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New construction Builder Options Construction buy a home in Las Vegas

New Construction Home Builder Options are the first thing you get to think about after deciding on a home. Most builders deliver their homes rather plain unless you add options to customize your home.

New construction home builder options have cut-off dates for choosing and paying for them. You must adhere to if you want modifications done to their standard house. Pay attention to these dates, and have your new construction home builder options chosen well in advance.

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Options are things that you may not get your money back, dollar for dollar when you sell your home. This is because your home will always be compared to other houses with the same floorplan as your house. Appraisers and buyers may not necessarily know what’s upgraded or if you paid a lot premium.

New Home Builder options are a form of decorating. Consequently, when you choose to buy an option or upgraded feature, buy them for your enjoyment. Knowing where the value lies keeps you realistic if you’re on a budget.

Our Experience: Clients spend 5% -20% of the sales price on options, upgrades, and flooring depending on the builder. Keep this in mind as you look at new construction homes. Some builders offer more value in their base price. Others want to keep their price low and allow you to choose what you want.

New houses do not come with backyard landscaping. However, some townhouses and patio homes will include landscaping and even a patio. New construction homes for sale will not come with window coverings, a refrigerator, or a washer and dryer.

Brand New houses sub divisions tract

Builder Lot Premiums

New Home Lot Premiums are for lots that are not “standard.” Examples of lots that have a premium-

  • View lots
  • Larger lots –
  • Corner lots – larger side yard and no neighbor on one side
  • Lots that back to a walking trail or greenbelt
  • Proximity to a park or community amenities
  • On or near a golf course
  • Cul-de-sac – a larger lot, fewer neighbors, possible RV parking
  • Higher or lower height elevations or additional privacy

Since it has become a “seller’s market,” we’ve found it rare that a home is sold without a lot premium. New home lot premiums can hide the higher price of their new construction home for sale.

A lower base price may attract more buyers to their new construction home tract.  Advertising the lower price appears that their home is a better value compared to the competition.

We look at add-ons like buying an airplane ticket and adding more for your luggage and seat assignments. Expect it from the beginning and be surprised if extra fees are not charged.

Structural Options

These are builder options that you must add before the builder breaks ground. These include changes in a floor-plan, removing or adding interior walls, closets, and doors.

Examples of structural plumbing options would be adding a bathroom sink or changing a bathtub to a shower. This is the time for the removal or addition of builder Optionsexterior built-in patios, door walls, and windows.

It is the time to add any additional energy-saving features. This is also the time to make handicap alterations and plumbing changes.

Rule of thumb- if “under the house” access or footings are affected, it’s structural. Do it now, because Las Vegas new construction homes build with cement slab foundations. Sometimes post-tension slabs are used.

Construction Options

Every builder allows different changes. Remember that what I say may not be what your builder offers or how your builder does their options. Construction options add or change things when you don’t want the standard features given.

Most builders have a design center, and you make an appointment to meet with a decorator. Some builders have you go to the design center two or three times, and some only once. Important construction options to consider are additional cabinets, wiring of electrical plugs, light switches, and TV outlets.

A great example of what you may choose are premium stair rails. Usually, a half wall of drywall is standard with a flat wooden handrail. If you want a feature that requires extensive structural or wall changes, now is the time to order them.

Things that are structural, make a mess later, or are expensive after market, make sense. Wrought iron fencing, premium stair rails, or altered walls are examples. French doors instead of a sliding glass door is another common upgrade. 

Finishing Options

At the Builder’s Design Center, you’ll go through every builder option with a designer. After choosing structural build options, you can choose everything from kitchen cabinets and counters to light fixtures. clean kitchen optionsPlumbing and bath fixtures, quality and color of appliances are options.

Know that this a place where you’ll spend money because next comes flooring. Some options can be added to the cost of the home be financed. The builder will want a deposit, usually a percentage from 10-50% of the options total.

A garage door opener at the design center may cost more than one you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes. However, when you buy items from somewhere other than the design center, they may void your builder warranty. Garage door openers and water softeners can cause expensive damage so the warranty is important. 

My brother added an aftermarket garage door opener using a friend to install it. A $300 door panel was crinkled when they tested it the first time. The garage door warranty wasn’t honored. Some things are just worth paying for…

Flooring Options

Fact– Most new homes come with basic flooring. Expect to upgrade the carpet pad at the very minimum. An upgraded carpet is softer and lasts longer. Hopefully, your builder will include tile in “wet areas and entry.” Lenders require flooring in a home to close on their loan. Unless you are paying cash for your home, you need to have some kind of flooring installed.

If paying cash and you want to install your own flooring after closing, some builders allow this. Ask for a bare floor closing credit but do not count on them giving it. Consider asking them to put it in the garage and then donate it or sell it if they won’t issue a credit.

My Opinion- about choosing all this stuff? Have fun with it. Ask your decorator friends and family to vote when you’re unsure. We hope you’ll make the whole process a happy memory about creating your new home.

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