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There are many Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool because we have a warm and sunny climate. A typical swimming pool adds $20,000-$50,000 to the price of the home. The cost to build a new swimming pool is rarely under $30,000. Just like landscaping, pools vary widely in size, complexity, shape, and cost. Some have waterfalls that add value, and some also have heated spas.

Buying a Las Vegas Home with a Pool

When reading a listing for a Las Vegas home for sale with a pool, the most important thing is to remember that “inground” does not mean “built-in.” Listings featuring homes for sale with a pool can also mean a plastic pool structure that is meant to last under 10 years but still below ground level. 

When buying a home for sale in Las Vegas with a pool, make sure it’s “built-in.” Las Vegas swimming pools are made to last for over 20 years without much structural maintenance. An older house with a pool may need repairs, equipment, or new plaster. Rehab will cost considerably less money than building a new pool in Las Vegas.

Homes for sale with a pool can be a far better deal than having a pool built. Although, something to keep in mind when you build a swimming pool, you do get to choose your own custom design.

Above-ground and/or in-ground pools” rarely retain their value compared to a built-in pool. Even elaborate in-ground pools with wood decks will get extremely hot in Las Vegas. The sun beats up plastic and fiberglass. Like everything, when looking for a home for sale with a pool in Las Vegas, it comes down to use versus cost.

Maintenance, the entertainment value with your family and friends, and resale value are all considerations. Therefore, when looking at a Las Vegas house for sale with a pool, try to avoid listings that say “in-ground” and houses with messy trees in the yard.

aerial pools in backyards and roofs Las VegasLas Vegas Homes For Sale With Pool

Looking out an airplane window, it may seem that most homes have a swimming pool in Las Vegas. However, it actually depends on the area, price range, and neighborhood.

There are alternatives. Most master-planned communities will have a sports park with a swimming pool. Many neighborhoods will have a community pool, and some are near a public pool or a waterpark like Wet-n-Wild. Hotels/Casinos now offer hotel pool access on a “per day rate.” We find hotel pool visits to be fun.

Costs To Maintain A Pool

Swimming pools are an expense. Besides the initial cost when you buy a Las Vegas home for sale with a pool, the pool its self can be expensive to maintain. There will be an add-on cost to your homeowner’s insurance policy. Pools also require maintenance and additional utility costs.

It’s important to run the pool equipment every day to circulate and filter the water and to avoid algae. Keep in mind when looking at homes for sale with a pool in Las Vegas that you’ll need to spend 45 minutes to an hour every week maintaining the pool, or you’ll need to hire a pool service year-round.

You might wonder how many Las Vegas homes for sale have a swimming pool. The last time I checked, only 29% of homes for sale in Las Vegas have pools. Of course, that is an overall picture.

We noted that as the home price goes up, the likelihood of it having a pool increases. When looking at homes for sale in Las Vegas with a pool priced over $500,000, 2 out of 3 homes have a pool, which is 66%.

For Sale With Pool

Advantages of Having A Pool in Las Vegas

As with most things, having a home with a pool has advantages and disadvantages. A great advantage is that you’ll have a ready-made recreation area in your backyard. In our climate, pools can reasonably be used about 6 months out of the year. Spas can be used year-round.

Other advantages are the feel of being close to a body of water in the desert, romance on a nice evening, the sound of waterfalls, and beauty. I’d say that the number one reason buy a house with a pool is summertime fun.

Disadvantages of Having A Swimming Pool

The disadvantages of buying a home with a pool will be the year-round maintenance, even when hot or cold. Most people hire a pool service, paying around $100-150 per month.

A pool service’s price is dependent on the debris from landscaping that needs to be cleaned every week, the type of system the pool operates on, and the age of the equipment.

Another potential disadvantage might be safety and liability issues. I would recommend against an investor purchasing a house for sale with a pool unless they plan to reside in the property in the future.

Cement gets very hot in the summer in Las Vegas unless you use a texture and “cool deck” paint. Pool fences mitigate most safety concerns, and some pool fences are removable. You also might want to explore retractable pool covers.

A Swimming Pool’s Texture

Most textures on the bottom of pools are not very noticeable. Some surfaces are rougher than others. Plaster pools should be acid washed every year or two. Some pebble bottoms can scrape your skin but look nice longer without being acid washed. The bottom that concerns me most is in a fiberglass pool.

We had friends with an older fiberglass pool where fiberglass slivers would be in the water. Eventually, after two failed attempts to fix the problem, they took out the fiberglass shell and built the pool with concrete and plaster using the same equipment and hole in the ground.

A pool inspection did not reveal the problem because no one went in the water before buying the house. Always get a pool inspection when buying a home for sale with a pool in Las Vegas.

There are issues that may not be obvious. Rust could be showing through thin plaster, and calcium and hard water build-up can make tiles look bad. Each of those has its own problems. Also, pool equipment is expensive to replace, so make sure you know what condition your pool is in. 

Bringing the outside in and inside out with pools and patios

Swimming Pool Design Trends in Las Vegas

The most recent swimming pool design trend in Las Vegas is bringing the outside in. That means homes are being built with sliding walls so that there can be no wall between your inside and outside. The above purple pool is raised, and below its under the patio.

Pools raised 2-3 feet above ground level with clear sides are unique, and the water can be seen from the patio and indoors. Pools that come close to the home are also popular. When closer to the house, the patio can provide shade for swimmers in the pool or spa. 

Designing and Building a Swimming Pool

If you are looking at Las Vegas homes for sale with a pool, you might not see one you like. If that’s the case, you might want to consider building a pool exactly how you want it. We have some knowledge about the subject.

Start thinking about what features you’d like your pool to have. Look on Pinterest for the best of the best, and Beverly Hills homes for sale with a pool are great for ideas too. 

If you are looking to build a new swimming pool in Las Vegas, expect it to cost more money than buying a home 55+ senior citizen community livingwith a pool. You may not recoup the full amount you paid when selling your house after building a pool. Know that there are also ways to build a pool for less.

Always visit at least 3 pool companies before deciding on one. Each company seems to push its signature feature, and its feature may not be a good thing.

Read reviews. For example- flagstone coving around the pool can get too hot to walk on in Las Vegas. Until water splashes on the stone, it’s HOT. One company in Las Vegas pushes it.

How To Save Money When Building A Pool

There are also ways to owner-build, which will save you money. They require cash or a HELOC, but a bank will not finance an owner-builder pool. There are pool people who can assist you if you choose to owner-build your pool.

They re-check each sub-contractors work. We used a coordinator once who bought and installed the pool equipment. He also inspected the job as each contractor finished. Then when construction was complete, he did the chemicals and start-up.

We thought building a full-custom designed pool and paying less was great. However, we’ve had pools for 40+ years and do not recommend that route for beginners for your Las Vegas home. The best way to look into doing an owner-builder pool is to ask other people who have done it. Ask us, or even ask for a referral on Facebook or the Next Door apps.

Another way to save a lot of money when building a pool is to hire a pool designer. For $300-$600, you can design your own custom-designed pool. Thankfully everything is listed in the engineering specs so that you can take your pool design to different companies for quotes.

Getting multiple quotes will give you an apple to apple comparison. We found it hard to shop around for quotes with different designs and materials. We also felt that when shopping with a design that pool companies gave us a more competitive quote.

Custom built pool and spaon hill

Why buy a Las Vegas home for sale with a pool?

At the end of the day, you should buy what suits your lifestyle the best in Las Vegas. Homes for sale with a pool can add value to your life instantly. Ordering a pool to be built can take 6 months, depending on the time of year.

When looking at homes for sale with a pool, I use my years of experience to visually evaluate each home and point out any flaws that I see. Las Vegas is the perfect place to have a pool so let us show you homes for sale with a pool and decide if they’re right for you.

There are pool inspection companies to hire after making an offer in Las Vegas. Home for sale with a pool will include a home warranty with swimming pool coverage. Because there are pool services that can do everything for you, fortunately, all you have to do is enjoy your pool and have fun!

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