Las Vegas Zip Code 89139

Zip Code 89139 is located in the part of Las Vegas. The boundaries are I-15 on the east, Rainbow on the west, and Warm Springs to the north. The southern border looks like mountain peaks and valleys, but Blue Diamond is near the middle of zip code 89139.

Homes for sale in the 89139 zip code are either newer or older custom homes or in the miles of American West houses. The area continuously opens new commercial businesses for residents; however, not much retail. The basics aren’t that far.

Schools are established. We find that most students take the bus to school. The Clark County school district has a busing rule of thumb that has a distance requirement, and if there’s a busy street to cross, distance doesn’t matter.

Zip Code 89139 is one of the safest zip codes in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. I believe the reason for it being safe is that it isn’t a low-rent transient area. Homeowners have security cameras and notice strange vehicles.

See our Safest Areas In Las Vegas post to search specific addresses in zip code 89139 to see the recent crime stats. You may want to bookmark this page to enter future homes that you like.

Another page you may want to bookmark is the Clark County Parks and Recreation trail and facility locator tool. The Clark County parks are fabulous and underused. Go explore some!

Homes For Sale In 89139 Zip Code

The 2021 US Census data lists zip code 89139 as home to 42,898 people. The median household income for the 89139 zip code is $85, 248.
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Map of zip code 89139. Homes for sale in the 89139 zip code

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