safest areas in Las Vegas Henderson North Las VegasPeople have more cameras on their driveways and at their doors which deters crime. However, people also report more crimes because there is video proof. Murder is not common. Armed robbery is also rare.

After months of waiting, on July 15, 2022, Las Vegas Metro finally opened its own private website with crime stats. The goal is to provide more data and transparency to citizens. I really like this site.

Here are the Las Vegas Crime links: 

Las Vegas Metro Crime Report and Maps

Link to Weekly Henderson and North Las Vegas Crime Reports Below:

On the above crime report maps, you can enter an address or zip code to investigate further.

If the above map links don’t have the information you’re looking for, the next best website is the 2021 Clark County Crime Stats. There are numerous graphs and charts. The northwest, west, southwest, and southeast areas of the city are generally what we think of as the safest areas of Las Vegas to live in.

What are the Crime Statistics For Las Vegas For The Year?

It’s obvious that there is a lot of celebrating, often with alcohol consumption taking place on The Strip. This leads to sexual assault reports twice the national average. People who lost money may look for crimes of opportunity. A lot of people  using alcohol in a close proximity will have more assaults.

With so many exotic cars and valet parking, car theft is twice the national average. There were 84 murders in Las Vegas in 2019. 

I found the Clark County Crime Stats (see above Metro link) interesting. They show multiple years since the 2020-2021 stats are skewed. Remember as you look at stats that most crime happens on the Strip. Residents living in the suburbs experience a completely different lifestyle than visitors.

Las Vegas Homes For Sale Las Vegas Strip zip codes Kurt Grosse Your Housing Protector

What are the Safest Neighborhoods to Live in?

To find the safest areas of Las Vegas, first, you’ll want to check the crime maps. Once you’ve found the safest areas of Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Las Vegas, find houses in your price range.

Use our interactive Las Vegas Zip Codes Maps 2022.

Call us and put us on your team. Let us be your tour guide as well as your real estate and new construction pros. One household can ruin a neighborhood for all the neighbors (crime-wise). Our teenage neighbor races his Camero around corners and does doughnuts making circular tire marks at every nearby intersection.

We do not live in a “bad neighborhood,” but it is quite annoying. Police cannot do anything. It makes me think about what the definition of a “bad neighborhood” really is. What’s your definition of a bad neighborhood?

Please investigate – we can not legally do this task for you. We have lived in Summerlin North and Summerlin South, Northwest Las Vegas, and Henderson for the last 30+ years. Crime has never been a problem for us. I moved from Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley after the LA Riots. To me, the Las Vegas Valley was and still is, a welcome change of lifestyle.

The Feeling of Safe Neighborhoods

We feel extremely safe walking anywhere for miles around when we leave home. Residential neighborhoods and shopping centers where we have lived are well maintained and secure. We also don’t venture into higher crime areas at 3 AM. There are no “gangs” at most local parks in the valley. In general, people smile and are friendly.

Most violent crimes in residential areas tend to be isolated incidents with domestic violence and disputes. For most residents, Las Vegas is about quality of life, being happy, and having fun.

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