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Since 2021, Beazer Homes Las Vegas has frequently been on the news because of a subdivision in North Las Vegas with serious problems. The residents there have severe drywall and stucco issues from expansive soil.

Tiles crack, windows warp, and can possibly break. Drywall can even fall off the walls or ceiling. There are a few areas in the city that have expansive soil near the surface. When it rains, the soil expands under the post-tension slab. See diagram home on the right.

Is Beazer Homes Las Vegas A Good Builder?

expansive soil in Las Vegas infographic Beazer Homes problem

Beazer Homes is a good builder in general. Building crews and soil are different in every subdivision. Most builders use the same materials to construct a home, from lumber to drywall. There are advantages to buying a new home from a national builder.

One advantage of buying a house from a national builder is that it’s easy to get press coverage and remedies if there is an issue. Ultimately, this problem, in this case, is about soils testing and engineering.

However, the bottom line is that the builder didn’t stop construction when problems were initially noticed. Now, they are in court figuring out who is liable for the entire mess and how many houses are affected. 

There are definite benefits of having me, a 26-year Las Vegas Realtor and former Nevada building engineer on your team. When I read a soils report, I understand it. When we view resale homes, I look for structural and cosmetic issues for you – and I tell you immediately.

Often I can look in model homes and know where issues may occur. While we view new and resale homes, I look for red flags that may need to be addressed. With how quickly homes are built in Las Vegas, you want a Realtor who is also a construction pro… And have the builder pay for your Realtor. 

Did you know?

Housing market differences between 2008 and 2021 brand new construction monitoring Beazer homesBeazer Homes, Las Vegas Builder, and most Las Vegas Builders will pay for you to have buyer representation? You just need to go with your Realtor on your first visit to one of their sales centers.

The price Beazer Homes in Las Vegas charges for a house does not change whether you utilize our skills or do everything yourself. Our services cost you nothing.

Read “About Us” or “7 Reasons To Use A New Construction Realtor” before you look. With how quickly homes are built in the Vegas Valley you need to be protected- and we are free!

I am the only Realtor that does free weekly construction monitoring for you. Monitoring begins when the walls start going up so you know what’s inside the walls and ceiling.

This is to ensure that things are done correctly. “NEW” does not mean “perfect.” When your home is completed, we gift you with a new construction home inspector before move-in. He checks systems, the attic, roof, and most importantly, the windows.

Beazer Homes Las Vegas

Beazer Homes Las Vegas was named as an “Energy Star Partner of the Year” for the 7th year in a row in 2022. Beazer Homes is known for building a nice quality house. It has both “green” and “smart features saving you money every month. The savings start the moment you move into your dream home at no additional cost to you.

These features will result in saving you thousands over the life of your homeownership. Currently, multiple neighborhoods are being built in the Las Vegas Valley, two in nearby Pahrump, and one in Mesquite, just north of Las Vegas.

Beazer Homes is an affordable builder of homes in Las Vegas.  Well-designed floorplans that you can personalize add appeal to homebuyers. What a pleasant and welcoming surprise! The company moves with the IDX Imagedemand for different housing styles, as soon as they first become trends. Beazer was one of the first builders to utilize “Cluster Housing.”

What Is Cluster Housing?

Cluster housing is where regular single-family homes are built. The difference is the sharing of one long driveway for multiple houses. It’s more like a skinny private street and cuts down the land use of a normal street, thus lowering prices. The floor plans of the houses are the same as in a traditional house.

More recently, Beazer has modified its exterior elevations to offer a more contemporary exterior. These elevations modernize neighborhoods, and the change is mostly in the facade. This makes homes very attractive, maximizing quality and comfort without sacrificing energy efficiency.

In the townhouse/condominium market, the homes are built to provide surprising personal living spaces. Additionally, they offer a large outdoor balcony/patio area for entertaining. The “Lock and Leave” condo-townhouse market is very appealing in this area for millennials. Condos in Las Vegas appeal to singles, families, businesses, snowbirds, and vacationers because of their security.

The Future of Beazer Homes, Nevada

There are currently 6 cities in the Beazer Homes Las Vegas, NV, area. Beazer Homes is one of the only major building companies choosing to build in five cities. These are Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Pahrump. and Mesquite.

We believe that this was a smart business move. Because Las Vegas and Henderson are running out of large land blocks, Beazer has established it’s place in the Las Vegas expansion locations. North Las Vegas still has 50% of the city’s original land available.

Other nearby expansion cities have challenges. Boulder City has a building moratorium that takes years on a waitlist to build there. Mt. Charleston is on the side of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, with only custom houses and cabins for sale. Beazer builds in the logical locations – at the moment.

Much of the vacant land in the valley, except in North Las Vegas, is unavailable for development. The land surrounding Las Vegas is either BLM-owned, national conservation or recreational areas, or protected wildlife areas. Our page about Southern Nevada’s future growth- Areas of Town – covers information about the city’s surrounding lands and future.

Growth will continue to expand outside the valley. Pahrump has established infrastructure and is only 45-60 minutes from Las Vegas entertainment and amenities. Pahrump has plenty of land for growth and is now a fast-growing community with a college and hospital. See our Pahrump Page.

What we find interesting is the I-15 corridor between South Las Vegas/Henderson West and Jean, Nevada. As soon as infrastructure can be developed and BLM auctions land, we expect Sloan, Nevada, to be the next BoomTown. It’s only 7 miles from the nearest Las Vegas grocery store.

Beazer Homes, USA

Beazer Homes started as a British company before establishing Beazer Homes IDX ImageUSA. Their entrance into the USA market was in 1985 when they purchased Cohn Communities.

Their next acquisition was in 1986 when they purchased Gifford-Hill, a building supply company. This ensured materials would be delivered to their communities first and for good prices.

Additional United States acquisitions were two larger building companies. These were acquired during the next 7 years before the company went public on the NYSE in 1994.

After going public, Beazer Homes, USA, continued to expand with start-ups and acquisitions throughout 13 states. They opened their own mortgage company and title company servicing all of their communities.

Beazer During The Financial Recession

The 2007 – 2011 recession was especially difficult for Beazer Homes, USA.  Beazer Mortgage was investigated for deceptive practices and destroying documents. There was also a failure to disclose the business relationship with the title company to its customers.

To be fair, many builders and mortgage companies operating in Las Vegas were also found guilty of similar charges. Beazer Homes paid over 50 million dollars in damages. Since 2011, we view them as operating as “exemplary builders.”

Rest assured that we will look out for your interests. We go through your contract’s financial numbers numerous times, as well as the contract verbiage. We also read your loan documents and title documents before you sign.

As a retired building engineer, (a PE, CE), I use my knowledge by doing weekly construction monitoring for you as your home is being built. After 26+ years of selling houses in Southern Nevada, we know this is where our clients need protection. (And the builder pays for you to utilize our services without charging you a penny.)

Beazer Homes Communities in Southern Nevada

Always feel free to let us know what information you’re looking for, and we will get it for you. Contact my office at 702-750-7599. If you want to reserve the right of having your own representation paid for by the builder, we suggest that you give Mickey Mouse as a name on their form. Or Minnie or your dog, etc.

Las Vegas Neighborhoods

Skye Hills – Sage Reserve

Skye Hills – Sage Point

Majestic Point



Luna Vista

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Henderson Neighborhoods

Juniper Trails

Jasper Point

Crosswind Estates

Westview Estates

Cadence – Cantata Point TH

Cadence – Aria Crossing 40′

North Las Vegas Neighborhoods

None Currently

Pahrump Neighborhoods

None Currently

Indian Springs Neighborhood

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Mesquite Neighborhood

Gatherings® at Ridgemont



Cielo Vista

Union Trails

Tierra Vista

Burson Ranch-Enclave


Meadowbrook West

Acacia Ranch

Burson Ranch

Ravenna at Skye Canyon


Rancho Crossing




Arden Heights

Gatherings® at Shadow Crest

Peace Landing

Auburn Ridge

Opal Point

This website and information are made available for you to explore by Kurt Grosse with Realty One Group. Kurt is a Las Vegas Top-Producing Realtor since 1996 and a former Nevada Building Engineer (PE, CE).

His goal with buyers and sellers is to use his skills, knowledge. and experience to protect them and their investment. With how quickly houses are built in Southern Nevada, his skills are invaluable.

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