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Homes for sale in North Las Vegas with a pool are in very high demand. With the fabulous sunny climate in Southern Nevada, many North Las Vegas home buyers want a pool. A typical swimming pool adds $20,000-$40,000 to the price of the home.

The cost to build a new swimming pool is rarely under $30,000, so buying a home with a pool in North Las Vegas is a desirable feature. Only 30+% of homes for sale in North Las Vegas even have a pool.

Just like landscaping, pools vary widely in size, complexity, shape, and cost. Some have waterfalls that add value, and some also have heated spas. Solar Heating systems aren’t common, but great if you can find a home with a solar system for the swimming pool.

How Much Is My Swimming Pool Worth?

With our hot climate, the demand for North Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool is huge. A typical swimming pool adds $20,000-$30,000 to the price of the home. The cost of building a new swimming pool is rarely under $30,000. Just like landscaping, pools vary widely in size, complexity, shape, and cost. Some have waterfalls that add value, and some also have heated spas.

A Swimming Pools Value when selling your home will depend on what neighbors have gotten for their pools and condition. If your pool equipment or plaster is 20 years old, obviously, it’s worth less than a comparable 10-year-old pool.

The time of year that you’re selling your home also matters. Looking for a home for sale with a pool in North Las Vegas can create a challenge so people will offer more money. A swimming pool is less attractive when it’s 60-degree weather compared to 110 degrees. The bottom line is value will be what a buyer is willing to pay and you will probably not get back what you paid for the pool brand new.

Do I Want An Above-Ground Pool?

When we look for a home for sale with a pool in North Las Vegas for you, we try to verify that a pool is “inground.” Value comes from a pool where the pool structure is below ground level.

Some homeowners want to stretch the truth to get more people through their home. If your budget cannot accommodate an inground pool, the kids might love an above-ground pool.

Pools that are above ground start at a few hundred dollars when purchased. Super-deluxe versions can cost many thousands for an above-ground version.

What concerns us is life-expectancy. Above ground, pools are disposed of a few years later. We’ve seen the deluxe temporary pools with decking last for many years.     North Las Vegas homes with a pool

Liners and equipment wear out and are damaged by the brutal heat of the desert. Often surrounded by a wood deck, the deck may get extremely hot in the Las Vegas Valley.

On the other hand, if you cannot afford a built-in pool, above ground may be a good option. If you ultimately want an “above-ground” pool, we suggest that you focus on the house and buy a brand new one, which will keep your eyes wide open.

Homes For Sale With Built-In Pools

Looking out an airplane window, it seems that most homes have a swimming pool. I say it depends on the neighborhood. Some neighborhoods share a community pool, and some are near a public pool or a Splash Pad.

Aliante’s Hotel/Casino now offers a “Per Day Use Rate” of $10 for weekdays and $20 on weekends. Other hotels charge less than Aliante, and strip hotels may charge more.

Besides the initial cost to build a pool, pools require weekly and monthly maintenance. Water and power are needed for every pool.

The heating of a pool and/or spa will require water, gas, and electricity. Since natural gas is based on monthly usage, that cost is unknown. Power is more expensive in the summer. Many pools without a spa may not even have a heater in the Las Vegas Valley. Also, because it’s so hot and dry, evaporation is inevitable.

North Las Vegas Pool Homes For Sale Stats

Because North Las Vegas is known as “affordable,” a resale home with a pool is not as common as in Las Vegas or Henderson. You might wonder how many North Las Vegas homes are for sale with a pool. Under $450,000, only 8% of the homes for sale had a pool today. Above $450,000, we found 21% of the listings have a pool.

Advantages of Having a Swimming Pool       homes for sale with a pool

As with most things, having a home with a pool has advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages are that they bring ready-made recreation area that you don’t have to drive to.

In our climate, pools can reasonably be used about 6 months out of the year. Spas can be used year-round.

Other advantages include quick dips and the feel of being close to a body of water in the desert. Another perk may be romance on a nice evening with the sound of waterfalls and soft pool lighting. However, I’d still guess that the number one reason to have a pool is to have fun in the pool during the summer.

Disadvantages of Having a Swimming Pool

The disadvantages are that a pool requires year-round weekly and monthly maintenance. Most people hire a pool service paying around $100-150 per month.

Service price is based on the amount of debris from landscaping that’ll need to be cleaned every week. The type of operating system the pool has and the equipment’s age are additional factors.

Another possible disadvantage can be safety and liability issues. We have always hired a lifeguard for any children’s party.

Homes that are rented will cost more, and rent will be higher. An investor taking on liability for a tenant’s well-being may not be a good idea.

Pool Fencing and Pool Covers

Pool fences help to reduce safety concerns for many people. Some fences can be removed when you’re having a party. Keep in mind that fencing is not fool-proof if the gate isn’t closed.

NLV pool with a fence house for salePool covers come for heating the pool, keeping the debris out, and also for accidents. They are generally not life-saving equipment. Safety nets are another safety device that is worth looking into.

Always have a second safety latch on the backyard door if there are small children in the house. I tell the story about our 1.5-year-old daughter going out the doggy door, so keep that in mind.

Swimming Pool Texture

Most textures on the bottom of pools are great. Plaster pools should be acid washed every year or two. Some pebble bottoms are rougher than others. The bottom that concerns me most is in a fiberglass pool.

Older pools may have a fiberglass shell. Fiberglass may start coming off the walls and be unseen in the water. Be aware of the pros and cons of every aspect of a pool when looking to purchase a home with a pool. We do a good job of protecting clients but draw the line at entering pools during the winter.

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