Las Vegas Zip Code 89030

Zip Code 89030 is located North Las Vegas. the boundaries are not a rectangle. In general the boundaries are from Pecos to the east, Martin Luthur King to the west, Owen to the South and Craig to the north.  When the North Las Vegas Airport was expanded in the early 1990s, building started on the west side of I-15 like gangbusters.

Land was inexpensive and many small indenpendant builders built houses. Since then, those smaller builders were mainly purchased by the large National builders. The inexpensive houses, many not in master planned communities were inexpensive and had large lots. The commercial businesses in North Las Vegas keep expanding and there’s affordable houses.

Schools grew as areas developed so most schools are under 30 years old on the west side of I-15. The east side of I-15 is just north of Downtown Las Vegas so houses are older and less expensive. Schools are older but are maintained well.

Is the 89030 Zip Code Safe?

Zip Code 89030 not considered a “safe” zip code.  However, we think that there are some areas of the 89030 zip code that are beautiful and great. We cannot stereotype this zip code. We believe that it really depends on what you consider “safe” to mean. Are stolen cars in a zip code considered “unsafe”? If so, totally avoid the LV Strip – and it’s considered “safe.”

In general, Downtown USA is usually densely populated with smaller homes and many rentals. Therefore, crime is higher. We suggest that you save and bookmark our “Safest Areas In Las Vegas” post to search for specific addresses of homes that you like.

Here’s another fabulous page link-  Clark County Parks and Recreation trails and facility locator. It’s another good page to bookmark.

Homes For Sale In 89030 Zip Code

According to the 2021 US Census, the population of zip code 89030 is 34,439. The median household income in the 89030 zip code is $78,518.

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89030 Older homes built during the 1950s-1970s

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